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Castrol EDGE 5W-40 engine oil: description, specifications and reviews
Castrol EDGE 5W-40 engine oil: description, specifications and reviews

Every driver knows how important it is to choose the right engine oil. A high-quality composition can reduce fuel consumption, push back the date of repair of the power plant. Castrol brand oils are in high demand among motorists. Some compositions of this manufacturer are used even for cars participating in rally competitions. Drivers of the CIS countries have the highest interest in the Castrol EDGE 5W 40 mixture. What are the advantages of this lubricant and what are its features?

A few words about the brand

The Castrol trademark belongs to the international concern BP. This company is the flagship of the global oil and gas industry. The British concern managed to create a full production cycle, including the extraction, transportation and processing of raw materials. Modern laboratories equipped with advanced equipment allow us to obtain the most reliable lubricants. That is why Castrol engine and transmission oils are in such high demand among motorists. The company's enterprises have a multi-level quality control system for finished products.This eliminates the risk of defective formulations reaching the end user.

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Nature oil

Castrol EDGE 5W 40 is fully synthetic. In this case, various polyalphaolefins are used as the base component. These hydrocracked products are additionally enhanced with an extended additive package. It is thanks to this that the presented composition shows such phenomenal performance.

For which cars and motors

According to the API classification, the presented lubricant received the SN / CF index. This abbreviation indicates that Castrol EDGE 5W 40 can be used on diesel and gasoline engines. Moreover, it is suitable even for forced power plants equipped with a turbocharging system. The specified oil is applicable for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The composition received approvals from Renault, Mercedes, VW, Porsche, BMW. Manufacturers of the presented brands of cars recommend using the specified oil for warranty service of their cars.

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SAE classification

According to SAE, Castrol EDGE 5W 40 is an all-weather oil. This composition keeps its viscosity stable over the widest possible temperature range. The oil pump is able to distribute and pump the presented mixture at a temperature of -35 degrees. Of course, in such conditions it is better not to start the car. It will be possible to start the engine completely safely at -25 degrees.

Engine oilCastrol EDGE 5W-40

Relationship between additives and oil specifications

Additives are special components that improve the quality of the lubricant. In Castrol EDGE 5W 40 engine oil, the manufacturer uses an increased amount of these substances. As a result, it was possible to achieve high technical characteristics.

Constancy of viscosity

As mentioned above, this lubricant has a stable viscosity over a wide temperature range. Such indicators were achieved thanks to the active use of viscous additives. The concern's chemists used polymeric macromolecules as such compounds. The thermal activity of these substances helps to regulate the density of the oil itself. The mechanism of action of additives is simple. The fact is that the presented macromolecules, when cooled, twist into a specific ball. As a result, lowering the temperature does not lead to an increase in the density of the lubricant. An increase in temperature initiates another process. The coil of the macromolecule begins to unfold, which increases the density of the oil. As a result, the quality of lubricant distribution over the parts of the power plant remains consistently high even in the heat.

Polymer macromolecules

Low crystallization temperature

The crystallization temperature of Castrol EDGE 5W 40 oil is -42 degrees Celsius. This allows the use of the presented lubricant in regions with the most severe winters. The company's chemists have achieved a similar result thanks to methacrylic acid polymers. With a decreasetemperature, higher paraffins begin to crystallize in the composition. Polymeric substances reduce the size of the formed particles and prevent their settling. As a result, the oil itself hardens at lower temperatures.

Cleaning ability

The composition of Castrol EDGE FST 5W 40 is applicable even to older power plants. The problem with these motors is that a large amount of soot and carbon deposits often accumulate on the surface of their parts. Diesel fuel and gasoline contain sulfur compounds. During combustion, they form ash. Gradually, its particles combine with each other and precipitate. This process negatively affects the physical performance of the engine. The fact is that soot reduces the actual effective volume of the motor and the power of the power plant drops. The engine starts to vibrate and knock. Castrol EDGE Titanium FST 5W 40 oil contains compounds of magnesium, barium, calcium and a number of other alkaline earth metals. They are attached to the surface of soot particles, which eliminates the possibility of their coagulation. These compounds also dissolve already formed soot agglomerations. They convert them into a colloidal state.

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Long service life

The specified composition is also distinguished by a high service life. The replacement interval is 13 thousand km. Throughout the entire period of operation, the oil retains its physical properties stable. This effect was achieved thanks to phenol derivatives and various aromatic amines. These substances scavenge free oxygen radicalsair, preventing the process of oxidation of other components of the oil. As a result, the chemical formula of the lubricant remains constant throughout the life of the mixture.

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Corrosion protection

The specified lubricant contains compounds of phosphorus, halogens and sulfur. They are necessary to prevent the development of corrosive processes that can occur on engine parts made from non-ferrous alloys. These additives form the thinnest inseparable film on the surface of the presented elements, which excludes direct contact of the surface with any aggressive media.

Reduce fuel consumption

Castrol EDGE FST 5W 40 formulation helps reduce fuel consumption. The resulting reduction is approximately 6%. With the constant rise in fuel prices, such savings do not look insignificant. How did the manufacturer manage to achieve such figures? The fact is that the concern's chemists actively use various friction modifiers as part of the lubricant, for example, they use organic compounds of molybdenum. The presented molecules form the thinnest inseparable film on the metal surface of the parts of the power unit, which excludes direct contact of the elements with each other. This improves engine efficiency and reduces fuel consumption.

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Extend engine life

Castrol EDGE Titanium 5W 40 provides perfect parts protectionengine from friction. The fact is that the company's chemists introduced titanium compounds into the composition of the mixture. These substances improve the strength of the film, increase the adhesion efficiency of the lubricant on engine parts.

City driving

Driving in urban conditions is accompanied by constant changes in the number of engine revolutions. This causes the butter to churn into foam. Naturally, such a process also worsens the efficiency of the distribution of lubricant over engine parts. Silicon oxide was introduced into the oil specifically to prevent this negative effect. The presented component increases the surface tension of the oil and destroys air bubbles that form during the active mixing of the lubricant.


Reviews of Castrol EDGE 5W 40 are extremely positive. Motorists note first of all that the use of this composition helped to eliminate the knock of the engine. For high detergent properties, drivers recommend using this oil even in old power plants. The good fuel efficiency of the mixture was also a plus.

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