Diagnostic card online: reviews and design rules
Diagnostic card online: reviews and design rules

In accordance with the first part of the fourth article 40-FZ, which regulates the mandatory liability insurance of vehicle owners, owners of cars registered in the Russian Federation must purchase OSAGO insurance (with the exception of some cases). According to reviews, a diagnostic card for OSAGO online is also issued.

Required Paper

The list of mandatory papers required for insurance registration includes a diagnostic card - a document confirming the passing of the technical inspection. Often, car owners are interested in the possibility of registering MOT online and the legality of such actions, since such offers on the network have become quite common.

diagnostic card online reviews
diagnostic card online reviews

Legality of online registration

In order to answer the question regarding the legality of obtaining a diagnostic card without the diagnostic itself at the TO point, you need to contactlegislation.

Regulates the order of maintenance 170-FZ. In accordance with article 17 of this standard, maintenance should be carried out at any maintenance point that has accreditation. The choice of such an item remains with the car owner. The place of registration of the applicant and the vehicle itself does not play a role. Based on this law alone, it can be concluded that it is impossible to undergo diagnostics without visiting an authorized service.

In accordance with the second part of the same article, the car owner, before diagnosing a car, must provide the PTS or STS operator, as well as his passport. If these documents are not available, the diagnosis will be denied. In other words, the operator for issuing diagnostic cards must organize the procedure for receiving and processing the specified documentation and the data it contains in electronic form.

If we consider the fifth part of this article, it becomes clear that the diagnostic service is provided only after an agreement has been concluded between the operator and the applicant. But there is no information in the law about the possibility of concluding such an agreement in electronic form (as in the case of OSAGO, for example). The seventh part of the article states that technical diagnostics should be carried out by professional experts. If you believe the reviews, it is possible to get a diagnostic card for OSAGO online. How to do this, consider below.

diagnostic card for OSAGO online reviews
diagnostic card for OSAGO online reviews

In accordance with part 13 of the second section 1008-PP, which regulates the maintenance of the vehicle, diagnostics are carried out using organoleptic and visual methodscontrol, as well as using technical diagnostic tools. It is also impossible to organize this online.

Taking into account the above legislative provisions, only one conclusion can be drawn: despite numerous reviews, it is illegal to issue a diagnostic card online (via the Internet). Despite all the laws, such services exist and are successfully practiced.


There are many sites on the net that offer inexpensive and quick purchase of a diagnostic card without wasting time visiting the MOT center.

make a diagnostic card for a car online reviews
make a diagnostic card for a car online reviews

If the car owner makes a firm decision to make a diagnostic card for the car online (there are reviews on the procedure for issuing on the Internet), not taking into account the current legislation regarding the passage of MOT, then he should take into account certain nuances:

  1. You need to find out as much information as possible about the company that provides the service. In particular, you should check whether the Internet portal actually belongs to an accredited TO operator and entered in the RSA register.
  2. You should study the conditions under which the service is provided. In accordance with the fourth part of article 19 of the above law, the diagnostic card is a paper of strict accountability. It must be made in triplicate. One of them is transferred to the owner of the vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to find out how the applicant will receive it.
  3. It is also necessary to find out whether information about the diagnostic card will be entered into EAISTO. If there is no information in a single database, then the insurance company has the right to refuse to issue OSAGO. If you believe the reviews, the online diagnostic card in Samara can be easily checked in the EAISTO database.

If the Internet service is fraudulent and created in order to collect money from gullible people, and the person who created this site does not act as an authorized TO operator, then the funds will most likely simply be lost. The applicant will not receive their diagnostic card.

get a diagnostic card for OSAGO online reviews
get a diagnostic card for OSAGO online reviews

Buying an inspection online

It should be noted once again that buying a diagnostic card on the Internet is an illegal act. The diagnostic check of the vehicle must be carried out by an accredited operator at the MOT point.

