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Do-it-yourself tuning "IZH Jupiter-5": interesting ideas and step-by-step description

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Do-it-yourself tuning "IZH Jupiter-5": interesting ideas and step-by-step description
Do-it-yourself tuning "IZH Jupiter-5": interesting ideas and step-by-step description

Tuning "IZH Jupiter-5" owners began to produce since the release of this motorcycle (1985). This made it possible to improve the traction characteristics of the equipment and give it an original look. The popularity of this two-wheeled vehicle is so great that the relevance of operation does not fade away today. Let's take a closer look at how you can improve a reliable and affordable domestic-made bike.

Tuning "IZH Jupiter-5" do it yourself

Tuning "IZH Jupiter-5" with your own hands

The factory exterior of the motorcycle is not bright and aggressive. Many owners seek to correct this moment. One option is to give the technique a sporty look. First of all, instead of a bulky, ugly and heavy standard fuel tank, a streamlined and lightweight counterpart should be installed. You can find the tank at car disassembly. In addition to looks, the sporty gas tank improves the feeling of control in motion by allowing the knees to stay in the saddle more firmly. By the way, it should also be replaced, which will reduce the weight of the motorcycle, since the standard seat is quite heavy.


Spendtuning "IZH Jupiter-5", two-section "seats" can be made independently. A base is cut out of thick plastic, giving the workpiece the required configuration. The structure is pasted over with a thin layer of foam rubber for furniture, then the future seat is sheathed with leather.

At the next step, change the tail section:

  • Styrofoam is cut into the desired shape.
  • The resulting figure is glued in layers with epoxy glue.
  • After the composition dries, the foam is cut out, the remains are removed with a solvent.

This shank lends itself perfectly to priming and painting. The rear of the frame is digested for the resulting new part. The external tuning of IZH Jupiter-5 includes the replacement of standard tires with sports road counterparts, the installation of new mirrors. This will give a modern look to the bike and will have a positive effect on improving visibility. In addition, they mount a dashboard from Chinese mopeds, steering wheel controls, xenon light elements, LED turn signals and stop signs.

Original tuning of the motorcycle "IZH Jupiter-5"

Izh Jupiter-5 engine tuning: where to start?

Many owners of the motorcycle in question are dissatisfied with the power of the equipment. The power unit has significant potential for improvement. First make sure that the motor is in good condition (entire cylinder fins and landing seats for bearings in the crankcase).

The essence of the modernization of the node is to correct the shortcomings of the standard version of the engine, since itIt was mass-produced with an eye to the maximum reduction in the cost of production. Before disassembly, the motor must be washed, and after that, all domestic bearings must be replaced with foreign counterparts, since after refinement the power of the unit will increase, which will lead to an increase in loads. In case of violation of the norm of clearances between the cylinder and pistons, boring to the permitted repair size will be required. Then they begin to process the purge channels.

Upgraded motor for "IZH Jupiter-5"

Further modernization of the motor

Ideas for tuning the IZH Jupiter-5 engine involve sanding all the residual irregularities on the unit. Inlet and outlet channels in the cylinders are finished in a similar way, bringing them to a smooth state. The bottom and surface of the pistons are polished in a similar way.

The stock crankshaft is too heavy. It is pressed out, the cheeks are machined to an indicator of the outer diameter of 125 mm. Then the connecting rods are polished to a mirror finish. The improved crankshaft is subject to assembly and balancing without fail. This type of upgrade will increase the speed of the bike up to 160 km/h.

Forcing the engine "IZH Jupiter-5" continues by increasing the compression. For this, the combustion chambers are reduced by 1.5-2 mm by trimming. The operation is performed on a lathe, the heads in the chuck are fixed by means of mandrels. At this stage, it is important to ensure identical surface treatment (the volume of both working chambers must be exactly the same). An increase in the degree of compression entailsfollowed by the transition to AI-95 fuel with early ignition set (by several degrees). It is best to install an electronic analogue with automatic advance. This will make it possible to achieve high speed and the formation of a spark at the right time.

Engine tuning "IZH Jupiter-5"

Refining the exhaust and intake system

Tuning of the motorcycle "IZH Jupiter-5" is carried out by improving the inlet. The main disadvantage of this system is the absence of a petal-type valve and the presence of only one carburetor on the engine as standard. This element does not allow you to develop high speed and power. The best solution would be to install a pair of identical carburetors along with two petal valves of the "house" type.

You will need to make new inlet pipes specifically for each cylinder with the possibility of installing housings under the "petals". The parts ensure that the fuel mixture is supplied only to the inner part, which has a positive effect on filling the cylinders with an increase in the power index. Carburettors can be taken from two-stroke foreign bikes of identical volume, the domestic Ural or K-68. You will also need to choose jets for the volume of the power unit of the motorcycle.

When tuning "IZH Jupiter-5", many owners believe that it is appropriate to mount a forward flow with a beautiful exhaust pipe. Experts categorically do not advise doing this. This solution leads to an increase in fuel consumption and a decrease in power. The exhaust system must consist of a pair of resonators. Combining two exhaust pipes is not allowed.elements into one node. If you want to make the sound of exhaust gases quieter, install silencers.

Tuning "IZH Jupiter-5"

Suspension upgrade

The regular suspension of the motorcycle in question is quite reliable and has good maintainability. However, its characteristics can be somewhat improved. To do this, perform the following actions:

  • Mount adjustable gas shock absorbers. They are easy to find in specialized stores. As a result, ride comfort and vehicle stability on the track increase.
  • Change the front fork. Most often, this process is accompanied by alteration of the fastening of the part.
  • Perform the installation of an ergonomic steering wheel.
Modernization of the motorcycle "IZH Jupiter-5"

Installing the fairing

This is one of the most popular procedures for tuning the IZH Jupiter-5 motorcycle. It should be noted that this task is quite complex and requires specific skills and knowledge. The factories have groups of engineers involved in the development and creation of fairings. Until recently, plasma design methods were used for this, now automated development systems are used. Finished elements are tested in wind tunnels to evaluate their behavior in the air stream.

It is very problematic to make these details on your own, so it is better to entrust the work to specialists. This is confirmed by the numerous responses from users, indicating a deterioration in the dynamics of the bike andthe presence of irregularities on the surface of the fairing. The process is not only time-consuming, but also requires professional equipment and training.

Image"IZH Jupiter-5": tuning

What are the owners saying?

As the reviews show, tuning "IZH Jupiter-5" with your own hands is quite realistic. It is not limited to the manipulations mentioned above. Since changing one node leads to the need to transform the mating blocks, users recommend strengthening the chassis, balancing the wheel rims, and strengthening the pendulum. It is advised to equip the regular frame with stiffeners. In addition, during modernization, disc brakes, a thickened front fork are often installed, and the motorcycle is also painted in original color combinations. If you approach the tuning process correctly and competently, the result can exceed your wildest expectations.

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