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Cargo-passenger "Sable": review, specifications, price

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Cargo-passenger "Sable": review, specifications, price
Cargo-passenger "Sable": review, specifications, price

The cargo-passenger "Sobol" is a compact van, which is produced on the conveyors of the Gorky Automobile Plant. Unlike the Gazelles, this modification has a lower weight, length and carrying capacity. Such design features make it possible to operate the machine in the central regions of large cities. Demand for them has remained steadily high since the start of mass production. Consider the features of this technique.

Photo of the cargo-passenger GAZ "Sobol"

History of Creation

Mass production of the cargo-passenger Sobol started in 1998. At that time, various modifications of the Gazelles had already firmly conquered the corresponding market segment. When developing new items, designers used foreign and domestic experience. It was decided to place the car on a standard base, taking into account some solutions that are implemented in the designs of the Ford Transit and UAZ 3727. As a result, the car received a half-bonnet layout with shortened spars and a wheelbase.

Because releasethe vans under consideration began later than the Gazelles, the engineers managed to avoid a number of characteristic shortcomings. A significant restyling of the modification was carried out only in 2003. To make the vehicle more modern, the rectangular headlights were replaced with block teardrop-shaped counterparts, and the plumage received a different design. The dashboard has also undergone significant changes. In 2006, full-fledged mass production of modified cars began under the name Sobol-Standard.


The cars in question were produced in several variations. Among them:

  1. Versions with front or all-wheel drive.
  2. With diesel or petrol engine.
  3. Three-seater model for cargo transportation (transported weight - 0.77 tons). Length/width/height - 2.46/1.83/1.53 meters.
  4. Cargo-passenger "Sobol" for seven seats. The car is equipped with a cargo compartment of 3.7 cubic meters, the passenger part is separated by a partition.
Minibus GAZ


The basis of the car in question is a frame chassis. A double-lever suspension of an independent configuration is mounted in the front. It is equipped with springs, transverse stabilizers, shock absorbers. The rear analogue is made dependent with springs, equipped with a pair of longitudinal semi-elliptical elements and a double hydraulic shock absorber.

The passenger-and-freight GAZ Sobol, unlike the Gazelles, has distinctive features of the drive axle:

  • hubs with lower strength parameter;
  • long shafts;
  • narrowed brake drums;
  • single wheels.

A hydraulic brake assembly with two circuits is mounted on the vehicle. Also in the system there is a vacuum booster and a brake fluid level indicator. As standard, the machine is equipped with front disc brakes, rear drum analog, halogen lighting elements, 16-inch discs.


The engine of the Sobol utility vehicle is aggregated with a five-mode manual gearbox, connected through a standard dry clutch with hydraulics. Models with all-wheel drive are provided with a lockable differential between the axles and a two-speed “transfer case” with a reduction gear.

Until 2006, modifications were equipped with motors characteristic of Gazelles:

  1. Gasoline unit ZMZ-402, with a volume of 2.5 liters and a capacity of 100 "horses".
  2. Carburetor analog with 16 valves (ZMZ-406.3): 2.3 l, 110 hp
  3. Injection motor ZMZ-406 for 2.3 liters, with a power of 145 "horses".
  4. Limited batch with GAZ-560 engines and turbine diesel, which have not found wide application.
The engine on the car "Sobol"

Further versions of the engines for the cargo-passenger "Sable" can be divided into the following categories:

  1. 2003 - ZMZ-405-22-10, injection modification corresponding to the Euro-2 category, working volume 2.5 liters, power parameter 152 horsepower.
  2. 2008- gasoline units ZMZ-40524-10 with a capacity of 140 "horses", a volume of 2.5 liters.
  3. One of the versions is Chrysler DOCH (2.4 l, 137 hp).
  4. Versions of UMP-4216-10 for 2.9 liters, with a power of 115 "horses".
  5. The latest modifications were equipped with a Cummins turbine diesel engine (2.8 l, 128 hp), which is characterized by increased environmental friendliness and efficiency.


The following are the parameters of the car in question:

  • Length/width/height (m) - 4, 81/2, 03/2, 2.
  • Clearance (cm) - 15.
  • Front/rear track (m) - 1, 7/1, 7.
  • Curb/full weight (t) - 1, 88/2, 8.
  • Fuel tank capacity (l) - 70.
  • Acceleration to 100 km (sec.) - 25.
  • The speed limit (km/h) is 120/135.

Salon decoration

The interior of the cargo-passenger "Sable" 4x4 is made in a non-standard style for the domestic market. There is an impressive instrument panel, a tachometer and light molded inserts that favorably emphasize all the features that are different from their counterparts of the late nineties of the last century. A double compartment is provided for mounting additional electronic devices. The output points under the speakers from under the feet were moved to the dashboard.

Salon of cargo-passenger car "Sobol"

The advantage of said vehicle's cab is an efficient heating system. The driver's seat is equipped with a minimum number of adjustments, depreciation is minimal. Comfort of placement is provided only by the seat cushion,which is not very convenient. The origins of the past heritage also include a long gearshift lever, given that modern counterparts mainly use joystick parts.

Cargo-passenger Sobol: price and consumer reviews

The vehicle in question can be purchased at a price of 735 thousand rubles. Used modifications are much cheaper. Their cost depends on the condition of the car, its configuration and year of manufacture.

As evidenced by the responses of the owners, the passenger-and-freight version of the Sobol has several significant drawbacks:

  • high noise when driving from footpegs, engine shield, steering shaft, dashboard and transmission linings;
  • cool indoor climate in severe frosts, especially in the back row of seats;
  • working reserve without serious breakdowns is 150-200 thousand kilometers.
Auto GAZ "Sobol"

To solve these problems, users install additional noise and thermal insulation, install individual heaters, and more often inspect the condition of the chassis and engine components.

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