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Efficientgrip Compact Goodyear tires: owner reviews

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Efficientgrip Compact Goodyear tires: owner reviews
Efficientgrip Compact Goodyear tires: owner reviews

Summer car tires are often underestimated by drivers, paying much less attention to their choice than winter tires. However, this is a common mistake, because in the summer there are also quite a few dangers on the road, and tires must be reliable and proven. One of the models that have become famous among drivers is the American Efficientgrip Compact Goodyear. Reviews about it will help you figure out why it is so attractive and what features make it optimal for domestic roads. However, before analyzing the numerous reviews, it would be nice to get acquainted with the official information about this model.

Short description

When developing the Goodyear Efficientgrip Compact 17570 R13 82t, the manufacturer took previous successful models as a basis. However, his main goal was to create rubber that could significantly save fuel compared to its predecessors. In addition, it was plannedreduce emissions at all stages of production, so that this model can be called truly "green".

goodyear efficientgrip compact 175 65 r14 82t reviews

First of all, it is intended for small cars with modest performance. At the same time, its cost corresponds to the budget segment, which allows us to call it one of the best solutions for owners of inexpensive cars. On sale are available specimens with an internal diameter of 13 to 16 inches. Based on this, it can be installed on classic sedans, station wagons and some minivans. For SUVs and minibuses there is a separate reinforced series, which received the prefix SUV in the name.

Tread pattern

This tire features an asymmetric tread pattern with one central rib. It performs several basic functions at once. Due to the small notches on its surface, maximum grip with the road surface is ensured. They form a kind of edges that can improve contact with the track both during acceleration and during braking.

The side tread blocks are extraordinarily long and stretch almost to the very center. Between themselves they are separated by deep cuts. Their task is to ensure safe maneuvering, especially at high speeds, as well as protect the side parts of the tire from various damages. At the same time, according to reviews of the Goodyear Efficientgrip Compact 18565 R14 86t, the tire has a more rounded shape than usual, which indicates better maneuverability andthe ability to change lanes and even turns without slowing down.

goodyear efficientgrip compact 175 70 r13 82t

Effective braking

As already mentioned, a large number of edges have appeared in the new generation of rubber. They allow you to increase braking efficiency not only on dry pavement, but also during rain, when it is especially needed. During increased load, the tread blocks are displaced, as a result of which the sipes open and allow the coupling edges to perform their function. This approach, as emphasized by reviews of the Goodyear Efficientgrip Compact 17565 R14 82t, allows you not only to confidently stop the car in the rain, but also to remove water from the contact patch with the track, which further increases braking efficiency.

goodyear efficientgrip compact 175 65 r14 82t

Fight against high fuel consumption

There are several methods to reduce fuel consumption through tire design, all of which were used in the development of this model. The main task is to get rid of rolling resistance as much as possible. This can be achieved by modifying the tread pattern, which was done by specialists. So, in the absence of load, the tread blocks are as close to each other as possible, which, with free driving, provides a simple rolling of the tire without the slightest resistance. Judging by the reviews of Efficientgrip Compact Goodyear, a positive side effect of this approach is increased wear resistance due to less abrasivewear, as well as the absence of unpleasant noise and rumble while driving.

The composition of the rubber compound also plays a significant role. In order for the rubber to have a good roll, it must be soft, but not so soft as to repeat the properties of Velcro, otherwise it will noticeably slow down the car. The use of silicon components in the development of the formula made it possible to achieve the required level of softness without compromising rolling, which led to a total reduction in consumption of up to 0.3 liters per 100 kilometers. At current fuel prices, this is a pretty significant savings, especially on long trips.

goodyear efficientgrip compact 185 65 r14 86t reviews

Slim design

Excessive tire weight can put extra stress on the undercarriage and reduce tire life due to high abrasion. In order to avoid such consequences, manufacturers seek to get rid of elements that make the structure heavier. In this case, such an element was a metal cord. It has been replaced as much as possible with nylon and other lighter materials.

The development of the special rubber compound formulation mentioned earlier also helped to reduce the weight of the Goodyear Efficientgrip Compact 17565 R14 82t tire. At the same time, strength, abrasion resistance and elasticity were not affected. Thanks to a well-thought-out set of measures, the manufacturer managed to create rubber that can rightly be called one of the most successful in its price range.

goodyear efficientgrip compact 175 65 r14 82t photo

Positive reviews of the model

One of the best sources of truthful information about a product is reviews. They allow you to see how satisfied users are with rubber in natural living conditions, and not read dry reports from professional tests. Among the positive moments, the drivers noted the following:

  • Pleasant softness. The level of elasticity of this rubber model is well thought out, as it allows you to easily cope with small bumps in the road without forcing the car's suspension to work, but at the same time it does not "float" in the heat.

  • Low noise level. Working with the tread pattern and rubber compound has borne fruit, allowing you to minimize the level of annoying vibration and rumble that occurs due to friction with the road surface. Even with poor noise isolation, long trips will not be a problem.

  • Suitable for all roads. Although this model is primarily positioned as a road model, as practice has shown, it also copes well with dirt roads, on which there is some dirt or loose sand.

  • Strong resistance to hydroplaning. After analyzing the reviews of the Efficientgrip Compact Goodyear, you can see that the rubber is able to show a positive side when driving in the rain and through deep puddles, preventing the car from skidding due to sliding on the water.

  • Affordable value. This model cannot be attributed to the budget, and yet itis available to most drivers, which, along with other pluses, makes it one of the best contenders for purchase.

As you can see, this rubber actually has quite an impressive number of positives. But do not forget that she also has a number of disadvantages, which can also be found in the reviews.

efficientgrip compact goodyear on car

Negatives based on reviews

The main disadvantage of this model is rather weak side parts. This disadvantage is especially felt when installing rubber on fairly heavy cars. Although the permitted weight is not exceeded, the effect of lowered wheels is observed at the current tire pressure. In addition, reviews of the Efficientgrip Compact Goodyear say that damage to the sidewalls can be due to careless operation, so aggressive riders should refrain from purchasing these tires.

Another disadvantage is the deterioration of the quality of braking on wet pavement during operation. Although there is no visible wear, the stopping distance is lengthened, which should be taken into account in the second or third season.


Rubber, which this review is dedicated to, is a pretty good choice for those who drive not only on asph alt tracks, but also on dirt roads. It performs well in various conditions, can cope with hydroplaning, is able to save fuel and is almost silent. In the above photos of Goodyear Efficientgrip Compact 17565 R14 82t you can see that the tread allowsdeal with all of the above. In addition, it has a fairly attractive price, which, along with high durability, makes it a reasonable purchase for those who want to invest in the future and save on long-term operation.

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