W16W - Philips LED bulb

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W16W - Philips LED bulb
W16W - Philips LED bulb

Do you want to buy W16W LED bulbs? In this article, we will discuss their purpose, how to use them, is it worth using LEDs for other purposes, what manufacturers are the lamps from, does the polarity depend on installation, and is the installation itself complicated? If you want to purchase lamps of this type, be sure to check out this article.

Using a W16W bulb?

w16w bulb led philips
w16w bulb led philips

This kind of light bulb is used for signal and auxiliary lights of the car. In the complete set of any transport, many types of lighting are installed, and each has its own purpose. There are many varieties of lamps for cars, you can select:

  • block headlight bulbs;
  • distant;
  • close;
  • fog;
  • turn signals;
  • for dashboard lighting;
  • rear lights;
  • dimensions;
  • extra lights.

The above bulbs have different designations so they are not interchangeable.

What kinds are therebulbs W16W?

led lamp w16w photo
led lamp w16w photo

The W16W bulb is very similar to the W5W and W3W, the difference is only in the size of the pins. In the first they are wide, and in the others listed they are narrow. Therefore, W16W is used in Asian-made cars, and W5W is used in earlier versions of cars.

W16W type lighting is available in both LED and halogen. LED lamps last longer due to the low temperature emanating from the light emission. It is known that halogen lamps cannot be removed immediately after they stop working due to high heat transfer. At this time, LED lamps can be removed even in an emergency without turning off the lights.

W16W LED lamps consist of a plastic case, a board and LEDs attached to it in different quantities. The more lighting elements on the panel, the brighter the light. There are also lamps that have one solid LED, while they shine brighter than with a large number of elements. More often purchase conventional halogen lamps, as they are considered reliable.

In the W16W LED lamp, if one LED is damaged, adjacent LEDs may fail, and the light will no longer be so bright. This is not very pleasant if you purchased a product at a high price. Basically, their cost is not so small compared to halogen ones. Accordingly, the more LEDs are on the board, the more expensive the cost of the goods.

When installing this lamp, often inexperienced motorists observe that this lighting element does not work. This does not mean that the W16W is broken, the point is thatyou need to follow some rules. When installing LED lighting with the correct polarity, its performance is visible, but if the polarity of the LEDs is not observed, they simply will not shine. Do not be afraid of the wrong polarity, in this case, just turn the lamp over and there will be light.

Which manufacturers are W16W LED bulbs from?

w16w reversing lamp led
w16w reversing lamp led

This lighting is very popular in many countries, so many factories are engaged in the production of LED lamps. For example, Osram, Zax, Falcon. There is a familiar company Philips, which produces household appliances and not only. This plant has long been engaged in the production of lighting for both home and cars. There is a Philips W16W LED Bulb which is very popular in all markets. The term of its action is long, the light is bright, it does not damage the body of the lamp and the reflector. Especially if the W16W reversing lamp is LED of this particular manufacturer.