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How does the carburetor of the 21083rd VAZ work?

How does the carburetor of the 21083rd VAZ work?
How does the carburetor of the 21083rd VAZ work?

The carburetor is the backbone of every vehicle's fuel system. On all VAZ cars of the eighth and ninth families, the well-known 21083 Solex carburetor is used, the main task of which is to prepare a combustible mixture for its further supply to the engine combustion chamber. In other words, this device is used to mix gasoline with air in certain proportions. Remarkably, for 1 cubic centimeter of fuel, the 21083 carburetor delivers 15 cubic centimeters of oxygen. "Eight" rides almost on nothing but air.

carburetor 21083
carburetor 21083

VAZ-21083 carburetor: device

This mechanism includes the following elements:

  • Econostat.
  • Float mechanism.
  • Secondary chamber transition system.
  • Main dosing system of primary and secondary chambers.
  • Pneumatically controlled economizer.
  • Damper control mechanism.
  • Accelerator pump.
  • EPHH system.
  • Starter.
  • Compulsory crankcase ventilation system.

Solex itself consists oftwo parts - upper and lower, in which all the above elements and mechanisms are fixed.

Below we will look at what the main elements of this carburetor are intended for.

carburetor VAZ 21083 adjustment
carburetor VAZ 21083 adjustment

Gasoline with the help of a special pump is pumped from the fuel tank through the lines to the float chamber. The latter is a small container for temporary storage of liquid. With the help of a float, the system regulates the level of fuel supply to the chamber. This part must always be adjusted. Otherwise, the fuel-air mixture will be excessively enriched, and the G8 will consume 10-20 percent more gasoline, which is prepared by the VAZ-21083 carburetor. Float adjustment should always be made as soon as the vehicle starts to consume more fuel. It is also worth noting that after a long period of inactivity, the level of gasoline drops rapidly, which makes the engine impossible to start. In this case, motorists recommend manually pumping fuel into the carburetor of the 21083rd VAZ using the lever on the fuel pump.

As we know, the faster oxygen moves, the more fuel it can pick up. For this, the carburetor system just has a diffuser. It is a small part that narrows near the hole that leads to the float chamber. An accelerator pump is a device that increases engine power when the gas pedal is pressed.

carburetor VAZ 21083 device
carburetor VAZ 21083 device

The air damper (suction) also plays an important role infuel supply system. This part is located at the top of the carburetor. It serves to regulate the flow of oxygen that enters the system from the air filter. Thanks to the air damper, the car is easier to start in winter, as well as after a long cooling of the internal combustion engine.

With the help of the throttle valve, the optimal amount of fuel enters the carburetor of the 21083rd VAZ. This mechanism is connected to the gas pedal in the car, and each time it is pressed, it increases the flow of fluid.

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