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Daewoo Lacetti - powerful, strong, stylish

Daewoo Lacetti - powerful, strong, stylish
Daewoo Lacetti - powerful, strong, stylish

Daewoo Lacetti was the first model developed by the Korean firm. The debut of the model took place in November 2002 at the Seoul Motor Show. The name of the car "Lacertus" in Latin means energy, power, strength, youth. Korean manufacturers slightly corrected the word, and it turned out Daewoo Lacetti.

daewoo lacetti

Daewoo Lacetti has a very modern appearance, in addition, its special design makes the car recognizable in traffic. Due to the characteristic grille, Daewoo cars have long had their own ancestral trait. In addition to it, there are large transparent headlights, sharply cut edges and wheel arches, which are outlined this time very clearly. The progenitor of the Daewoo Lacetti was the Nubira, which had a slightly different front design, hood and bumpers. In the European market, buyers can find Daewoo Lacetti in a hatchback body, which, accordingly, completely changes the back. The Giugaro studio was responsible for the exterior of this car.

daewoo lacetti premiere

The Lacetti hatchback took the front-wheel drive platform from the car as a basispredecessor, in addition, they also borrowed the engine, box and some other nodes. However, in addition to Nubirov's 1.6 and 1.8 liter gasoline engines, Lacetti received a 1.4 liter power unit, the power of which reaches 92 "horses".

For the interior of the cabin, light colors were chosen, which allow the car to appear somewhat larger than it is inside. In the decoration, it was decided to abandon the pretentious and newfangled, however, in general, the appearance is very decent. Even the basic version assumes the presence of plastic trim in two color options. Gray is used at the bottom, and warm beige is used at the top. Landing for the driver chose the best. The seats are comfortable, all controls are at hand. The plastic trim, which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the touch, harmonizes with the soft velor seats. There are no problems with reading the scales, the steering wheel does not block them, in addition, its inclination can be adjusted. The devices are located quite simply, but at the same time it is very easy for the eye. The visor allows you to get rid of glare in daylight. In the central frontal part, you can see the console, on which the radio can be located, the unit that controls the air conditioner. It is worth noting that the new Daewoo Lacetti took care of ergonomics.

Daewoo Lacetti

The new Lacetti model will compete for the European buyer with the highest level of equipment. In addition to the "mechanics" for engines of 1.6 and 1.8 liters, buyers will be offered an adaptive five-speed automatic, whichcontrolled electronically. As standard, there are 5 three-point type seat belts, front and side airbags, ABS, disc brakes on all wheels.

Lacetti is a big step for Daewoo. The company is clearly trying to improve their cars. Brother Lacetti - Daewoo Lacetti Premiere further emphasizes the modern notes in the design of the line, a decent level of assembly and a solid set of options. In addition, a significant number of engines to choose from makes the car a serious competitor for other manufacturers.

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