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Kawasaki ZZR 400 motorcycle: description, design features, specifications

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Kawasaki ZZR 400 motorcycle: description, design features, specifications
Kawasaki ZZR 400 motorcycle: description, design features, specifications

In 1990, the first version of the Kawasaki ZZR 400 motorcycle was presented. The successful combination of a revolutionary design for that time and a powerful engine made the motorcycle a real bestseller. Four years later, the second generation was released - Kawasaki ZZR 400 2.

Motorcycle design features

Initially, the two-wheeler model was created only for the Japanese domestic market. Due to certain features, one could assume that tall people on a motorcycle would be uncomfortable, but this is far from the case: the Kawasaki ZZR 400, with its width, is also ideal for riders of large stature. The design of the model has a considerable margin of safety, and the chassis and frame can withstand heavy loads.

kawasaki zzr 400

Serial production of the motorcycle continues to this day, while for all the years of production it has not been restyled, while maintaining a high level of popularity and demand among motorists. The only changes that have affected the Kawasaki ZZR 400 are the design and shape of the deflectors and the overall color of the bike. In 1993, the wheelbase was somewhat shortened, which forcedreduce engine power to 53 horsepower. The reason for these innovations was the limitation of the power of two-wheeled vehicles, which entailed changes to the entire range of motorcycles equipped with 400 cc engines.

Kawasaki motorcycle design

The solid age of the bike in no way affects its exterior: the design remains relevant to this day. The designers of the Japanese concern did their best, being decades ahead of time when creating the Kawasaki ZZR 400. Massive fairings almost completely cover the driver, which improves aerodynamic performance and makes driving at high speeds more comfortable.

kawasaki zzr 400 2

The classic instrument panel with arrows is as informative as possible. The chrome-plated exhaust pipe complements the textured steel brake discs, which together form the motorcycle's sporty design. The integrity of the silhouette is somewhat blurred due to the large mirrors, which visually look too big for a Kawasaki.

Specifications for Kawasaki ZZR 400

Russian motorists have studied the Japanese motorcycle over the years of its stay on domestic roads far and wide, noting both the advantages and disadvantages of the bike. The 400-cc motorcycle engine is reliable and unpretentious, but the transmission that goes with it does not have such qualities: with an aggressive driving style, it will have to be repaired very often. With moderate operation, the working life of the gearbox is 50 thousand kilometers.A separate advantage of the Kawasaki ZZR 400 is a reliable, durable and wear-resistant frame design, developed for a motorcycle with a more powerful engine.

Reviews of motorists

The main advantage of a Japanese motorcycle is considered by many to be comfort and excellent handling, especially in the city. The wide seat and comfortable seating position allow you to cover long distances, while the motorcycle's excellent maneuverability makes it easy to overcome large concentrations of cars on the track.

kawasaki zzr 400 specifications

The disadvantage of the Kawasaki ZZR 400 is the dynamics of acceleration: upon reaching the mark of 120 km / h, the motorcycle begins to react to the accelerator belatedly. Another disadvantage, albeit relative, is the high-quality and high-strength plastic of the body, which, in case of deformation, is replaced, and spare parts for a motorcycle cost the owner a large sum.

Motorcycle cost

The estimated price of Kawasaki in the Russian markets is 500 thousand rubles. A used model of two-wheeled Japanese transport in the secondary market will cost less - 4-5 thousand dollars. For this amount, you can get a reliable sports bike with a modern attractive design and excellent technical characteristics.

Should I get a Kawasaki?

One of the main advantages of the ZZR 400 motorcycle is its cost: at an affordable price you can get a sportbike, which is used by many professional motorcycle racers. Despite the fact that the model came out more than two decades ago and was practically not subjected torestyling, its design remains relevant to this day, causing admiration not only among motorists, but also among pedestrians.

motorcycle kawasaki zzr 400

Before buying a 90s motorcycle, you should think about finding and purchasing spare parts if necessary and contacting qualified (and ideally official) car services and dealerships. It is worth remembering the considerable weight of the motorcycle - more than 200 kilograms, which is why not everyone can handle the bike.

Kawasaki ZZR 400 Advantage:

  • The motorcycle was created in full accordance with all the requirements, criteria and standards for sports bikes.
  • Affordable cost of motorcycle and parts.
  • Actual and modern design.

Motorcycle Flaws:

  • Unreliable transmission causing criticism.
  • Today it is difficult to find a Kawasaki ZZR 400 in good technical condition, without signs of corrosion and deformation.

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