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Engine oil ZIC 5W40: specifications, reviews
Engine oil ZIC 5W40: specifications, reviews

The main element of protecting the engine from premature failure is engine oil. Substances that make up the lubricant prevent friction of parts relative to each other and reduce the risk of jamming, failure of the power plant. Many motorists pour ZIC 5W40 oil into the engines of their cars. The composition is characterized by excellent performance and incredible reliability.

A few words about the manufacturer

The ZIC trademark belongs to the South Korean holding SK Energy. This enterprise has been engaged in the extraction, transportation and processing of hydrocarbons since 1962. The presented brand is the undisputed leader of the oil and gas industry in South Korea. At the same time, the company pays a lot of attention to the issues of equipment modernization. This desire had a positive impact on the quality of the finished product. This was confirmed by international certificates ISO and TSI.

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For which engines

ZIC 5W40 oil received the SN/CF index according to the API classification. This means that the presented composition can be used on gasoline and diesel power plants. Mixturesuitable for turbocharged engines. This engine oil has received approvals from Renault, VW, BMW and a number of other major international car manufacturers. ZIC 5W40 mixture is suitable for warranty and post-warranty service of these brands of machines.

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Season of use

The composition of ZIC 5W40 refers to all-weather. According to the SAE (American Society of Automotive Engineers) classification, this mixture can be used in summer and winter. The lubricant is able to withstand even harsh cold tests. The viscosity of the oil allows you to distribute the composition throughout the system at a temperature of -35 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature at which it is possible to safely start the engine is -25 degrees in this case. In general, the presented lubricant is suitable for regions with the most difficult climatic conditions.

Nature oil

The composition of ZIC 5W40 refers exclusively to synthetic. In this case, a mixture of polyalphaolefins obtained by hydrocarbon hydrocracking is used as the base oil. To improve performance, manufacturers have added additional alloying additives to the lubricant. With their help, it was possible to provide better engine protection and improve the properties of the oil.

Engine oil ZIC 5W40

Stable viscosity

ZIC 5W40 oil has a stable viscosity in the widest temperature range. To do this, polymer compounds were added to the product, consisting of a large amount ofmonomers. These substances have a certain thermal activity, which allows you to control the density of the composition. When the temperature decreases, the macromolecules fold into a specific ball. As a result, the viscosity of the oil automatically decreases. An increase in heat provokes the reverse process. The coil of the macromolecule unwinds, and the density of the entire mixture increases.

Protection of old engines from soot

Older petrol and diesel engines have the same problem. It consists in the formation of soot deposits on the surface of parts of the power plant. This is due to the sulfur compounds included in the chemical composition of the fuel. When burned, they form ash, the particles of which stick together and precipitate. Detergent additives interfere with this process. Compounds of barium, magnesium, calcium and some other alkaline earth metals eliminate the risk of precipitation. At the same time, they are capable of destroying and converting already formed soot agglomerations into a colloidal state. Thanks to this property, ZIC 5W40 oil improves engine heat dissipation, reduces engine vibration, and prevents characteristic knocking.

Low pour point

The positive characteristics of ZIC 5W40 engine oil include a low crystallization temperature. The composition passes into the solid phase at -43 degrees Celsius. This was achieved through the use of methacrylic acid copolymers as additives. The presented substances prevent the crystallization of paraffins, eliminate the risk of sediment formation.

Protecting engine parts from corrosion

Some engine parts, such as crankshaft bearing tabs, are made of non-ferrous alloys. Weak organic acids, which are part of the chemical composition of engine oil, oxidize these elements, provoking corrosive processes. Especially to inhibit the oxidation reaction, manufacturers have increased the proportion of phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine compounds. These substances form a strong, inseparable film on the surface of parts, which prevents direct contact of the alloy with organic acids. As a result, it is possible to prevent the spread of corrosion and protect engine parts.

Stability of properties and extended service life

In reviews of ZIC 5W40, motorists note that the presented oil also has an extended service life. This composition can withstand up to 10 thousand kilometers. It was possible to achieve such high rates due to the active use of aromatic amines and various phenol derivatives. The fact is that these substances trap air oxygen radicals and prevent the oxidation of other oil components. The mixture maintains a stable chemical composition, which has a positive effect on the life of the entire lubricant.

Vehicle operation in urban areas

Riding around the city is accompanied by frequent acceleration and sudden stops. This results in a constant drop in engine speed. As a result, there is an increased risk that the oil will churn into foam. This process is also negatively affected by various detergent additives. It's just that these compounds reduce the surfaceoil tension. It was possible to prevent the formation of foam due to the active use of silicon compounds. The oxide of this element destroys air bubbles, which improves the distribution of oil on the surface of the parts of the power plant.

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Improve fuel efficiency

In reviews of ZIC 5W40 engine oil, drivers note that the use of this composition can reduce fuel consumption by about 6%. At current prices for gasoline and fuel, this figure does not seem insignificant. This indicator was achieved thanks to the active use of organic compounds of molybdenum. These substances form a thin, inseparable film on the metal surface. As a result, the friction of parts relative to each other is reduced, which leads to an increase in the efficiency of the power plant. In addition to reducing fuel costs, the use of friction modifiers increases engine life.

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Driver opinions

The presented mixture has won a lot of flattering reviews from drivers. Motorists note that the use of this composition allows you to increase the life of the engine and push back the date of the overhaul. After using the oil, the knock of the motor disappears, the level of vibration of the power plant decreases. The positive characteristics include the fact that the presented oil practically does not burn out. Its quantity remains stable throughout the entire period of operation. Motorists also attributed fuel efficiency to the pluses.

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The popularity of the mixture has created another problem. The fact is that this composition was often faked. Often there is counterfeit engine oil ZIC 5W40 XQ 1l, 4l. Larger containers (20 and 200 liters) are not faked. A detailed analysis of the packaging will help to distinguish the original from the counterfeit.

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