Oil change VAZ 2107: types of oil, specifications, dosage, instructions for changing the oil yourself

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Oil change VAZ 2107: types of oil, specifications, dosage, instructions for changing the oil yourself
Oil change VAZ 2107: types of oil, specifications, dosage, instructions for changing the oil yourself

Each owner of the VAZ 2107, who at least once faced the fact that the engine began to act up, it is known that used oil is often to blame. If the replacement is not made in time, even these legendary cars of the domestic auto industry, which, according to rumors, do not break down at all, can fail.

In any case, it is necessary to be able to change the oil in the VAZ 2107, because this will have to be done every 15 thousand kilometers, although it is desirable to reduce this period to 10 thousand. Plus, it's not that difficult and will help you save money on car service.

oil filling
oil filling

If the oil, the fluid of your car, is not changed often enough, the engine starts to heat up, and as a result it breaks down. In the article below, we will tell you how to change the VAZ 2107 oil with your own hands.

When is an oil change required?

There is a gauge on the dashboard that lights up when the oil pressure drops. Actually, this is the call for a replacement.

Oil pressure gauge startsburn in different cases, mainly due to dilution of fuel and lubricants or its loss due to wear on hoses, pipes, gaskets and clamps. However, even if all the elements required for the circulation of oil are in perfect condition, it, even the most reliable and expensive one, still gets old. In the case of the VAZ 2107, the oil in the gearbox must be changed every 30-60 thousand kilometers, or every three years, much depends on environmental conditions.

Pressure indicator

VAZ 2107
VAZ 2107

However, in addition to, in fact, indicating problems directly with the technical fluid, the pressure indicator may light up for other reasons. He himself can be broken, this also happens. Therefore, first of all, when you see an indication, you should check the oil level. If it corresponds to the norm, then you need to check the injector, which creates the required level of pressure - its failure leads to a malfunction of the sensor.

The oil pump screen may also become dirty. When this happens, the indicator will light up when the engine is off. The screen becomes clogged when using a low-grade oil or when dust often gets into the grease.

Choosing replacement oil

In total there are three types of oil for the VAZ 2107, the replacement of which may be required:

  • Mineral is a natural petroleum product, without chemical treatment. For a long time it was the only choice, but with the development of the chemical industry, synthetic types of oils appeared. During operation, it forms deposits in the engine, which accelerates its wear.
  • Semi-synthetic –more expensive than mineral, but cheaper than pure synthetics. Suitable for relatively light working conditions, slow evaporation, high performance.
  • Synthetic is the most expensive type, suitable for heavy duty applications. Perfectly survives temperature changes, fills, including cracks and crevices, significantly extending the life of the engine.
replacement process
replacement process

In general, if you live in a region with a mild climate, then semi-synthetic oil will be ideal for you. It also recommends changing it according to the season, this will sometimes save money for other purposes, although some get by with the bay of the off-season option. One way or another, we heartily recommend an oil whose viscosity is 10w-40w.

Preparing for an oil change

Successfully cope with the oil change in the VAZ 2107 engine, a few simple tips will help:

  • First, you should purchase a filter for your car model.
  • Secondly, it is better to buy oil for future use in order to be able to quickly top up when it burns. To change the oil in the VAZ 2107, the 1.5 injector requires 3 liters. Accordingly, it would be better to buy somewhere 4-5 liters.
  • Third, you may have heard that before you start changing the oil, it is better to flush the engine. This is not always the case, and is best avoided when using synthetics and some semi-synthetic oils, in other words, if the lubricant being replaced is of poor quality.

When the engine is frequently flushed, oil is washed out of hard-to-reach parts, this leads to excessive wear whenadding oil "in the field".


Oil for VAZ
Oil for VAZ

No fancy equipment required. Everything you need can be found at any car enthusiast:

  • Metal tube, diameter 12 mm.
  • Key to 17.
  • Socket wrench 12.
  • Oil filter puller.
  • Container for old oil.
  • Dipstick with oil mark.

Detailed instructions

  1. Warm up the engine and provide easy access to the bottom of the car, for example, drive it onto a special rack. Stop the engine, put a drain container (4 or more liters) so that it is under the crankcase.
  2. Open the hood, find the filler neck on the valve cover, unscrew it.
  3. We take the key to 12, look for the drain plug on the pallet and unscrew it. All this should be done carefully, because the heated oil burns badly.
  4. We are waiting for the complete drain of the technical fluid with the filler cap unscrewed, it will take about 30 minutes.
  5. Unscrew the oil filter, it is best to use a special wrench. In its absence, you can take a screwdriver, but you will have to put another filter. It is not advisable to unscrew by hand, the engine is also hot.
  6. We screw the crankcase drain plug back on, put a replacement filter (it is necessary to lubricate the o-ring), also pour a little oil into the filter and tighten it by hand.
  7. Oil change in the VAZ 2107 gearbox is done a little on the other side. A special syringe is required to fill it,sold in any specialized store, and in the process it is advisable to raise the car from the side of the filler hole so that the oil can fit a little more.
  8. Make sure the drain plug is tight, then you should start pouring three liters of oil into the engine through the hole on the valve cover. Wait 5-10 minutes for the oil to settle, then check its level with a dipstick - it is between the marks. Remember that the replacement of the technical fluid is needed not only for the engine, but also for the fuel and lubricants of the engine and gearbox. They need to be changed at different intervals.
  9. Start the car, carefully watching the oil pressure indicator: it should light up for 5-10 seconds. Run the engine at idle for 20 minutes.
  10. Check the oil level again with the dipstick. Don't forget the filter and stopper, inspect them for presence.
Oil for VAZ 2107
Oil for VAZ 2107

That's it. Self-changing oil in a VAZ 2107 allows you not only to save money, but also increase your independence. Keeping the parts needed for an oil change in your car will allow you to perform this ritual in the field.

We also advise you to stock up on spare parts for the lubrication system, because prices are rising, and if you find an oil leak or dirty filters on the road, especially outside the city, you will have to wait a long time for a tow truck.