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Validity period of the vehicle diagnostic card
Validity period of the vehicle diagnostic card

The validity period of the diagnostic card depends on the year of manufacture of the car (not the date of purchase, as many owners think) and is indicated in the issued document. It could be either one year or two.

Why first inspection, and only then the OSAGO policy?

For many drivers, since August 2015, it has been extremely interesting to find out that it is impossible to get an OSAGO policy if the technical inspection has not been passed. Until that moment, everything was the other way around - first getting insurance, then the opportunity to pass a technical inspection. Since 2012, the presence of a diagnostic card (DC) in a car has been mandatory when checked by a traffic police inspector. Therefore, drivers treated the inspection procedure with great responsibility, and even more so those who have been driving for more than a dozen years. Even now they are not indifferent when the diagnostic card expires.

validity period of the diagnostic card

Since August 2015, new requirements for the issuance of an OSAGO policy have come into effect. From that moment on, payments in case of an accident on an “auto-citizenship” to innocent people began to be estimated at a maximum of 400 thousand rubles. The cost of the contract also increased.OSAGO insurance: compared to the beginning of 2015 - almost twice.

Validity of the diagnostic card

For MTPL, a technical inspection must be carried out at a service station before the conclusion of the insurance contract.

expiration date of the diagnostic card for OSAGO

This immutable rule has been in force since 2015. Consultants of insurance companies do not have the right to issue a policy without making sure that the validity period of the diagnostic card allows this. DK is one of the list of mandatory documents that the insured provides to the insurance company, along with the civil passport of the insured and the owner and documents for the car (PTS or certificate of registration with the traffic police).

What an insurance consultant pays attention to

A correctly executed diagnostic card has the seal of the company whose name is indicated in the text if there is a number. The latter must comply with the requirements developed by the Russian Union of Motor Insurers together with the traffic police. The validity period of the diagnostic card (until what date and year) is indicated, as a rule, on the second (back) sheet of the DC. The consultant is obliged to make sure that the card is not expired.

If something in the diagnostic card causes suspicion among an insurance employee, he is obliged to consult with his manager or immediately apply online to EAISTO (a unified technical inspection database created by the traffic police and accredited car services). The system issues confirmation only when the number and validity period of the diagnosticinspection cards are valid.

If there is a discrepancy, it is almost impossible to issue a policy. If an insurance employee takes out insurance with an expired diagnostic card, firstly, he will be fined (much more than salary) and most often dismissed, and secondly, the insurance company will not deal with payments under this contract until the technical inspection of this car is fixed in EAISTO.

Diagnostic inspection card: validity period for OSAGO

When concluding an OSAGO contract, the insurance company assumes responsibility for the fact that the policy was issued subject to the requirements of the law and the availability of all required documents.

expiration date of the inspection card

Theoretically, insurance can be issued if the car's diagnostic card expires in one day. If the owner is firm, insisting on the legitimacy of the claims, the insurance company will be forced to conclude a contract with him. This situation can occur if the insurance price is high enough, and the driver does not have enough money to also pay for the inspection, or he is afraid to pass it, because he is not sure about the accident-free condition of the car and all its systems.

How much does an inspection cost

Car services themselves form the pricing policy, but the cost of passing the technical inspection is approximately the same everywhere, except, perhaps, in Moscow and the Moscow region (there it is slightly higher). Naturally, employees have much less work when inspecting a new car. Vehicles "aged" requireincreased attention. Drivers are obliged to monitor the condition of their old car more carefully than in the case of a new one. But, strange as it may seem, this does not affect the cost of the inspection. Usually the cost of such work lies within six hundred rubles.

diagnostic card of technical inspection validity period for OSAGO

The price of technical inspection of heavy trucks is higher (about a thousand rubles), and not all car services can carry out such work - it requires slightly different equipment.

When do cars need to undergo technical inspection

  • If the car is not yet three years old, then it is not necessary to pass inspection before the end of this period.
  • The first time you need to go to a car service when exactly three years have passed since the release of the vehicle (not to be confused with the moment of purchase).
  • Second time when the car is five years old.
  • Third time when the car is seven years old.
  • And then (for the eighth year) you will have to go to the car service for inspection every year.

When are inspections of special vehicles and vehicles for passenger transportation carried out

Responsibility of services increases when passenger vehicles are checked. Drivers of these vehicles are not allowed to drive if the diagnostic card has expired. And this happens twice a year with frightening frequency.

card expires

Special vehicles are checked at the same frequency - once every six months.

How and whatmodern car services attract motorists

Oddly enough, not by the level of service, not by technical equipment, not by a license, but by the ability to issue a diagnostic card without showing the car.

validity period of the vehicle diagnostic card

Via the Internet, paying twice as much as usual, you can get a diagnostic card, issued in accordance with all the rules, with home delivery by courier.

Pen alties for an expired diagnostic card

Currently, the driver in the car does not need to carry a DC with him, only an OSAGO policy should be available. It is for the absence or non-compliance with the terms of OSAGO insurance that the driver is fined, and not for the fact that the diagnostic card has expired or does not exist at all.

The driver needs to remember that an overdue inspection will cause non-payment of compensation to the second participant in the accident from the insurance company. And then the culprit will pay the cost of repairs out of his own pocket in court, plus there will be legal costs. An innocent driver will insist on just that. And if the car is quite expensive (a cool foreign car), then the amount of compensation awarded may be higher than four hundred thousand.

It is easier for the driver to comply with the validity of the inspection card than to fall into the situations described above.

Car selling tips

Inspection of the car is not tied to the owner, as well as the diagnostic card of the inspection. The validity period for OSAGO of this DC will be important for the new owner. Old ownerswhen selling, they simply give the card to the new owner. Then the validity of the diagnostic card for OSAGO when registering with the traffic police will not be an obstacle when applying for insurance by the new owner.

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