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Radiator grille - the "smile" of the car

Radiator grille - the "smile" of the car
Radiator grille - the "smile" of the car

If you compare the front of the car with the face, then his eyes are headlights, and the grille plays the role of a charming smile. Moreover, it gives the cars of each brand a kind of family resemblance. Years, decades, and sometimes centuries pass, but the shape of this structural element, even from afar, can determine the manufacturer. Designers, no matter how avant-garde projects they dream of, carefully treat the outlines of this sparkling nickel-plated or chrome-plated symbol of belonging to a glorious family.

grille bmw

An example of the traditional design of the external appearance of a car is the BMW radiator grille, which consists of two symmetrically arranged segments with rounded outlines. It can be located at different angles, be more stretched, but the stylistic unity of all models of this brand is maintained flawlessly. The emblem only modestly, but with dignity, complements the design of the front end.

Another signature grille, classic and one of the oldest. It is typical for cars manufactured by the British company Rolls-Royce.A vertically located rectangle is crowned with two inclined slopes, like a house drawn by a child. The conservatism of the automaker from Foggy Albion emphasizes a long-standing reputation and symbolizes defiant luxury. Asking what this car's gas mileage is considered the height of indecency.

radiator grille

Daimler-Benz also provided its products with a unique element that guarantees their recognition on the roads of all continents. The Mercedes radiator grille is rectangular, with a rounded top, its composition contains the famous steering wheel located either on it or on top. For sports models, the design is slightly changed, the shape of the air intake is flattened, but thanks to the larger metal logo and the overall style, the Mercedes cannot be confused with any other car.

Young manufacturers are looking for their own design stylistic solutions in the hope that someday their products will become as prestigious as those that proudly bear the symbols of famous brands today.

grille tuning

But the radiator grille serves not only for beauty, it also has a quite utilitarian, practical purpose. The radiator and cooling fan need protection from various unnecessary mechanical impacts, debris and everything that can get into the engine compartment when driving, especially off-road.

Some car owners, seeking to improve the dynamic characteristics of their "iron horse", make structural changes to its powerinstallation. Sometimes such an upgrade leads to the fact that outwardly the car becomes not only unrecognizable, but different. Tuning the grille, as a rule, is needed when the requirements for the cooling system increase. When installing a turbocharging system, air consumption increases, which again causes an increase in the geometric dimensions of the grille.

In addition to technical reasons, there are also aesthetic ones, for example, the desire to give the car a more aggressive look.

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