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Homemade diesel motorcycle. DIY diesel motorcycle
Homemade diesel motorcycle. DIY diesel motorcycle

The design of a motorcycle and a diesel engine were invented almost at the same time. However, these devices have gone through separate paths of evolution. Few people could have imagined that once these structures would work in a single ensemble. Of course, a diesel motorcycle is something from the exotic category, but modern craftsmen assemble not such units.


The first motorcycle appeared a long time ago. Geniuses in mechanics managed to do a huge amount of work. As a result, a simple bicycle without suspension, equipped with a conventional motor, has become a miracle for many. Engineers in the course of solving the most difficult tasks were able to raise the level of power-to-weight ratio of these two-wheeled vehicles to almost unrealistic heights. They were able to put horsepower into every kilogram of the two-wheeler's weight. Then, much later, motorcycles got smart suspension systems, brakes with ABS, and various interesting electronics that controlled the throttle and intake tract.


All this work was done so that today you can show off to friends, work colleagues, relatives and relatives. You ask about what does a diesel motorcycle have to do with it. Although it has not become widespread, it is a fortress that has not yet been taken. Let's try to analyze this topic.

What's so special about diesel?

You can start with definitions and titles. A diesel engine is a mechanical device based on a classic piston internal combustion engine that runs on diesel fuel. The main difference between such a unit and the usual gasoline one is the method of preparing the air-fuel mixture, feeding the mixture into the cylinder and igniting it.

In a traditional gasoline ICE, fuel is combined with air before it enters the cylinder and ignited by a spark plug. A diesel engine works on a different principle. Here, air is first supplied, then the air is compressed under pressure. After that, the air is heated to temperatures at which the fuel can ignite on its own. Diesel is injected into the cylinders through injectors under severe pressure. However, this is not all the differences. The main plus is the increased efficiency of such motors.

The Theories of Rudolf Diesel

When the scientist spent days and nights developing his work - the "rational heat engine", which dates back to 1890, he tried to make two big discoveries at once. Since the mixture is compressed in the cylinders, this made it possible to significantly improve the efficiency of the process of converting thermal energy into mechanical energy. Also eliminated the need for candles forignition, because then they were difficult to get.

First diesel

The first engine that could work properly was created in 1897. He immediately showed all his advantages. The efficiency of the new engine significantly exceeded all gasoline units of that time. Then, in 1903, the first ship was equipped with diesel engines, in 1912 - a locomotive, in 1922 - a tractor. Then it was installed on trucks and cars. Logically, after all this, a diesel motorcycle should have appeared, but no.

Solyara and motorcycle

The efficiency of such motors has become unprofitable. Power per unit volume turned out to be 1.5 times lower in contrast to gasoline units. And at small volumes, it was completely equal to almost zero. In addition, diesel does not welcome high speeds.

diesel motorcycle dnepr
diesel motorcycle dnepr

After all, the mixture does not completely burn out in the cylinder. Engineers thought of somehow developing and putting a diesel engine on a motorcycle, but a large volume was needed, and difficulties arose when trying to start a huge machine. However, this did not stop the enthusiasts. Thanks to such people, unrealistic ideas become reality.

Dnepr diesel motorcycle

Today, such vehicles are nothing but exotic. They are produced a little around the world, but there is no production on an industrial scale. But thanks to craftsmen and enthusiasts, interesting machines, assembled entirely by hand, appear here and there.

For example, many people, when they see the unit shown below, have a question about what happened to this motorcycle, what kind ofheap of iron. What a miracle But in fact, this is no miracle, but a Dnepr diesel motorcycle.

diesel engine for motorcycle
diesel engine for motorcycle

A designer and lover of motorcycles from a small Ukrainian town in the Chernihiv region managed to install a Czech single-cylinder diesel engine on the Dnepr. The engine was two-stroke, with a direct injection system. These motors are known for their frequent use in a variety of generators, tractors, compressors.

In Ukraine, such an upgrade will cost 500 US dollars for technology lovers, and if the motor has been factory overhauled, then the price will drop by a third.

Making a diesel motorcycle with your own hands is real

It is not so easy to install such a motor in the design of a two-wheeled iron friend. To connect the engine to the gearbox, the engineer had to cut the frame and then make it 38 mm longer. The flywheel, which was standardly installed on the Czech unit, did not fit, so the creator of the design planted the MT flywheel, now it works in tandem with the native one. In order for the motor to work normally with the gearbox, it was necessary to sharpen the aluminum adapter. Now this adapter connects the motor and box.

