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Three-wheeled cargo motorcycle: characteristics, description, photo

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Three-wheeled cargo motorcycle: characteristics, description, photo
Three-wheeled cargo motorcycle: characteristics, description, photo

A cargo motorcycle is a three-wheeled vehicle designed for use as a light weight transporter. These units require registration with the traffic police and a driver's license of the appropriate category. Next, consider the characteristics and features of the most popular tricycles.

cargo motorcycle

General information

The three-wheeled cargo bike is nothing new in transportation. Similar samples have been known since Soviet times (Ant, Dnepr, MT with a sidecar). However, modern modifications of domestic brands and foreign analogues have made a huge leap forward. First of all, it concerns the power unit, functionality and additional equipment.

Small vehicles can be equipped with a flatbed or tipper body, have reinforced suspension with leaf springs or be equipped with car tires. Variations with a cab have been developed. The power of the power unit varies between 11-18 horsepower, and fuel consumption is about 3-5 liters per hundred kilometers.

Ural cargo motorcycle

The Ural Hercules tricycle is a modification of a heavy motorcycle designedfor the transportation of various goods. Technique proved to be excellent on any road surface. At the same time, the unit can carry loads up to five hundred kilograms. Design features allow it to be used on construction sites, warehouses, trading depots and in agriculture. Removable sides allow transporting oversized materials. A category C license is not required to drive a vehicle.

cargo motorcycle ural

Domestic cargo motorcycle has the following technical parameters:

  • length/width/height - 2, 53/0, 85/1, 3 meters;
  • fuel tank capacity - nineteen liters;
  • speed limit - 70 km/h;
  • power unit with a pair of cylinders - 745 cc. cm, 40 horsepower;
  • starting system - mechanical and electric starter;
  • gearbox - four-stage unit with reverse gear and reduction gear;
  • brakes - front disc, rear - hydraulic drum type;
  • suspension unit - telescopic design at the front and spring version at the rear.

In addition, the unit has a microprocessor ignition system and cardan final drive.

Lifan cargo motorcycles: description

The St. Petersburg company offered consumers a cargo-type tricycle called "Lifan". The vehicle is an analogue of the Chinese version of the LF-200 ZH3. The equipment is designed to transport small-sized cargo weighing up to 275 kilograms. The cargo motorcycle is equipped with a four-stroke gasolineengine with a working volume of 200 cubic centimeters and a power of seventeen "horses". The multi-disc clutch assembly is placed in an oil bath. The start of the power plant is carried out by means of a kickstarter or electric ignition.

The tipping body of the vehicle is made on the principle of a dump truck, which speeds up the unloading of bulk materials. The modification under consideration is economical, practical and light in weight. Due to the presence of folding sides and compact dimensions, "Lifan" is perfect for use in the agricultural sector. Safety is ensured by a drum-type brake unit, and the tank capacity is enough to cover 170 kilometers without refueling.

lifan cargo motorcycles


The Lifan tricycle has the following technical parameters:

  • power unit - single-cylinder four-stroke engine (volume - 197 cc, air-cooled);
  • gearbox - five-speed manual transmission;
  • clutch assembly - multi-plate element;
  • fuel tank capacity - 11 liters;
  • weight - 305 kilograms;
  • length/width/height - 3, 2/1, 25/1, 4 meters;
  • fuel consumption per 100 km - 6.5 l.
  • body - dump truck with folding sides.

Cargo motorcycle (tricycle) "Lifan" has a number of advantages. These include easy access to the engine, multiple color options, an affordable price and ease of maintenance.

Spark Tricycle

Let's look at some more cargo bikesfrom different brands. Let's start with a brief overview of the Spark model. The modern tricycle with a body SP125TR-2 is very popular due to the possibility of using it in the agricultural sector to move small loads. The drop-side tipper unit is equipped with a four-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled gasoline engine. It has a power of twelve horsepower at 7000 rpm and a displacement of 125 cubic centimeters.


  1. The weight of the device is 280 kilograms with a maximum load capacity of 0.5 tons.
  2. Length/width/height - 3.26/1, 23/1, 27 meters.
  3. Transmission - gimbal type.
  4. Brakes - drum mechanism.

Features of the vehicle include the presence of sides that fold down from three sides.

cargo motorcycle tricycle

Foton FT-110 ZY

This brand is widely represented in the domestic market. The tricycle of the series in question has an original design, an affordable price and good performance.

Parameters of the tricycle moped:

  • power unit - 110 cc motor with 8 horsepower;
  • fuel consumption - about three liters per hundred kilometers;
  • load capacity - up to 200 kg;
  • top speed - fifty kilometers per hour;
  • gearbox - four-speed unit with reverse and reverse.

Foton also has more powerful versions with different engines, transmissions andcapacity.

New Ant

Reanimated model of the famous Soviet tricycle made by Soul. A replica of the legendary Ant has the following abilities:

  • engine - four-stroke motor;
  • volume - two hundred cubic centimeters;
  • power - 16.5 horsepower;
  • five-speed gearbox equipped with reverse gear;
  • comes with lighter cardan shaft;
  • suspension - double leaf spring system;
  • oversized body;
  • improved optics;
  • reinforced front fork.
cargo tricycles

Besides, the Ant Soul cargo tricycles are equipped with a self-tipping board, can transport up to seven hundred kilograms of cargo, are easy to maintain and repair.

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