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Castle oils: types, reviews and characteristics

Castle oils: types, reviews and characteristics
Castle oils: types, reviews and characteristics

Castle oil was developed specifically for Toyota vehicles. The original composition improves the performance of the power plant. It provides reliable protection of parts from friction and reduces the risk of premature failure.

Types of Lubricants

Engine oil Castle (Toyota)

The Castle brand has focused on the production of exclusively synthetic motor oils. In this case, hydrocarbon hydrocracking products are used as the basis. The technical characteristics of the product can be improved thanks to a wide range of additives that make up the lubricant. Castle oil can be used for gasoline and diesel engines.

Oil viscosity

The main characteristic of engine oil is its viscosity. The brand manufactures all-weather types of lubricant. The product line includes the following composition variations: 0W20, 5W20, 5W30 and 10W30. For regions with cold winters, it is better to use Castle 0W20 oil. It will ensure a reliable start of the power plant even at a temperature of -30 degreeson the Celsius scale. At the same time, it is possible to pump lubricant through the system even at minus 40 degrees. Other Castle motor oils will not stand up to such severe tests. They are best used in regions with milder winters.

SAE classification

The desired viscosity parameter in a wide temperature range is created due to the use of polymer macromolecules in the mixture. Depending on the SAE index, the sizes of the connections also differ. For example, the longest macromolecules are used in 0W20 oil. Their mechanism of action is the same in all cases. When the temperature drops, the polymer molecules coil into a spiral, while expanding, on the contrary, they unwind. Thus, it is possible to adjust the density of the composition.

For which engines

car engine

Castle (Toyota) oil is suitable for gasoline and diesel engines. In the latter case, operation became possible due to the fact that manufacturers introduced an increased amount of detergent additives into the mixture. Diesel fuel has a high ash content. There are many sulfur compounds in the fuel, which form soot when burned. It settles on the inner surface of the power plant. As a result, engine power decreases, fuel consumption increases. The presence of magnesium and barium compounds in Castle oil helps prevent soot coagulation.

About change intervals

Castle oils are distinguished by the stability of their properties over a long service life. To do this, chemists in the composition of the lubricant increased the proportion of phenols and amines. Substancestrap free radicals of air oxygen, prevent oxidation of other components. This extends the service life of the trains.

Replacement should be carried out taking into account the type of lubricant and the type of engine. For example, Castle 5W30 oils used in naturally aspirated gasoline engines will retain their performance characteristics up to 10 thousand kilometers. For ICE models equipped with a turbocharger, this figure is half as much.

Opinion of drivers

Many owners of Toyota brand cars recommend using this type of lubricant. The presented oil was developed exclusively for these cars. It can unlock the full potential of the machine.

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