The speedometer on the VAZ-2115 does not work: signs, causes, sensor replacement

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The speedometer on the VAZ-2115 does not work: signs, causes, sensor replacement
The speedometer on the VAZ-2115 does not work: signs, causes, sensor replacement

When constantly using a car of the "tenth" family from AvtoVAZ, the question often arises why the speedometer does not work on the VAZ-2115. This sensor is vital, because not every driver has a developed sense of speed to move around with an inoperative device.

However, this feeling is quite well developed in the security cameras that register violations of the speed limit on the roads of the city and suburbs. A motorist can detect and fix this malfunction on their own, but this will take a little time.

Basic functions of the speedometer

Speedometer VAZ 2115
Speedometer VAZ 2115

We note right away that the task of the VAZ-2115 speedometer includes several functions. This sensor is for:

  • To output an electronic signal to the speedometer, which is located on the dashboard. As a result, it is possible to control the speed and distance.
  • Based on the speedometer readings, the ECU corrects and determines the optimal engine speed in different driving modes.

Signs of malfunction

If the VAZ-2115 speedometer does not work, the following symptoms of a malfunction may appear:

  1. Sensor is completely out of service.
  2. During movement, the arrow constantly jumps or stops briefly in one position.

Most often, after the appearance of the second sign, you need to wait for the onset of the first.

Causes of damage

To determine why the VAZ-2115 speedometer with an injector does not work, you can use a simple test to check its serviceability. Initially, press the button for dropping the daily mileage readings, hold it and turn on the ignition at the same time. If all the sensors on the dashboard are working, then the arrows from the initial readings of the scale move to its end, and then return back. This should be repeated three times. If the VAZ-2115 speedometer does not work, the arrows will not move. This means that the problem lies only in the speed sensor. The speedometer itself works fine.

The speedometer VAZ 2115 injector does not work
The speedometer VAZ 2115 injector does not work

If the VAZ-2115 speedometer does not work in a car with a carburetor type engine, then the reason is most likely that the gear drive has stopped functioning normally, which transmits the necessary readings from the speed sensor. The reason for this may be mechanical damage: cut off the edges at the tip of the drive shaft or damaged teeth on the gears. As a result, the transmission of torque from the gearbox shaft to the sensor shaft is interrupted.

Fault repair

Replacementspeedometer VAZ 2115
Replacementspeedometer VAZ 2115

In fact, if the VAZ-2115 speedometer does not work, the reasons for which have already been established, no one repairs the speed sensor on these VAZ models. It is much faster and easier to replace this entire assembly. Its cost is about 400 rubles, which is not so expensive. To start the process of replacing the speedometer, you should drive the car into the pit, and prepare:

  • Screwdrivers.
  • Pliers.
  • Set of wrenches.

If there is no pit nearby, then initially you need to remove the terminals from the battery, and then remove the air filter and only then the inlet pipe. Next, remove the terminal from the speedometer sensor itself. However, if the car has a cable drive to the speedometer, then it must also be removed.

Next, you need to clean the working area from dust, debris and oil. Then proceed directly to the replacement of the part:

  1. Remove the terminal block using the push buttons that deactivate the spring clip.
  2. Use a 21 wrench to remove the speed sensor.
  3. Attach the new sensor in such a way that it accurately hits the fixing sleeve with its stem.
  4. Tighten the threads back with a 21 wrench. Do not overtighten, so as not to damage the integrity of the plastic housing of the speedometer.

According to the results of the work done, the result can be assessed immediately: if the speedometer does not fit into the socket, then its stem has not advanced into the sleeve. Therefore, you will have to repeat the above procedure until success is achieved. When the speedometer is installed, then you need to return all dismantled parts to their place, connectpower supply and check the operation of the new sensor while the car is moving.