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Motorcycle "Ural" M 67-36

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Motorcycle "Ural" M 67-36
Motorcycle "Ural" M 67-36

Motorcycle "Ural" M 67-36 first appeared in the production program of the Irbit motorcycle plant in 1976. The motorcycle replaced the M 67, which was produced for only two years. The new model retained all the characteristic features of its distant ancestor - M 72.

ural m 67 36 photo

Engine and transmission

The main feature of all heavy IMZ motorcycles was a two-cylinder boxer engine. The main difference between the 649 cc engine M 67-36 "Ural" from its predecessors was the new heads and carburetors. Aluminum cylinder heads (right and left are different) received larger diameter exhaust valves. Instead of K-301 carburetors, K-301G began to be used. The carburetors were distinguished by increased sections of the channels for supplying fuel (jets) and a combustible mixture to the cylinders (diffusers).

Cylinders are interchangeable, have an aluminum body with a cooling jacket and cast iron liners. The 36 horsepower engine has a decent appetite - an average of about 8 liters per 100 km. The volume of the gas tank is only 19 liters. However, occasionally there are cars with tanks developed by the experimental workshop No. 24 IMZ - with a capacity of about 30 liters. This tank is noticeably wider than the standard one.

m 67 36 ural

A lot of attentiondesigners paid to simplify maintenance. The offset mounting of the rear pendulum fork made it easier to dismantle the gearbox or driveshaft. Previously, this required dismantling the entire power unit from the frame. During the start of production of the M 67-36, the Glavmotoveloprom program was being implemented, aimed at unifying the parts and landing dimensions of the Ural and Dnepr motorcycle assemblies. Changing the attachment point of the fork just made it possible to use a new box with a reverse gear (similar to the Dnepr MT-10 box), but such a box was not installed from the factory. The rear wheel was driven by a cardan shaft.

Electrical equipment

M 67-36 "Ural" retained the 12-volt electrical equipment system introduced on its predecessor. It should be noted that up to M 67, 6-volt electrical equipment was used on IMZ motorcycles. Increasing the voltage made it possible to equip motorcycles with modern lighting equipment of international standard at that time. In addition, a more powerful 150-watt G-424 generator with a current regulator RR-330 was introduced. The rest of the electrical equipment remained the same.

Technical characteristics "Ural" M 67-36

Max load 260kg
Dry weight 330kg
Length 2490mm
Width 1700 mm
Height 1100mm
Gearbox type 6604
Speed ​​(at least) 105 km/h
Fuel consumption(control) 8, 0 l

Improve comfort

The designers of the plant paid great attention to reducing noise. For this, silencers were created with a volume increased by more than one and a half times. Thanks to this solution, the noise level decreased by 10 dB, which is a very large value. The motorcycle could be equipped with separate triangular driver and passenger seats (the so-called “frog saddle”), as well as a more comfortable solid cushion saddle. The set of instruments and lamps for the driver is minimal - a speedometer and control lamps for the battery charge (red) and direction indicators (green). The front and rear suspensions have not changed.

The production of Ural M 67-36 continued until 1984. The motorcycle went on sale mainly with a sidecar. In the single version, it was supplied only on special orders. The version with a sidecar was of two types - with or without a drive to the side wheel.

ural m 67 36 specifications

Opinion of owners

Today, the M 67-36 (however, like many other IMZ motorcycles) is very often used to build custom and tricycles. Often, the improvements are so global that the original motorcycle can only be recognized by the characteristic Ural M 67-36 engine (pictured above).

In the rural outback, you can still often find the original "Ural" M 67-36. Reviews and impressions of the owners of this technique are very diverse and often contradictory. The positive aspects include the good cross-country ability of the motorcycle, and even that option,that with the drive only on the rear wheel. In the absence of other equipment, it is also used as a tractor. In addition to the stroller, a small trailer can be attached to the motorcycle.

ural m 67 36 photo

Negative features include inefficiency (even after transferring the motorcycle to A92 gasoline). When driving at high speed, the engine may overheat. The motorcycle has two carburetors and to ensure uniform operation they must be set to the same mixture parameters, and this process is quite painstaking and not every owner will be able to master it. In addition, in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to find good and reliable spare parts. A lot of spare parts are made in China and their quality leaves much to be desired.

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