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Snowmobile for fishing: rating of the best, necessary functions and technical characteristics of models

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Snowmobile for fishing: rating of the best, necessary functions and technical characteristics of models
Snowmobile for fishing: rating of the best, necessary functions and technical characteristics of models

A specific means of transportation for fishermen in winter is a snowmobile. Its use allows for a quick change of location, as well as transporting a significant amount of a variety of fishing equipment. The undeniable advantages of this type of equipment include ease of operation and uncomplicated maintenance.

Choosing a snowmobile for fishing

In the winter season, in the conditions of fallen snow, it is quite difficult for fishermen to get to the treasured reservoir through the forest, bushes or fields. A snowmobile is able to provide serious assistance in this. On an ice-bound river, it provides the opportunity to visit the most remote corners that are inaccessible in summer.

Snowmobile for winter fishing

A classic snowmobile is a chassis, a control system and a cargo compartment. The movement of this type of transport is carried out by transmitting torque from the motor to the track system. Management is done usingski guides.

Snowmobiles are usually distinguished depending on their field of application. These are sports, utility, touring, mountain, children's and mini snowmobiles.

Utility models

Experienced anglers are advised to use the so-called utilitarian models with optimal parameters. They have wide and long tracks. They have high permeability. This species is optimal for moving on virgin soil.

Utilities have a large lineup, which has a variety of characteristics. It is possible to choose options for carrying capacity, which allows you to use sleds and other loads on skis (runners) in addition to the snowmobile.

This type is represented by two types of suspension, telescopic and lever. Their use is determined by the specifics of the ride and the terrain on which the snowmobiles will move.

However, products of this type have a relatively low speed. They also have significant dimensions, which can cause problems when moving through thickets and dense forest.

Recommended Snowmobile Performance Preferences

Before you buy a snowmobile, experts suggest to carry out an analysis of available models. The parameters of snowmobiles are similar to conventional vehicles. However, they also have their differences, which are determined by the conditions and features of operation.

Fisherman and his snowmobile

It is recommended to pay attention to the following parameters:

- Typically, snowmobile engines range from 170 to 930cc3.. Recommended andoptimal - within 500 cm3;

- Snowmobiles, as noted earlier, have two types of suspension, telescopic and lever. The first is distinguished by high reliability characteristics, it rarely breaks. The second type of suspension is linkage, it is more convenient when driving a snowmobile.

- Possibility to transform the seat. As a rule, in modern snowmobiles it is possible to install additional places for passengers or a trunk.

- Seat and steering wheel heating function. This option is desirable if the snowmobile is to be operated on long journeys when the air temperature is below freezing.

- Design features of the windshield. These are usually high or low profile options. High profile designed to protect the rider from the wind. Low profile windshield - for snowmobiles that require high speeds.

- The function of the access of warm air to the ribbed footpegs in order to prevent their icing.

- Ability to change tracks and skis from wide to narrow and vice versa.

- It is advisable to consider options for fishing collapsible snowmobiles.

However, usually the main factor when choosing a snowmobile is its cost.

Snowmobile selection by parameters

Snowmobiles, as mentioned above, are different. However, for the angler, their choice is distinguished by its specificity, in which the individual characteristics of this type of equipment can be safely neglected.

Fishermen's camp and their snowmobiles

Weight. For sports models thisfeature is important. With regard to a snowmobile that has to work on an ice-bound reservoir, it is required to find out whether the fisherman will ride it on the first or last ice. In this case, the weight of the snowmobile will be of paramount importance, as thin ice can be very pliable when heavily loaded.

Power. The power characteristics of a snowmobile are important for sports specimens. However, for a snowmobile that will be used by fishermen, this parameter is not important. He can perform tasks with success and at low speed, with low engine power. Its main purpose is to carry loaded sleds and fishermen.

Track width. If the snowmobile is to be operated only on an ice-covered river, then the width of the tracks is not important for it. However, if you have to move between water bodies, through snowy fields and forests, then this parameter becomes critical.

