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Infiniti FX 50S: specifications, tuning, review, reviews and test drive of the car

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Infiniti FX 50S: specifications, tuning, review, reviews and test drive of the car
Infiniti FX 50S: specifications, tuning, review, reviews and test drive of the car

Automobile concern "Infiniti" has always positioned its cars as powerful cars for the youth audience. The main market for these cars is America. The company's designers managed to bring all the cars to an aggressive, daring look that catches the eye of passers-by. This article will describe the most popular model of the company, namely the Infiniti FX.

infiniti fx50s specs

A bit of history

The first need for a premium SUV arose in 2000, when all the major automakers began to introduce luxury crossovers. The company "Infiniti" went a non-standard way. They made a very risky step - they put a crossover body on the basis of the cult and already famous Skyline in those days. As a result, the appearance of the FX turned out to be very daring and sporty. The model acquired narrow window openings and a sloping windshield. It turned out to be a true sports car in a large body.


Nowthere is already the second generation of the famous Infiniti SUV. Naturally, the most popular version of this model was the Infiniti FX-50s. After all, how could it be otherwise? Infiniti cars are power and aggression, so buyers choose the most powerful model. The performance of the Infiniti FX-50s is impressive.

This particular car has a 5.0 liter V8 engine with 400 horsepower. This car is very common on the streets of various cities, but it has so much power that there is simply nowhere to put it in the city, especially if acceleration to the first hundred takes less than six seconds.

infiniti fx50s reviews

Not without drawbacks: you have to pay for such power, because fuel is consumed incredibly quickly. In the urban cycle, according to the manufacturer, the car spends about 19 liters per 100 kilometers, in the combined cycle the consumption is 13 liters, and on the highway - about 10 liters. And it is not surprising, because with such characteristics, "Infiniti fx-50" is simply obliged to consume fuel in such quantities.

Electronic component

This version of this car is the most expensive, so it has the whole set of assistants and systems. Due to the fact that this "beast" is built on the basis of the legendary "Skyline", it has amazing handling. The Infiniti FX-50s has this finely tuned control via the RAS (Rear Active Steer) system. This system assists the vehicle in cornering by steering the rear wheels.

infiniti fx 50 specifications

Also, the independent multi-link suspension front and rear contributes to amazing handling. Naturally, the list of various assistants does not end there, there are also braking assistance systems, cruise control and stabilization. In addition, the car has amazing brakes, which is not surprising, since such power also needs to be stopped. Ventilated brake discs installed all around.


Designers of the company "Infiniti" managed to do the impossible. Eighteen years ago, they made a design that, with a slight cosmetic restyling, can compete with cars that are several times superior to it. Moreover, this same design attracts the eyes of almost all passers-by on the street, especially if it is in a sports body kit.

The front of the car was given a very aggressive look with headlights reminiscent of a shark's eye. This rapacity is visible in all the features of the car. He is especially good in black, this color is usually classic for him. On the front fenders fit air intakes resembling gills and only complementing the image of a predatory shark.

car Infiniti FX50s

Interior decoration

The interior of this luxury car is made, as expected, with premium materials. The interior trim uses wood, metal, plastic and leather. The interior design is made in a classic style. This is exactly the conservative style that looks quite relevant today. Infiniti is equipped with the latest technology: here anda modern BOSE multimedia system with excellent sound, and a panoramic roof, and adaptive cruise control, and many other features. The multimedia system is armed with an 8-inch display, which can display a navigation system with Russian support, as well as output music from a CD, IPOD, USB and Bluetooth.

In the Infinity FX-50s version, sports seats are equipped with 8-way power adjustment, heating and memory function for 2 positions. For the convenience of passengers, as an option, 7-inch TFT displays with a CD player can be installed on the back row. Despite the sophisticated systems of this car, its interior vaguely resembles the interior of a yacht due to the wood trim and analog items such as built-in clocks.

infiniti fx 50s

For the convenience of the driver, a rear-view camera, keyless entry and a blind spot monitoring system have been added. The rear door of the car is equipped with an electric drive, the luggage compartment itself is not so big, but not small either, the trunk volume is 380 liters.

Test drive

When you test drive an Infiniti FX-50s, you realize that you are driving an expensive car. The shape of the hood with its huge wings allows you to see it all the way, which gives a feeling of complete control over the car, despite its very poor visibility. The suspension is stiff, but what would you expect from a car built with sporting intent? The five-liter V8 picks up the car from the very bottom, accelerating it very quickly.The seven-speed automatic handles the torque with excellent shifting performance.

The seating position is very sporty, you don't feel like you're driving a big crossover, you feel like you're driving a sports coupe. At speed, the feeling of control and handling of the car only intensifies, the steering becomes heavy and precise, and the throttle responds even faster.

infiniti fx50s test drive

Identified shortcomings

According to reviews, the Infiniti FX-50s is quite a reliable car. So it is, but there are small flaws. The disadvantage was revealed in a completely different aspect: since we have such power and speed, then this mass needs to be stopped somehow, and here the minus of this "animal2" was revealed. There are enough brakes to stop this mass, but if we talk about emergency braking, then the brake pads only last for a couple of braking, after which they overheat.And this is quite a big problem.Acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour in the car takes 6.5 seconds - it's good, but I would like better, so one of the most popular types of tuning is a flashing of the engine control computer, or easier - chip tuning.

Noise isolation is not the best in the class, because the car has huge wheels that create a lot of noise. In addition to noise isolation, wide wheels catch the track very well, so you need to constantly steer, this car will not let you relax, it constantly keeps you in suspense, it is made for the city, since the average consumption is more than 17liters per 100 kilometers. This machine is designed for gambling young people who like to draw attention to themselves and have enough money to maintain it.

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