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"Maserati": country of origin, history of creation, specifications, power and reviews with photos

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"Maserati": country of origin, history of creation, specifications, power and reviews with photos
"Maserati": country of origin, history of creation, specifications, power and reviews with photos

Practically everyone who is interested in cars sooner or later dreamed of a Maserati (manufacturing country - Italy). This luxury car brand inspires admiration and respect for its developers. Read about the history of the brand, which country is the manufacturer of Maserati and the latest line of these supercars in this article.

The beginning of the story

In the family of a simple railway engineer Rodolfo Maserati grew up six sons - Carlo, Bindo, Alfieri, Mario, Ettore, Ernesto. All the boys, except Mario, were passionate about technology. But all the sons, one way or another, contributed to the development of the Maserati brand of cars, their country will be glorified precisely by these achievements.

It all started on December 14, 1914, when Alfieri registered the company Officine Alfieri Maserati, which specialized in the production of engines and spare parts, assembling cars. This family company had a registered address:Via de Pepoli, house number 1, in a prestigious area of ​​Bologna (Italy), very close to the statue of Neptune, which will play a role in our history.

maserati logo

Official start

And although the company was doing well, the birth of the brand with its brand name on the hood took place on 1926-25-04. It was on this day that Alfiero, driving the first production car, the Maserati Gran Prix 1500, started the Targa Florio race.

From this moment Maserati's branded trident becomes a recognizable company logo. The trident itself is a reminder of the place where the family company was born and of the three founding brothers Alfieri, Ettore and Ernesto, and the colors red and blue match the color of the flag of Bologna.

And already in 1927, another brother, Ernesto, became the champion of Italy on the Tipo 26 car. After these high-profile victories, the brand was talked about in Europe. The slogan "Luxury, sport and style in exclusive cars" became the motto of Maserati. The production of “civilian” sports cars was also launched, which quickly became very popular.

And the brothers decided to focus on the production of only top class racing cars with super powerful motors. The record was not long in coming - in 1929, in a Maserati Tipo V4 racing car, the famous racer B. Borzacchini set a world speed record - 246 km / h.

maserati supposedly v 4

The brothers are leaving

In 1932, Alfiero Maserati dies during an operation, and the company is headed by Ernesto. He designs cars himself and leads them to race victories. His meritwas the use of power brakes on racing cars.

But the world economy is in crisis, and in 1938 Maserati is part of the Orsi Gruppo. Part of the company is transferred to Modena (address: 322 viale Ciro Menotti), and the brothers continued to work in the company until the end of World War II.

In 1947, they left the company, leaving her name, and they themselves organized Officina Specializzata Costruzione Automobili Fratelli Maserati, specializing in racing cars.

maserati country

Maserati continues to conquer the world

In 1939, the Maserati 8 CTF Boyle Special (pictured above) rolls off the assembly line. He brought the company two of the most significant victories. The first took place on 1939-30-05 at the Indianapolis 500 race, where the famous racer Wilbur Shaw set a speed record - 185, 131 km / h. The second victory took place on 1940-30-05 - the same racer at the same race set a new speed record of 183.911 km / h. And to this day, the only Italian brand that has won victories at the prestigious Indianapolis race is Maserati. The country is very proud of this fact.

But the company focuses on "civilian" models. In 1947, the Maserati A6 1500, the first car of this brand for everyday use, is a great success at the Geneva Motor Show.

maserati sport

The racing love continues

In the first Formula 1 World Championship (1950) there was no Maserati team, but 7 out of 24 participants were on the cars of this tradebrand.

The racing Maserati A6 GCS appeared in 1953 together with the outstanding racing driver Juan Manuel Fangio and engine designer Gioacchino Colombo. Once again, Maserati leads the race in Italy.

And in 1957, Fangio won 4 out of 8 World Championships with a Maserati 250F. And in the same year, two tragedies happened - at the Mille Miglia races (Italy), as a result of a sports car accident, 11 people died, and a factory driver died in an accident.

The company announces the end of racing and reserves only the execution of orders for sports cars from private pilots and the manufacture of engines for racing cars.

maserati model

Dancing with Citroen

The company has already had car bestsellers - Maserati 3500GT, Maserati Sebring and Quattroporte, Maserati Mistral and Maserati Ghibli. But all of them were not released in large series. In order to develop mass production in 1968, Maserati enters into an agreement with Citroen: the latter are left with industrial and marketing policies, and Adolfo Orsi remained the president of the Italian office.

Successful Maserati projects of this period are Indy 2+2, Merak, Khamsin, Bora.

Global Crisis

The beginning of the 70s of the last century was marked by a global crisis in the oil market. Citroen filed for bankruptcy and became part of the PSA Peugeot Citroen group. Maserati also went bankrupt with the start of liquidation in 1975. The company was saved by the Italian government, and the management was given to GEPI (State Institute for Development and Assistance to Industrial Enterprises).

