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Oil "Total 5w30": review, specifications, reviews

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Oil "Total 5w30": review, specifications, reviews
Oil "Total 5w30": review, specifications, reviews

Total oil comes from France. French refineries are recognized as one of the leading suppliers of fuels and lubricants in the specialized automotive market. Concern "Total" (eng. Total) ranks fourth in the world in terms of oil production. The company is also engaged in gas production, owns filling stations for cars, and operates in the chemical industry. Its activities are spread all over the world. The French brand often sponsors many sporting events.

Total product line

The 5w30 viscosity category includes Total oils of the Ineo and 9000 groups. These types of lubricants are distinguished by reliable protective functions and keep engine structural elements properly clean. Helps extend lubricant life at oil change intervals, protect diesel particulate filters and other exhaust aftertreatment systems.

These oils of the "Total" line are made on a synthetic base and have all the high-quality parameters of this categoryoil products. The range includes both universal lubricants and specialized ones, aimed at functioning only in engines with diesel fuel.

Oil in a can

Family "Total 9000"

This group of oils with a viscosity classification of 5w30 includes the brands: Future and Energy. During development, modern additives are added to the composition of lubricants, which contribute to smooth engine speeds, reduce friction and wear of parts.

"Total 9000 Future" has a special feature - it saves fuel. The benefit can be up to 3%, but it depends specifically on each power unit and its mode of operation, as well as on the quality of the fuel itself. The oil prevents the appearance of negative deposits in the form of sludge and soot inside the cylinder block. This is achieved due to high detergent and dispersant properties. Viscosity parameters are characterized by good stability throughout the entire period of operation, until the next oil change.

Total 9000 Energy oil was developed with an eye on modern passenger car engines. Units can operate on gasoline and diesel fuel. The product is suitable for any driving mode - from smooth and quiet to high-revving and extreme. This lubricant is especially recommended for Korean KIA and Hyundai cars. The lubricating fluid is guaranteed to protect the engine from carbon deposits and oxidation, and extend the life of the motor.

Family "Total Ineo"

Boils 5w30 "Total Ineo" includes the brands MS3, ECS and Long Life.

"Total Ineo MS3" is characterized by a low content of sulphated ash, phosphorus and other anti-wear chemicals that harm the environment, but without which it is impossible to imagine any modern synthetic oil. The product complies with all specifications and norms established by the competent world organizations.

ECS brand lubricant also has a reduced content of harmful substances and combines the property of saving fuel. The product is suitable for use in vehicles equipped with a particulate filter or other exhaust gas treatment systems. The very decoding of the abbreviation indicates the environmental friendliness of the oil (ECS - Emission Control System, control system for polluting exhaust waste).

All-weather fluid

Low-ash Long Life was developed by order of the Volkswagen concern. The lubricant product has very impressive technical parameters, which contribute to a longer lubricant change interval, and reduces the risk of unwanted carbon deposits inside the engine. Prevents wear of structural elements of the power unit due to the created oil film, which completely envelops the parts and components of the motor. Can be applied in various conditions and modes of vehicle movement.


Comments about the operation of this product have a lot of opposite assessments. Reviews about the oil "Total" in generalcome down to good quality but overpriced lubricants.

Oil filling

Many drivers who own domestic cars characterize oil as a reliable engine lubrication agent that is absolutely compatible with their brands. Owners of old Russian cars celebrate the start of the engine at -30 ° C "on the fly", as if it's summer outside the cabin. Foreign cars with decent mileage felt great with the transition to this brand of oil, after a run of 10 thousand km, it took only 150 g of topping up the lubricant.

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