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LED lamps for a car - overview, types, specifications and reviews
LED lamps for a car - overview, types, specifications and reviews

The modern world implies the same advanced technologies. Not so long ago, car manufacturers didn't even think about the type of bulbs they put in the headlights of cars that rolled off the assembly line. But time went forward, new technologies appeared that did not bypass the lamps. If twenty or thirty years ago no one knew an alternative to halogen lamps in car headlights, today this is no longer the case.

Development in lamp manufacturing

Not so long ago, xenon lamps flooded the automotive industry market, and after some time, automakers began to actively use LED lamps for cars. There are many advantages to using such lamps, and they are very significant. Many car manufacturers say that LED lighting is the future, which will soon become ubiquitous. Well, it remains to wait a little tomake sure this statement is correct.

LED optics

Pluses of LED lamps for a car

Undoubtedly, these lamps have much more advantages than weaknesses. The main advantage of LED lamps for cars is their relatively low power consumption. It is impossible not to notice this fact, low energy consumption is saving on fuel and the absence of unnecessary load on the car battery and generator, which favorably affects the durability of the above-mentioned car parts.

In addition, the LED lamps for the car have a very high quality and bright glow, which adds safety to driving at night or in difficult weather conditions. After all, poor roadway lighting tires the driver and can create an emergency on the road. Another point that can be safely considered important is the durability of the LED lamp for a car, reviews confirm this. And it is worth saying that there are a lot of such reviews.

In general, it is worth recognizing that today this type of lamp is preferred and appropriate to the time. We must not forget about the environment. And here the best option is an LED lamp.

Cons of LED lamps

There are not many cons. One of them is unsuitability for repair, but this minus is common for most types of lamps. Another disadvantage is a large number of marriages from unknown manufacturers. It is for this reason that the lamp may burn out, flicker or become very hot. Another downside is the price. Quality lamp worthdecent money.

Main types of automotive LED bulbs

Of course, automakers would not be themselves if they did not make a huge variety of types of lamps. The question, which concerns many types of LED lamps, or rather, the types of their base, is rhetorical. If there was one type of base, it would be easier. But easier automakers don't need it in terms of their marketing policy.

Let's talk about the most common types of lamps. LED lamps for the H4 car can be considered one of the most common. This lamp connector is found everywhere. Also, lamps of this type are sometimes labeled HB2, but it should be understood that both types (H4, HB2) correspond to the same P43t base. Many car manufacturers use this type of lamp, but it is not the only one.

LED lamps for the H7 car - this is also a fairly common type, but is much less common among automakers. This lamp socket matches the PX26d base. These two types of lamps are the most common today, and the leader in this matter is the LED lamps for the H4 car, as we said above.

H1 lamps can not be deprived of a word, this type is also not uncommon, the type of lamp connector of this type is P14, 5s. The type of lamp H2 corresponds to the base, which is usually marked X511. It is not possible to list all types of lamps and socles. There are a huge number of them. And we think that the number of species will continue to grow, ignoring all the logical principles of the layman about unification and its reasonableness in this matter.

LED lamp

Law and LED lamps

Not so long ago in our country, car tuning was allowed in almost any way and for every taste, which some drivers completely lacked. It is this abuse of refinement and modification of their vehicles that provoked changes in our Russian legislation on this issue. Now, almost any change in your vehicle is equivalent to a technical change in the design of the vehicle.

And if, for example, power bumpers, which are customarily called "kenguryatniks", can be legally installed on your transport, having received the appropriate permits and paying the necessary duties, then solve the issue of tuning headlights, that is, for example, replace regular Halogen headlight bulbs with LED lighting are legally out of the question. In other words, if you are wondering whether it is possible to put LED lamps for a car on your car, whether they are legally allowed, then this can only be done if LED lamps come from the factory on your car. If you have halogen or xenon headlights installed in your car, then you can only change the lamps to halogen and xenon, respectively. Car LED lamps are legal if they are changed to LED lamps without modification.