Ural diesel motorcycle
Ural diesel motorcycle

Design Features

The main gear remained the same as it was. However, the box required alterations. The designer replaced the fourth gear, or rather rearranged the gears in the box. As a result, after the alterations, the gear ratio became smaller, now it is 0.8. Why? The diesel engine develops only 2200rpm.

With such a gearbox, the motor works perfectly. Such a motorcycle pulls under any conditions, even loaded. On asph alt, the car goes at a speed of up to 70 km / h. This is normal, because it was not created for racing.


In this regard, everything worked out. Two-stroke engines are more fuel efficient, but this diesel bike has cut its appetites in half. Now the standard consumption for him is 3.5 l / 100 km.

Further, since the engine is quite large, it was necessary to install a smaller fuel tank. Another tank was also installed in the stroller. This fuel reserve is enough for a motorcycle for 700 km. It's good enough.

As for dynamic characteristics, everything is also quite normal here. Not quickly, but confidently, the car can pick up speed up to 90 km / h. Since the cooling of the units is forced, it will never overheat. And this is especially true if the motorcycle is loaded with various luggage and tools, and even off-road riding.

The conversion process took 4 years. However, the net time for the alteration itself is only 4 months. It was just done in my free time, after work.

So, we see that you can easily and naturally, with small investments and alterations, make an economical diesel motorcycle "Dnepr".

DIY diesel motorcycle
DIY diesel motorcycle

Those who love two-wheeled horses with powerful engines will be able to create them themselves. Many enthusiasts and just amateurs sometimes do such things in their garages that it simply amazes many. Today's bikers will be able to give odds to any engineer. These people know the car to every bolt. Some motorcycles are assembled entirely by hand. Moreover, custom motorcycles are the result of numerous alterations and transformations. Diesel motorcycle "Ural" can be made from the usual "Ural" by analogy with the "Dnepr". They are brothers and are very similar. And for the masters of the motorcycle business, this will not be difficult, and besides, this is a very exciting activity. Diesel motorcycle "Ural" will be the pride of its creator!

To rework, all you need to do is replace the fuel system, replace the carburetor with injectors, connect the motor to the motorcycle gearbox. So, every fan can easily assemble a homemade diesel motorcycle. Of course, provided that you have a love for technology and direct hands.

diesel engine for motorcycle dnepr
diesel engine for motorcycle dnepr

For example, this is how the same lover of two wheels from Ukraine was able to install a diesel engine in a Jawa motorcycle. Let this modification serve as a recommendation for action for those who want something like this for themselves.

Diesel "Java"

Although the diesel engine for the Dnepr motorcycle was economical, the enthusiast and designer knew perfectly well that there was no limit to perfection. He decided to install a more serious, four-stroke engine in the Java frame. For these purposes, a domestic cylinder diesel engine with direct injection CH-6D was used. Profitability is justified by a significant loss of power. The torque is about 2 times lower. However, it is issued at revolutions that are much less than the original ones. Here, a diesel motorcycle will give odds to the standardgasoline "Java".

The CH-6D motor has a longitudinal crankshaft, so a lot of work had to be done to make it work with a gearbox from a motorcycle.

The back of the bike has been redone again. The car has got a new gearbox, driveline, pendulum, as well as a different rear wheel. All this is taken from the MT-10. The flywheel is mounted on the tapered neck of the crankshaft through an adapter. A gearbox was connected to the crankcase through an aluminum gasket. So, the motor became a little longer and no longer fit in the frame, so it was decided to lengthen it. Then, the power unit was fixed in an elongated frame with four silent blocks.

homemade diesel motorcycle
homemade diesel motorcycle

New supports were welded on to secure the pendulum. However, I had to cut out the middle part to make it narrower. The final drive has been redesigned to make full use of power and traction.

Since this is a diesel engine, the battery was not included in the design. The car can stand even for three years, and then calmly start up. There is also no ignition, anti-theft alarm. Thanks to a powerful generator, the light works better.

So, with a strong desire and a certain amount of time, installing a diesel engine on a motorcycle is a completely solvable task.

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