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Fiat Barchetta. Options. Reviews. Characteristics

Fiat Barchetta. Options. Reviews. Characteristics
Fiat Barchetta. Options. Reviews. Characteristics

In 1995, the front-wheel drive Barchetta cabriolet based on the Punto model rolled off the assembly line of the Fiat concern. Engineers harmoniously combined the style of the 60s and the latest technological innovations of the 90s in it.


Fiat Barchetta is a C-class convertible. It is very similar to the body of the '64 Ferrari coupe. Its smooth lines and stamped sidewalls repeating them give this model aerodynamics and elegance.

fiat barchetta

Designed by Pininfarina, an Italian coachbuilder who has also worked on some models from Cadillac, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and many more.

Salon designed by Fiat designers. The interior harmoniously complemented the sporty style of the car. For its manufacture, the highest quality materials were used. Pleased with the spaciousness of the cabin. The passenger is accommodated comfortably, regardless of his height. The driver's seat is equipped so that the control of the machine is directed towards the driver - everything is at hand. The seats are comfortable thanks to the side support elements.

The interior is simple but stylish. It is in the interior that the style of the 60s can be traced:the dashboard dials have a white background, while black plastic is combined with chrome elements.

Roof tilts manually. Between the luggage compartment and the passenger compartment there is a special box for it. Engineers provide for a summer version of the roof (fabric) and a winter one (metal). In winter, even with a fabric roof, it is very warm due to the small interior space.

The trunk is small. Its volume is 165 liters. The spare tire steals most of the space.

fiat barchetta equipment


Fiat Barchetta is equipped with a 4-cylinder internal combustion engine with a volume of 1.8 liters and a power of 125 hp. With. It is, however, quite economical. Consumption in urban mode barely exceeds 11 liters per 100 km.

Front suspension - suspension strut (wishbone, spring-loaded strut and transverse stabilizer). Rear - spring (trailing arm, transverse stabilizer and coil spring). The suspension is stiff, but, according to the owners, reliable and inexpensive to maintain. Holds the road well and does not heel when turning. The brakes in the Fiat Barchetta are disc.

The 5-speed manual has very short gears. Due to this, the car accelerates dynamically, in a sporty way. Extremely responsive steering provides maximum control over the road.

A little about sensors. They are everywhere: seat position sensor, movement at the driver's feet and ignition. Opening sensors are located wherever at least something can be opened (even on the glove compartment). The entire electrical system is equipped with them.



For ten years, the Fiat Barchetta has been produced with the same equipment. The car was equipped only with a gasoline engine with a volume of 1.8 liters and only a manual transmission. The basic kit included:

  • power steering;
  • two airbags;
  • 15" alloy wheels;
  • Fiat proprietary fire protection system.

In addition to the Fiat Barchetta, it was proposed to install air conditioning, alloy wheels and deflectors.

From the assembly line, cars came only in red and black, but at the request of the buyer, the car could be painted yellow or one of the metallics: gray, green or blue.

The extended Adria equipment differed only in a powerful radio with a changer, separate climate control and alloy wheels for 16".

In 2003, the design of the Barchetta was slightly modified. Door handles "taught" to hide in the door body until the car is opened with a key. The front bumper was changed: an air intake grille appeared in it. The new shape of the headlights and bumpers brought the convertible closer to the general trends in modern car design.

fiat barchetta reviews

Owner Reviews

In 1995, at the Geneva Motor Show, the Fiat Barchetta was recognized as the most beautiful convertible car. After two decades, he continues to maintain this title. There are quite a few of these cars on the roads of the post-Soviet space. Therefore, the appearance of such a car on the streets of cities still causes genuinesurprise and interest of the townsfolk.

"Barchetta" captivates with its budget cost and ease of maintenance. The biggest drawback, according to reviews of the Fiat Barchetta, can be considered its impractical body, which is too prone to corrosion. Its elements are made only by the factory, so the replacement of body parts is very expensive (taking into account that they must be ordered from Europe).

In general, "Barchetta" leaves only positive impressions about itself: it is sporty, stylish, reliable and cheap. With such virtues, its obvious impracticality is completely forgotten.

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