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Review of the Kawasaki ZXR 400 sportbike

Review of the Kawasaki ZXR 400 sportbike
Review of the Kawasaki ZXR 400 sportbike

Kawasaki ZXR 400 is a fairly powerful sports bike made in Japan. Its history began back in 1989, and from the first day of its release, this bike began to gain popularity among motorcycle fans. However, since the start of its production, the ZXR 400 has undergone many changes. So, its chassis, monoshock absorber and rear swingarm were changed. These changes significantly improved the technical characteristics of the motorcycle, which made it even more famous.

Kawasaki ZXR400

If we talk about the characteristics of this bike, then the description should begin with the engine. It is four-stroke, in-line, has four cylinders and a power of 65 horsepower at a speed of 13 thousand. The maximum torque reaches 36 Nm. Cooling - liquid.

The bike's motor really screams sportiness: it doesn't behave very well at low rpm, but after reaching the 10 thousand mark, its behavior improves significantly. The maximum allowable rpm is 14.5 thousand.

As the name suggests,The Kawasaki ZXR 400 has a volume of almost 400 (398) cubic centimeters. The maximum speed of the motorcycle reaches 210 kilometers per hour, however, its fuel consumption is not too small - 7.3 liters per hundred. But given the bike's sporty edginess, that's not too much.

The transmission of the bike has 6 gears, and the capacity of his bike is 16 liters, which is quite enough for sports riding and for moving around the city.

Kawasaki ZXR

In addition, the Kawasaki ZXR has excellent suspension: on the front wheel, fork, inverted type, and on the rear swingarm, with progressive response and a central shock absorber.

No less remarkable are the dimensions of the motorcycle: with a weight of only 160 kilograms, it has sufficient length and height. Of course, it will be inconvenient for a tall or overweight person to ride it, but for short and slender pilots, especially for girls, this bike is optimal, as it will be easy for them to keep its low weight.

Externally the bike looks great. Thanks to its small size, it does not look too bulky, and the great design makes it very stylish. It is noteworthy that a pilot of any gender will feel confident on it: men will be attracted by its sportiness and aggressiveness, and girls by its streamlined forms and some elegance.

Another distinguishing feature of the Kawasaki ZXR 400 is its excellent handling. Thanks to the sensitive steering wheel, riding on it is a pleasure, regardless of the track. Well, its dimensions make this bike indispensable when driving through traffic jams andalong narrow roads.


However, this motorcycle has its drawbacks. So, Kawasaki ZXR 400, despite all its positive qualities, is not very well suited to inexperienced drivers. The reason for this is his aggressiveness and love for high speeds. In addition, in the event of a breakdown, its repair can cost a tidy sum: spare parts for it are quite expensive. But they are common and available in almost any service.

Another point to pay attention to is the rather rapid wear of tires - they will have to be changed often - and high requirements for consumables. One engine oil, along with various filters, can deal a very significant blow to the wallet.

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