Van "Lada-Largus": dimensions of the cargo compartment, specifications, features of operation, advantages and disadvantages of the car

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Van "Lada-Largus": dimensions of the cargo compartment, specifications, features of operation, advantages and disadvantages of the car
Van "Lada-Largus": dimensions of the cargo compartment, specifications, features of operation, advantages and disadvantages of the car

The Lada-Largus van gained great popularity back in 2012, when the car first entered the domestic market, literally immediately standing on a par with such well-known car brands as Citroen Berlingo, Renault Kangoo and VW Caddy. But it is worth noting that at the same time, Lada-Largus is in a completely different price segment. The developers of the car tried to make the model as affordable as possible without lowering the quality of the exterior and interior finishes, while maintaining a high degree of structural strength and large dimensions of the cargo compartment of the Lada-Largus van.

About the car

Van "Lada Largus"
Van "Lada Largus"

With an impressive size of the cargo compartment, the Lada-Largus van is a practical domestic car, which is based onplatform B0. By its nature, this is a Renault Logan Van, released in 2006, on which AvtoVAZ specialists simply changed the emblem and made some modifications. The Lada-Largus is perceived as a workhorse that will appeal to both avid lovers of trips to the country and entrepreneurs who qualify for small cargo transportation.

Ease of use

Salon "Lada Largus"
Salon "Lada Largus"

The practicality of the car is perfectly combined with a high level of comfort. The Lada-Largus van has a modern air conditioning and audio system, heated front seats, central locking, power windows and other useful options that are a significant contribution to business profitability. This is because the comfort of the driver is reflected in the success of transportation.

In addition to the above advantages, Lada-Largus has the following options:

  • Power steering.
  • The glove box is large.
  • Pockets in the front doors to store small items.
  • Ergonomic center console.
  • Integrated light point in luggage compartment.

The car has high cross-country ability: ground clearance without load - 18.1 cm, with a full load - 14.5 cm. Gear ratios in the gearbox are selected specifically for the truck model.

Safety is number one

The Lada-Largus van has the best set of safety features, which include a carefully designed power circuit of the body, airbags, ABS system, strong brackets forcargo securing.

The insides of a car

Dimensions of the van "Lada Largus"
Dimensions of the van "Lada Largus"

The same gasoline engines are mounted on the Lada-Largus van as on the wagon of the same name - these are in-line "fours" with a displacement of 1.6 liters:

  • 8-valve engine capable of developing 87 hp. With. at 5100 rpm.
  • 16-valve engine, the potential of which is 106 hp. With. at 5800 rpm.

As standard, the car is equipped with a 5-speed “mechanics” and a front-wheel drive transmission. From 0 to 100 km / h, the Lada-Largus van picks up speed in 14-15.4 seconds to 158-165 km / h. In the combined cycle, the car "eats" 7.9-8.2 liters of fuel for every hundred of the way.

The van is based on the B0 front wheel drive platform. The actual body size of the Lada-Largus van and the dimensions of the entire structure make the car practical and at the same time visually compact.

Exterior cargo bay

Cargo compartment "Lada Largus"
Cargo compartment "Lada Largus"

The car model, which was created in 2018, can first of all be compared with its station wagon brother, and the differences in body shape will be obvious:

  • A fairly practical solution in commercial terms is painting the side mirrors and bumper of the car in black, and not in the main tone of the car, because when transporting cargo along country roads, there are often cases of dents and scratches that remain almost invisible against a dark background.
  • The machine is equipped with rear deafdoors without glass. This design reduces the possibility of damage to the surface of the transported cargo, even when driving on rough roads.

Despite the large size of the cargo compartment of the Lada-Largus van, the car looks compact from the outside, which is a winning advantage.

Car interior: there is always space

The design and design choice of the interior design of the car is considered quite successful for the following reasons:

  • The driver's seat is separated from the cargo compartment, which allows you to transport various types of cargo, such as household cosmetics, food, building materials, fabrics, etc.;
  • load space - over 2.5 cu. m.; the actual dimensions of the trunk of the Lada-Largus van: length - 187 cm; opening width - 108 cm; in the area of wheel arches - 98 cm; the width behind the wheel arches is 134 cm; height - 92 cm.

The driver is equipped with the most comfortable cabin for driving in literally any conditions, however, the interior can only be called sophisticated at a stretch. Ergonomic and slightly strict interior design, the use of high-quality durable plastic make the interior of the car not only attractive, but also practical.

Cheap to operate

Cargo compartment "Lada Largus"
Cargo compartment "Lada Largus"

Affordability of car maintenance consists of two main factors: the car should not require large financial investments, and the price of spare parts and consumables should be moderate. FROMBy both factors, the Lada-Largus van with a larger than average cargo compartment is in full order. Engines from the AvtoVAZ company, if an unscheduled breakdown happens to them, can be brought to life quite realistically at low cost. The same applies to other components and systems of the car.

The low cost of spare parts is also explained by their wide distribution. On the B0 platform with many details, car brands such as Renault Logan, Sandero, Duster and Kaptur, Nissan Almera and Xray are produced. The annual total circulation of these cars is about 200,000 copies only in the Russian market. It is understandable that spare parts for them are produced in large quantities, which helps to save a lot.


Cargo van "Lada Largus"
Cargo van "Lada Largus"

The only and obvious drawback of "Lada-Largus" is its deliberate asceticism. The interior of the car has not changed at all since the creation of the first generation Renault Logan. In this model there is only the most necessary minimum. But many motorists today want to see some additional luxuries in the car, such as heated seats and mirrors, modern multimedia, electronic assistants. The impressive dimensions of the Lada-Largus van, heated front seats, a single-din radio, ABS and rear parking sensors are all that are included in the standard package. The car is equipped with only two airbags and manually controlled air conditioning.

Many cars are built with the aim of setting speed records and most of them conquerwith its stylish and original design. The Lada-Largus van, with body dimensions that allow transporting bulky items, was invented specifically for work and for the family. The car will be able to drive where sports cars with low ground clearance cannot move. At the same time, drivers will look at the Lada-Largus with true love, because only a hard-working car is considered truly beautiful.