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Cargo "Niva": description, specifications. "Niva"-pickup

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Cargo "Niva": description, specifications. "Niva"-pickup
Cargo "Niva": description, specifications. "Niva"-pickup

Cargo "Niva" belongs to the category of pickups. This type of vehicle is a small commercial vehicle with an open transport platform. In this class, there are modifications and varieties. If you take pickup trucks in North America, then most of them are made on the basis of medium-duty trucks. The domestic analogue of a slightly different design, however, its purpose does not change from this.

Car "Niva-2329"

General information

The cargo "Niva" is made on the basis of the corresponding SUV. This is due to the fact that such machines are in demand by consumers who prefer an active lifestyle. At the same time, they often choose places that are bypassed (bypassed) by connoisseurs of standard SUVs. Their element is hunting grounds, forests and shores of reservoirs.

It is possible to get to such areas on vehicles of the specified type with a certain comfort, and most importantly, with minimal losses and maximum loading with useful things. The pickup can be used for commercial purposes as well.especially in rural areas. In general, such a machine is a multifunctional vehicle that is easy to maintain, operate, and does not require special care.


Cargo "Niva", as well as cars similar to them, car manufacturers create according to two main principles:

  1. Using an existing high flotation model, creating a longer and more spacious open trunk in the rear.
  2. Placement on the frame of units and assemblies from an SUV, with their configuration into a cargo-passenger version.

It would be wrong to say that pickups have become widespread in the domestic space. However, among the available modifications, a couple of options based on the Niva can be noted. Some of the variations are made in the form of prototypes and are not intended for mass production. There are several models in mass use, the features of which will be discussed in more detail below.

Auto "Niva"-pickup

"Niva"-pickup 2329

This car is a four-seat all-wheel drive SUV, built on an extended base of the VAZ-2131 model. The car has all the characteristic advantages, namely:

  • two driving axles;
  • significant ground clearance;
  • the presence of a self-locking center differential;
  • 30cm rear overhang increase;
  • high load capacity (0.65t).

In addition, the capacity of the fuel tank has doubledtimes, while the body can be hard or soft.

This car is optimally suited for long trips out of town (for picnics, fishing, hunting, picking mushrooms). They operate the car not only for entertainment purposes, but also carry commercial goods in small bulk, including bulk goods, berries, fruits, and the like.

Original car "Niva"-pickup


The version of the cargo "Niva" 2329 is an elongated version with a cut body part and an extended rear overhang. The increased base ensures a smooth ride, although the car shakes pretty much on the standard suspension, especially when empty on bumps and potholes. As a power unit, a standard “engine” of 1.7 liters is used, as well as analogues with a volume of 1.8 liters. Fuel consumption averages about 12 liters per hundred kilometers.

The cross-country ability is slightly lower than that of the traditional three-door Niva, which is due to the weight of the car and the lengthening of the base. However, the car retained all-wheel drive, a locking center differential and a downshift. This makes it possible to easily overcome difficult unpaved areas and country roads. Such structural nuances have led to the popularity of the vehicle among outdoor enthusiasts, but not among extreme racers. An additional plus is a fairly spacious back row, although I would like more comfort there.

Niva Bizon

The official name of this pickup is VIS-23460. Double car focused on deliverysmall-sized cargo on unpaved and asph alt roads. Convenience of loading and unloading of products is provided by an onboard platform made of metal with a folding tailgate. Additional load box add-on - lifting tailgate.

Most often, "Niva" with a cargo body is purchased by small businessmen, hunters, fishermen, farmers. In the cargo area it is convenient to transport small ATVs, gear, camping equipment. In addition, rural workers can quickly and easily deliver their products to the city, as well as bring all the necessary goods or raw materials from megacities.

Photo "Niva"-pickup


The future owner can order a "Niva" with a custom-made cargo van. Among the entire assortment, they often choose:

  • standard pickup platform;
  • refrigerator with different temperature conditions;
  • "bread", postal, overpriced booths.

In addition, these cars can actually be converted to special vehicles (medical, fire, military, search engines, etc.). Two-seater pickups based on the Niva have a number of advantages over competitors. The main plus is a high cross-country ability. It is achieved thanks to significant ground clearance, 4x4 wheel formula, low gear and differential lock.

In addition, the owners note the reliability of the independent front suspension, reinforced spring shock absorbers, ease of maintenance and operation. Similar machineseconomical, cheaper than foreign competitors, do not require specialized service workshops due to the widespread availability of spare parts.

Cargo "Niva Bizon"


Cargo "Niva" with a platform, a kung or a van is a real help for people involved in small business in remote settlements, hunting, tourism or fishing. The car has not only good cross-country ability, but also allows you to transport a significant mass of cargo without consuming a large amount of fuel. Many users tune purchased pickups, making them unique, with striking design and additional features, including increased comfort in the cabin.

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