If traffic police inspectors catch you and reveal the fact of replacing the type of lamps, then you face a fine of 500 rubles for each time this fact is revealed, in addition, there is the worst scenario in such a situation - this is deprivation of rights. About this wewe will mention below. But to prove the fact of replacing the type of lamps is not so simple. To do this, the traffic police officer must have special equipment. If not, then you can avoid punishment. If you have the equipment, then get ready for punishment. Is this risk justified?

LED tuning

Additional lights

Installing additional headlights on a car is a design change. A permit is required for this type of work before installation. Otherwise, you can lose your driver's license. If you have additional headlights in your design, but you change only the type of lamps, then you fall under the situation that we discussed above.

Additional LED headlight

Legal flaws

We all know for a long time that there are big holes in our legislation that some people use to their advantage. Let's say you bought a car with halogen headlights, but there is another, more expensive equipment for the same car with LED optics. If you install optics from a complete set with LED lighting on your car, then the maximum punishment for you is a fine of 500 rubles, which can be halved if you pay it no later than twenty days from the date of receipt of the decision to collect a fine from you. But back to our question.

It is almost impossible to attract you for the above violation, because the traffic police officer will check the markings of the headlights you installed and make sure that the lamps are installed in them according to the type that fully corresponds to the optics. There are verythere are big doubts that the traffic police inspector will understand that you have headlights from a different version of the car.

Common LED light colors

If we are talking about LED lamps that are installed by the manufacturer, then everything is quite simple. If the light gives off yellowness, then the glow temperature of such a lamp does not exceed 3000 K, if the light is white, then it is about 6000 K. It's simple. Such shades of headlights are generally accepted and comfortable. With such a light, the driver himself is comfortable driving, and there is also no effect of dazzling drivers of oncoming cars. Of course, the correct adjustment of the headlight beam also plays a role in this matter, but this is another matter. We're looking at a perfectly adjusted headlight and just the different bulbs that go into it. This is about classics and adequacy.

LED optics

Chinese LED light colors

China's popular online stores offer us everything. Here you can find classic options with a glow of 3000-5000 K, but here you can also find the most incredible LED lamps for a car with a glow temperature of up to some prohibitive and completely unnecessary 30,000 K! Such lamps give off a bright red light, it is hard and painful for the eyes to look at them. There are other color options, for example, the same lamps that are not preferred for the eye and with a glow temperature of 8000 K. The light of such lamps is saturated with blue.

Again, it is worth touching on the issue of the law, in which there are prescribed options for the glow of car lamps in headlights.A red tint can lead to disqualification, just like other shades that do not comply with applicable standards and GOSTs.

Chinese lamps or famous brand

As mentioned above, there are a lot of types of LED car lamps. And there are even more manufacturers of such lamps. There are just a huge number of them. It is reasonable to think about which LED lamps are better for a car? This is a difficult question, because there is no universal correct answer to it. Of course, it is worth saying that it is better to choose lamps from well-known manufacturers with a worldwide reputation and a long history of the brand. But there are also proposals from China. And I must say that here the quality of the lamps varies greatly. And it is very difficult to guess with a quality manufacturer. In this case, when buying LED lamps for a car, customer reviews can be some kind of clue for you. Of course, one cannot believe everything that is written about specific lamps, but it is quite possible to draw an objective conclusion based on, for example, dozens of reviews. But I want to once again express the opinion of the majority of car enthusiasts, which says that the best LED lamps for a car are lamps from brands with an impeccable name and a long history.

Some brands of LED lamp manufacturers

Let's start with those who have made a name for themselves. Lamps from Philips are proven quality. Lamps are expensive, but they last a long time and shine very high quality. Also, traditionally, the main competitor of Philips in all matters related to lamps is the eminent company OSRAM. These lamps are also very durable.and high quality, but also not cheap. Another nonsense with a name - FluxBeam. Excellent lamps, premium price segment.

If we talk about domestic brands and brands from China, then everything is complicated. No one has created an undeniable name here yet. What to take? It's up to you!

led lamp for car

Correct position on LED lamps

LED headlights

If you don't want to break the law and you like LED headlights, then buy a car with factory LED headlights. In this case, you are protected by law and enjoy modern, high-quality light that adds confidence and safety to your driving in certain conditions. Respect yourself and other road users.

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