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Auto "Lifan" - country of origin, specifications and reviews

Auto "Lifan" - country of origin, specifications and reviews
Auto "Lifan" - country of origin, specifications and reviews

Lifan cars are increasingly seen on Russian roads. Considering this, interest in the cars themselves is also growing, which are also distinguished by a low price compared to analogues in their segment. In this article we will figure out who the manufacturing country of Lifan is. Owner reviews won't go unnoticed either.

lifan country manufacturer china


The name translates as "To go under full sail", hence, must be the trademark of the brand. China is the manufacturing country of Lifan, but the group of companies itself is privately owned. It specializes in the production of ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, buses and, of course, cars. The head office is located in Chongqing. One football club called "Chongqing Lifan" is sponsored by a company and plays in the Chinese Super League.

Factory in Russia

Country-manufacturing car "Lifan"opened several factories abroad, in particular, in Russia. The Karachay-Cherkess Automobile Plant "Derways" started production of cars of this brand back in 2010, and in 2014 the number of cars produced has already reached 24.8 thousand units per year. However, the following year, sales plummeted and output was halved. Also, the release of the new model "820" was postponed in connection with this.

In the same 2015, representatives of the Lifan manufacturing country announced their desire to build their own plant in Russia. They planned to locate it in the special economic zone of the city of Lipetsk, and the launch of the car plant was supposed to be in the summer of 2017. The construction of the plant, unfortunately, was never started.

Nevertheless, the Russian defense plant named after Degtyarev in Kovrov has already stopped assembling its own equipment. Now they only assemble some models from Lifan brand components.

X60. Compact crossover

lifan x 60 manufacturer country

The country of origin of the Lifan X 60, like the other cars of this brand, is officially China, but it is assembled in Cherkessk, at the Derways plant. Production started in October 2012, although car sales started in their homeland in the summer of 2011. Assembly in Cherkessk is carried out from components supplied from China, but at the plant itself, in addition to assembly, welding and painting of the car are carried out.

"Lifan X60" is a compact crossover equipped with a 1.8-liter gasoline engine, a five-speed gearboxgears. Front drive. Chinese engineers took the "Toyota RAV4" as a basis for development, however, unlike its "progenitor" and most other crossovers, the "X60" is produced only with front-wheel drive.

Although the attitude towards the country of origin of "Lifan" in terms of cars is somewhat biased, the reviews about the crossover are pretty good. Among the advantages noted are good ergonomics, a spacious interior that can be easily transformed, high-quality, for the general price of a car, interior finishing materials, good equipment and, of course, almost the most affordable price in its segment. Of the minuses, they noted sluggish dynamics, "cotton" brakes and mediocre handling.

The country-manufacturer of the car "Lifan" conducted crash tests "X60". The crossover received 4 stars from C-NCAP.


auto lifan country manufacturer

Another model that can be seen more often than others on Russian roads. In the manufacturing country, "Lifan 320" is sold under this name, and in Russia it received another - "Lifan Smily". At first glance, it is clear that the Chinese engineers used the exterior of the Mini Cooper as the basis for creating the car. Perhaps, it was precisely because of his appearance that Russian motorists fell in love with him so much - such a car attracts attention in our country. The manufacturer of "Lifan 320" claims that under the hood of this "mini car" there is an internal combustion engine licensed by Toyota 8A-FE with a volume of 1.3 liters and a capacity of 94 "horses".

Even the poorest equipmenthas air conditioning, power windows on each door, electric power steering, ABS system, two airbags, front and rear fog lights, fuel tank, hood and trunk opening from the passenger compartment, spare tire, rear window heating, audio system with four speakers, immobilizer, spare wheel. In general, some foreign cars can boast of all this only in luxury trim levels.


cars lifan country manufacturer

This is the model name "620" in our country. The manufacturer "Lifan" opened the production of this five-seater sedan in 2007. This car enjoys the greatest popularity, in addition to its native places, in Russia, Brazil and Vietnam. Our Solano went on sale in 2010. The exterior has a European automotive style, a streamlined body. The basis of the design of the front honor is a U-shaped line that runs from the hood to the bumper and breaks the front of the car into several planes. The car is equipped with LED optics, along the edges of the headlights there are blue LED lamps. The sloping roof gives the car a streamlined outline. The Solano's bonnet is long, while the back is shortened, with clear contours. Trunk volume 386 liters.

The range of engines is represented by three options. This is either an injection gasoline sixteen-valve internal combustion engine with a volume of 1500 "cubes" and a power of 94 hp. (available after restyling in 2014), or a 1.6-liter injector sixteen-cap with 106 hp. The most voluminous - 1.8-liter gasoline125 hp engine.


Lifan Maywei

In 2017, the start of sales of "Lifan Myway" in our country was announced. The manufacturers of "Lifan" decided to compete with the car "Nissan Terrano". "Myway" is a seven-seat crossover with a four-cylinder 1.8-liter gasoline engine, which was developed by Chinese engineers together with Ricardo. This internal combustion engine produces 125 horsepower and 161 Nm of torque. The front is independent suspension (McPherson struts), but the rear suspension is dependent. The drive is rear-wheel drive, due to the fact that this car uses the wheelbase of a rear-wheel drive minivan.


As mentioned above, the attitude towards Chinese cars is biased, and perhaps for good reason. Appearing on the Russian market, they immediately attracted attention with their price, design and "stuffed" trim levels. The latter cannot be offered by any machine from other manufacturing countries. "Lifan", however, many were dissatisfied, especially in the early years, and the reviews are generally contradictory. One gets the impression that some of the buyers were just lucky, and it was their car that was assembled well. On the other hand, the first Lifan cars that appeared in our country were still assembled in China, but now they are assembled from Chinese components in our country. It turns out that you need to sin on the Russian assembly?

One owner of "Lifan Smile" literally fell off a wheel on the move - the bearings fell apart. Somecar owners claim that over 80-100 thousand km. mileage with a timely change of components did not have any serious breakdowns at all. Almost everyone complains about poor noise isolation and suspension, as well as poor economy when compared to other modern cars. In this case, it is worth remembering that Lifan cars are equipped with internal combustion engines made under Japanese licenses, but these are rather old representatives of their kind. They were used in Japanese cars in the 80s.

lifan who is the manufacturer country reviews


These cars are sometimes half the price of analogues in their segment! And if we add good internal equipment to this, about 100 thousand rubles more can be added to the savings. Perhaps, immediately after the purchase, you need to conduct a complete diagnosis of the car in order to know what "diseases" you will have to face. The Lifans (unlike domestic cars) have a very short service life in harsh conditions. According to the owners, this car requires attention and timely replacement of consumables (oils, filters, etc.), and only in this case will it not create problems. Another advantage of Chinese Lifan cars over their classmates is the low cost of spare parts, comparable only to domestic ones.

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