Therefore, experts do not advise looking for workarounds. Doing everything formally is better. Required:

  1. Visit the official RSA portal.
  2. Go to the inspection section.
  3. Open the register of maintenance operators.
  4. Using filters, find the address of the OTO location, for example, by the name of the city.
  5. The system will display all maintenance points that have accreditation and are located in the selected locality.
  6. Among those found, choose the most convenient maintenance point, contact its specialists by phone, coordinate the time for maintenance at the station.
  7. Conclude an agreement with the TO operator, in accordance with which the service will be provided.
  8. Show your passport and any document of your choice:PTS or STS.
  9. Wait while the operator diagnoses the car.
  10. Get a diagnostic card in hand.
  11. Wait a maximum of a day. During this time, the operator will transfer information to the PCA. Information about the diagnostic card will be entered in EAISTO.
  12. Visit the office of any insurer and purchase OSAGO. You can also buy insurance online. This service is absolutely legal, the only thing is that you should only choose a trusted insurer.
diagnostic card online samara reviews
diagnostic card online samara reviews

Confidence that the site is official

You can buy a diagnostic card via the Internet only if you are absolutely sure that the site is official and belongs to a licensed maintenance operator who has a certificate obtained from the PCA. Otherwise, the information will not be entered into EAISTO. Only accredited operators and insurance companies have access to this database. The applicant will simply waste the money.

What to do if the driver is not going to pass the diagnostics?

If a motorist decides to act at his own peril and risk bypassing the law, he needs to do the following:

  1. Go to any Internet search engine.
  2. Request information about purchasing a diagnostic card online. Reviews will help you choose the most popular sites.
  3. Open these sites (usually they are in the top three of the search result).
  4. Study the information on each of them, find out the cost of the service and the conditions for its purchase.
  5. Make sure the likelihood of fraudminimal, the service is provided by an accredited operator, the service itself is sold legally (which is hardly the case in reality).

For example, you can find a site that offers to get a diagnostic card for OSAGO online in Samara (there are reviews on the relevant forums) without leaving home, and in just 10 minutes and for 500 rubles. The service works around the clock, that is, you can issue a document at any time convenient for the client. Quite a tempting offer.

If you go to contacts, you will find that there is only an email address. And the section describing the company does not contain any useful information at all, except for reviews of satisfied customers (presumably fake ones). There is no information of a legal nature, as well as data on the certificate. The conclusion suggests itself: the site undoubtedly belongs to scammers.

issue a diagnostic card online reviews
issue a diagnostic card online reviews

Another site found through a simple search found more information. To get a diagnostic card online in Moscow (there are a lot of reviews), there are also contact numbers of the call center, which you can call if you have questions, and legal information, that is, a photo of the certificate. The service offers to fill out a special questionnaire, after which - within 2 minutes - the applicant receives a diagnostic card in.pdf format without leaving the site.

The issue of trust in such a service remains open. Everyone decides for himself whether to buy a document or not. Experts generally do not recommend using such services and purchasing diagnostic cards online. Reviews in this case are left by interested parties or the site owners themselves. There is no guarantee that the TO operator is really accredited, and that the information will be transferred to the EAISTO.

Required documentation

To pass MOT in accordance with the law, that is, when visiting a service station in person, you will need to present the following papers:

  1. Passport, another document that will allow you to identify a person.
  2. STS or PTS (applicant's choice).
  3. Power of attorney in a simple written form (if the MOT is carried out not by the owner of the car, but by his representative).

It is worth noting that the operator does not have the right to demand other documentation from the car owner.

Copies of documents are not required

Sites that provide services for issuing a diagnostic card online (reviews on these sites are best studied in advance), as a rule, do not require copies of documents. All that is needed is to enter the data from them in a special form. It is worth noting that the purpose of a fraudulent site may be the collection of personal data. Therefore, you need to be careful: you can lose not only money.

diagnostic card for OSAGO online Samara reviews
diagnostic card for OSAGO online Samara reviews


If you believe the numerous reviews found on specialized automotive forums, then quite a lot of citizens decide to buy diagnostic cards online. Many are attracted by the low cost and lack of need to spendyour time. As practice shows, in most cases, motorists pay for the service, but in the end they do not receive the document. There are those who managed to get a diagnostic card online. Reviews, however, in such cases confirm what later turned out to be: the received DC was not registered in EAISTO. The person in this case just spent money, and to no avail.