Reliability. The reliability characteristics of a snowmobile for fishing should be taken seriously. The conditions for the angler to be on the river suggest that he needs to get to the place of fishing and get out of there. As a result, technology should never let him down.

Economy. Almost all modern engines that are used in snowmobiles have the same parameters in fuel consumption. It is only necessary to determine the power characteristics.

Mini snowmobiles

There is a large selection of mini snowmobiles on the market today. This type of transport is considered the mostsuitable for winter fishing. Especially for those regions where a lot of snow falls, creating a high snow cover.

To the treasured hole on a mini snowmobile

The advantage of mini-snowmobiles for fishing is that no special training is required to start driving them. Moreover, their cost is very affordable. Expert fishermen authoritatively state that such transport is capable of covering considerable distances on any snow.

Mini snowmobiles are designed to be easily taken apart and reassembled. They can be easily disassembled in the trunk of a car. Does not require registration as standard snowmobiles.

Mini ice fishing snowmobile is lightweight and small in size. One adult can easily get it out of the trunk of a car and load it back. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, when the snowmobile falls into a recess, a hole in the direction of travel, one person will freely rescue it from there.

Design features of mini snowmobiles

Mini-snowmobile structurally consists of separate modules. They are easily assembled in one piece. And just as easily, he understands. This feature greatly simplifies the transportation process.

Modularity design creates significant cost savings on repairs and maintenance.

Disassembled mini snowmobile "Husky"

Greatly simplifies the process of storing a mini-snowmobile. In disassembled formvery compact, takes up little space, no need to look for any special premises for it.

The mini fishing snowmobile is capable of moving with one driver at speeds up to 35 km per hour. Practice shows that such movement speeds are very convenient when moving on ice or snow. Moreover, it is optimal for making a person feel safe and confident.

Pros of mini snowmobiles

The advantages of mini snowmobiles include the following:

- They have a large enough trunk under the seat to carry the necessary fishing gear.

-Mini-snowmobiles for fishing are supplied with durable metal skis. They are reliable and stable. Replacing them in the event of a breakdown is not difficult.

- The positive qualities of a mini-snowmobile also include the fact that they are able to move at a speed of about 20 km per hour, if two people are placed on the seat.

Mini snowmobile for fishing

Disadvantages of mini snowmobiles

However, snowmobiles of this type also have disadvantages that you need to be aware of and remember in order to foresee all possible negative situations, namely:

- Mini-snowmobiles are distinguished by a not very capacious fuel tank. If you have to travel long distances, then the driver needs to take care of transporting additional fuel containers.

- Despite the fact that standard mini fishing snowmobiles are designed for two passengers, the riding process is not very comfortable. It affects whenyou have to travel long enough distances.

- The legs of the driver and passenger of the mini snowmobile are not protected in any way, so care must be taken when moving through the thicket.

Snowmobiles for fishing and hunting

Standard Russian-made snowmobiles, which include the Irbis, Ste alth, Taiga, and Buran, are much cheaper compared to their foreign counterparts. Their price starts from 200 thousand rubles. The most expensive of this series are snowmobiles of the Ste alth model. Depending on the configuration, their cost varies from 300 to 500 thousand rubles.

Snowmobile - the key to successful fishing

The cost of mini-snowmobiles is directly dependent on their characteristics, manufacturer, and functionality. Usually the price ranges from 60 thousand to 150 thousand rubles.

The best snowmobiles for fishing in the mini category include: Burlak, Blizzard, Snow Fly, Husky, Rybinka.

The cost of snowmobiles from foreign manufacturers is much higher. However, their quality is quite high. The most popular models are: Canadian Bombardier; Yamaha Motor Corporation of Japan; Italian Alpina Snowmobiles; American Polaris Industries. The cost of these machines is from 750 to 900 thousand rubles.

BRP's LYNX and Ski-Doo snowmobiles are also on the market. Their price is from 900 thousand rubles to one and a half million.

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