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"Mitsubishi": country of origin, model range, specifications, reviews

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"Mitsubishi": country of origin, model range, specifications, reviews
"Mitsubishi": country of origin, model range, specifications, reviews

Japan is the producing country of Mitsubishi, one of the most famous car brands. The prototype of the corporation, whose headquarters is located in Tokyo, arose back in 1873, but due to the low demand for cars in the country, it specialized in shipbuilding. The development of the company was complicated by the political situation. During the war, the company was fragmented, most of the equipment was damaged or completely destroyed. Much later, attempts were made to create and introduce into production various technical innovations and enter the global market. In particular, due to the creation of the first car brand "Mitsubishi" in 1917.

mitsubishi lancer

Auto production was curtailed several times. Only by 1969 their production was finally established. Including due to the entry into the world arena of the Colt Galant sedan - a multiple participant and winner of the rally, as well as the winner of the "Car of the Year". This phenomenon was not unexpected - the released car combined cutting-edge innovations in the field ofengineering. However, production continued to grow. The model range of "Mitsubishi" covered many areas of mechanical engineering. The very same number of cars today has several dozen different models without modifications and rebranding.

Production country

Company "Mitsubishi Motors" still covers not only the production of cars. Under its jurisdiction are both the production of some spare parts and the production of large equipment, including aircraft. It is not difficult to predict that the company's plants are now located in most major countries. The Mitsubishi manufacturer is also represented in Russia.

Peugeot Citroen Mitsubishi Automotive Rus, a joint project of Japan and France (represented by Peugeot and Citroen) is located in Kaluga. The plant was launched in 2010 and worked for 5 years. For example, it was used to assemble the Mitsubishi ACX, which Russia did not become a full-fledged producer country. At the moment, the production of cars is considered suspended. Which, in turn, does not interfere with active imports.

mitsubishi whose brand is the country of manufacture

And if we are talking about production, we cannot fail to mention the largest factories. Both of the most famous are located in Japan.

The first one, Nagoya Plant, is located in Okazaki City. The plant is considered one of the largest in the entire structure of the company, as well as the main exporter to foreign countries.

Second, Mizushima Plant, - in the city of Kurashiki, in southern Japan. The plant isone of the leading enterprises in terms of the number of manufactured cars of the Mitsubishi brand.

There are also enterprises controlled by a Japanese corporation only partially. In addition to the previously cited plant in Russia in the city of Normal (USA, Illinois), production was founded jointly with Chrysler. Since the nineties, the company has completely passed into the hands of the Japanese, which, however, did not affect the productivity and the number of cars supplied from this plant to countries around the world.

Model range. Specifications

Company "Mitsubishi" from its very foundation tried to present to the wide market the most varied list of equipment. Maritime transport, aviation and various areas of heavy engineering are by no means a complete list of areas in which the company succeeds to this day. But the main and most famous at the moment is mechanical engineering. And in the history of released models there are many unique, exclusive representatives. Mitsubishi's manufacturing country has produced three-wheeled vehicles, buses, trolleybuses of this brand and alternative fuel vehicles. But the main difference is the wide range of Mitsubishi vehicles.

The most famous representatives of the class: "Mitsubishi ACX"

Country of manufacture Mitsubishi ACX

"Mitsubishi ACX" ("Asix", ASX) has been produced since 2010. It is an impressive five-door crossover. The car comes in three versions: complete with 1, 6-,1, 8 and 2 liter internal combustion engines combined with a manual transmission or stepless CVT. Since 2013, it has been produced in an updated configuration (some cosmetic changes have been made that affect the body, bumper and wheels). Many aspects of this vehicle are state of the art. The country of origin, Mitsubishi ACX, for example, has equipped the car with software that gives the driver keyless entry or engine start via the dashboard. There are also small but pleasant technical details: a more energy-intensive battery and a rear-view camera.

Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Lancer has a long history. The current generation of cars is already the ninth in a row. Their launch started in 2000. The Mitsubishi-Lancer is still mainly produced in Japan, but after 2002, the Lancer crossed the European border and entered the world market.

The car is available in several configurations: with two body types (sedan and station wagon), different volumes of injection gasoline engines (from 1.3 to 2.4 liters).

mitsubishi lancer country manufacturer

"Lancer" (in the updated version of the "Mitsubishi-Cedia" or "Mitsubishi IX") was supposed to be a fairly heavy car, this, in particular, is indicated by its appearance, which became emphatically convex and aggressive, with a massive "grinning » latticeradiator.

The interior remained roomy, equipped with high-tech equipment. The most modern security systems are built in, for example, a safety steering column, which, upon impact, collapses in strictly calculated places. This allows you to maximize the safety of the driver at the time of the collision.

Mitsubishi Outlander

The Mitsubishi Outlander is one of the most famous mid-size crossovers. It is ideal for city trips. This model took over the sporty features from the Mitsubishi Lancer, and also borrowed some technical data, such as suspension design and permanent all-wheel drive. Among the models of this line, this car is the most widely known in our country. Since 2001, Mitsubishi Outlander has been manufactured by many enterprises located in various parts of the world.

mitsubishi outlander country manufacturer

Outlander has incorporated the best features of its predecessor (ACX models) and to this day is the best in the middle price segment due to the perfect balance of safety, maneuverability and cross-country ability.


An interesting fact: the Mitsubishi brand, whose manufacturing country differs from the canonical Japan, allows discrepancies in the basic configurations. It's not just about cosmetic changes, body configurations, wheels or interior, usually cars are radically different in engine size. Also, judging by the reviews, there are noticeable discrepancies in the reliability of the car after equal driving distances.

A common feature of most of the negative reviews are complaints about the early models of "Mitsubishi". Experienced drivers advise to carefully study the service book (a mandatory document when buying or selling a car), and also to clarify whether the vehicle has been exposed to aggressive environments (reagents, sand or s alt).

Even Mitsubishi, the country of origin of which is (or was) Russia, does not tolerate frost and mud that sticks during thaws quite badly.

mitsubishi manufacturer


In general, "Mitsubishi" is a universal brand of cars. Most of the models combine low fuel consumption and high cross-country ability. Great attention in this line of cars is paid to safety. Reinforced bodywork and a variety of passive safety measures make Mitsubishi one of the most reliable in its segment.

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