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IZH Jupiter-5: brief description

IZH Jupiter-5: brief description
IZH Jupiter-5: brief description

Mototechnics, which was created during the Soviet Union, did not differ in a wide variety of models, but some of this small list became very popular and requested among all users. One of these creations was an excellent motorcycle called IZH Jupiter-5.

izh jupiter 5

Today, anyone has the opportunity, even if not to purchase, then at least watch the latest in motorcycle production, which are very beautiful and quite powerful. But there is also the opportunity to look into the past and realize that some Soviet motorcycle models are still popular today. Such models are considered almost eternal in use and unique in design. One of them is just a motorcycle brand IZH Jupiter-5.

During the period of its operation, the Izhevsk Automobile Plant has developed and manufactured 16 different models of motorcycles, and 6 of them are sports equipment. Each created model has dozens of different modifications. Production of the Jupiter began back in 1985. Its configuration differs in 22 modifications. The most successful and popular of them - IZH-Jupiter 5-026-03.

The following are the main technical and external characteristics that these motorcycles have. IZH Jupiter-5 has a length of 220 centimeters, a width of 81 centimeters, a height of 130 centimeters and a clearance between the road and the body - 13.5 centimeters. The capacity of the motorcycle can be increased by attaching an additional installation in the form of a trailer or cargo module to the main body. Luggage racks and knee shields can also be used. The IZH Jupiter-5 engine has a volume of 347.6 cubic centimeters. The motorcycle is equipped with a liquid cooling device, which contributes to saving gasoline and reducing noise. Basic equipment includes a telescopic fork, two-cam brakes and spoked wheels.

engine izh jupiter 5

The most advanced Jupiter is equipped with disc brakes, a hydraulic fork that is pneumatically adjustable.

This motorcycle can reach speeds of 125 km/h. Inside the city, gasoline consumption is 7 liters per hundred kilometers, and outside the city - about 4 liters per hundred kilometers. Motorcycle lovers know literally everything about Jupiter, because for all the time a worthy competitor has not been invented. In addition, for such a long existence, it is simply impossible not to study it even in the smallest details.

motorcycles izh jupiter 5

Specialists identify several major positive aspects in the motorcycle, including a solid construction, fuel economy, cheap maintenance and spare parts, high maneuverability, large payload and ease of use.use.

Motorcycles IZH Jupiter-5 contain everything you need for a lover of riding with the breeze. It is better to buy this motorcycle than to look at pictures and videos with sporty and modern models. Thanks to Jupiter, you can understand the impossible today - a colorful appearance and good performance may well cost not too much. This model is undoubtedly a masterpiece invented by the Izhevsk plant.

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