The new owner of Maserati in 1975 was the famous Formula 1 driver Alejandro De Tomaso. And the company began to revive. In 1976, the Quattroporte III flagship sedan and the Maserati Kyalami sports coupe appear at the Turin Motor Show.

Tomaso began mass production of cars in 1981 with the Maserati Biturbo two-door sedan model. Until 1993, 37 thousand cars were produced in various modifications.

maserati st 320

Dancing with FIAT

The success of the brand was noticed by competitors. And it so happened that by 1995, 95% of the company's shares belonged to FIAT Auto SpA. A reorganization was carried out, and Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, who was also the executive director of Ferrari, a structural division of FIAT Auto SpA, became the head of Maserati. And by 1999, all 100% of Maserati's shares are received by Ferrari.

The Modena plant underwent a $12 million upgrade and the Maserati 3200GT (pictured above) was unveiled at the 1998 Paris Motor Show.

Since 2003, Maserati has again collaborated with the Pininfarina coachbuilder, and in 2004 the brand returns to racing with the Maserati MC12 team and car.

And another change of ownership

In 2005, FIAT Group buys the company from Ferrari and transfers it to Alfa Romeo.

In 2007, a real masterpiece appears at the Geneva Motor Show - the two-door coupe Maserati GranTurismo. The revived Maserati Ghibli sedan (2012) is presented in Shanghai, and the sixth generation is presented in DetroitQuattroporte.

By the way, Maserati Quattroporte No. 1 was purchased by former Italian President Carlo Azeglio, and Maserati Quattroporte No. 2 belongs to a man who definitely knows a lot about pleasure and excessive luxury, Silvia Berlusconi.

maserati levante

Last line

The development of Maserati cars, whose manufacturing country is Italy, does not stand still and continues to amaze motorists.

Novelties from Maserati (Italy) this year are magnificent exquisite cars:

  • Maserati Quattroporte is a four-door sedan that combines the features of a sports car and an elegant executive crew. Two versions - GranLusso and GranSport - delight the eye with a moderately aggressive look and luxurious interior. The car accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds, under the hood up to 400 horses, body length up to 5 meters, and weight - 2 tons. By the way, the Schumacher family goes to the supermarket in such a car.
  • Maserati Ghibli is a four-door sedan with an unsurpassed body design. Leather interior, sports wheels and 430 horsepower, which will provide a three-liter gasoline engine. There is also a diesel version with the same volume (275 horsepower). There are two versions - GranLusso and GranSport.
  • The Maserati Levante is a crossover with sports car features but luxury without compromise. The Maserati country of origin also presents two versions of this SUV. It is this crossover that is shown in the photo above.
  • maserati alfieri

The future is near

Maserati brand whosethe country honors the people who made it famous, named after Alfieri Maserati, the man who was one of the founders of this amazing brand.

The Maserati Alfieri is a sports coupe inspired by the famous Maserati A6 GCS that rolled off the assembly line in 1954. But the Maserati of tomorrow is about perfectly proportioned and innovative technology.

If you're looking for sporty excitement and racing drive combined with unparalleled luxury and comfort, wait until the end of 2018. And this sports car with a 4.7 liter engine and 460 horses under the hood can be yours.

Excursion for the lucky ones

The car manufacturer Maserati and the country of Italy provide a rather unusual gift for the happy buyers of these cars. Each buyer can order it at will. This is a tour of the Madena plant, where two models are currently produced - the Maserati Quattroporte and the Maserati GranTurismo.

This is the whole country of "Maserati", which has an area of ​​40 thousand square meters. Here you can see the assembly lines and the entire production process of these cars.

Well, if you wish, you can be handed your Maserati in the country of origin. And all this will be organized in the showroom of the factory in Modena.

maserati manufacturer

And finally

The most famous car of this brand and the dream of all collectors - Maserati 5000GT by Shah of Persia. By the way, out of 34 cars of this model there are no identical ones. And the car, made to order of the Sheikh of Iran, has an aluminum Touring body, the interior is trimmedgold and precious woods.

Here's an interesting fact. In 1978, Italian President Sandro Pertini drove the official Maserati Quattroporte Royale. And during an official visit to Maranello, Enzo Ferrari did not come out to the presidential cortege, emphasizing the irreconcilable enmity with the Maserati. It's strange how fate plays with us - after all, Enzo's brainchild later became the main manufacturer of Maserati cars.

The Maserati Quattroporte II once became a symbol of elegance and style, of which only 2141 rolled off the assembly line. These cars appeared in all Italian films.

And the brand itself remains one of the most prestigious in the automotive world. It combines its distinctive style, filled with a tradition of success and excellence, imbued with sophistication and the latest technology.

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