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American police "Ford": photo, review, characteristics, features of the model

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American police "Ford": photo, review, characteristics, features of the model
American police "Ford": photo, review, characteristics, features of the model

American police cars are a whole layer of culture in the American auto industry. There are various models of police cars made for different purposes - from patrol cars to chase cars. Moreover, these are far from Ford Focus police cars, these cars are something more: they are designed to serve the police for a long time, being very reliable, hardy and simple. You will learn about the most popular models from this article.

Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

The Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is a true symbol of American police and taxis. The car is unpretentious, reliable and very simple. This car has a very successful design - it is a frame sedan! Yes, yes, it didn’t seem to you, this is a real frame car, this is precisely the advantage for which it is so loved. What is the advantage of a frame structure? It's all aboutthat in case of an accident the body does not “lead”, all that is needed is to change the external body kits: bumpers, thresholds, etc. And the car itself remains safe and sound. That's why when Ford started phasing out these cars, the cops started buying them en masse, they just don't want to switch to other models. All why? This model has a very unpretentious engine and gearbox. This car is equipped with a V-shaped eight-cylinder engine and a very old, time-tested four-speed automatic. This legend was replaced by a new car that no longer had a frame structure, it now has all-wheel drive and is simply more modern.

Ford Crown Victoria


There are some differences between the usual civilian model and the police one. Firstly, the engine of the police version has more horsepower, namely 250 horsepower instead of 220, like the regular version. In addition, the engine cooling has been redesigned, the air supply has been improved, the exhaust system has been upgraded, which is made in the form of a dual exhaust system without catalysts. Another important fact is that this car has a unique double-wishbone front suspension, which improves handling. Also, unlike the police version from the civilian one, you can add the presence of rear anti-roll bars in the police version, this advantage makes the car less rolly. Yes, 250 horsepower doesn't seem like much, but it doesn't feel like it because the thrust of this engine is just"Locomotive" - ​​no lack of strength is felt at all.


Ford Crown Victoria

Let's move on to examining the useful and convenient features of the interior of the American police Ford. The car has electric adjustments for the pedal assembly, steering column and seat positions, which allows police officers of various sizes and heights to easily fit inside this car. For the police version, cars were produced only with a fabric interior. Inside, on the center console, is police equipment and walkie-talkies. The back row of seats is made of plastic, since potential criminals are supposed to be transported there, for the same reason, the rear doors can only be opened from the outside. Oddly enough, this car lacks legroom in the back row, although this car is almost five meters long. The trunk is huge and fits a full size bike with the front wheel off without any problem.

Ford Police Interceptor

Ford Police Taurus

Ford Police Interceptor - 15 years of American police traveled on the Crown, but by the beginning of 2010 it was really outdated, so Ford released two new police cars, one of which was the new Police Interceptor, based on Ford Taurus. Again, as in the case of the outdated Crown, we meet the same picture: the civilian car was front-wheel drive, but for the police version of the Ford, this car was given all-wheel drive. There are two engines for police versions, both V-shapedsix-cylinder, but one is turbocharged and the other is naturally aspirated. So, the atmospheric version has 307 horsepower, and the turbocharged version has 345 horsepower. The differences do not end there: the Ford police car has a reinforced suspension and body, improved brakes. In the interior, a partition is installed between the front and rear rows of seats, and special plates are mounted in the backs of the front seats to protect policemen from possible stab wounds in the back. Also, the differences are in some interior solutions. For example, the gearshift lever has been moved from its standard location, where they are now installed on all modern cars, to the steering column, like in old American cars. The thing is that special equipment is installed on the car in the middle. In this car, everything is done very simply, instead of a multimedia center, there is the simplest radio, not a Start-Stop button, but an ordinary key, and this key can be the same for all cars of one police station. Everything is done so that nothing let the police down in their task. There are no modern security systems here, so it is assumed that the driver knows how to drive a car.

Ford Police Interceptor Utility

Ford Explorer

This is the same profoundly modified police "Ford" in the United States. Its appearance is borrowed from the civilian version of the car. In general, the interior is similar to the civilian version, except that it has a different design of the front console and flat seats that lack lateral support. Like the sedannew generation, the Explorer has two V-shaped six-cylinder engines - one turbocharged and the other naturally aspirated. These engines are identical, so they give the same performance. Unlike the civilian version, this police Ford has a frame structure, and therefore should be quite reliable. The car is driven by a six-speed automatic. Just like in the sedan, the brakes and suspension have been upgraded, and the body has been strengthened. McPherson suspension is installed at the front, and a multi-link suspension at the rear. For the convenience of pursuit at night, a searchlight is installed on the car, which can be used to highlight a field or road in order to track down an intruder.

Ford Explorer


American cops Fords are heaven for the cops themselves. In these machines, everything is done for the convenience of work, and all the traditional things can be traced from generation to generation. If you look closely, modern police cars are almost the same legendary "Crown" - this is their distinguishing feature, so it's good that they exist.

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