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The VAZ-2110 dashboard does not work: causes, troubleshooting methods, tips

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The VAZ-2110 dashboard does not work: causes, troubleshooting methods, tips
The VAZ-2110 dashboard does not work: causes, troubleshooting methods, tips

Cases when the dashboard on the VAZ-2110 does not work are not uncommon for owners of domestically produced cars. Any car has some shortcomings, so car owners simply have no choice but to fix constantly occurring malfunctions. And you will learn further about what to do when the dashboard on the VAZ-2110 stopped working.


So, what can be seen on the dashboard in this car? The combination consists of several components:

  • antifreeze temperature reading in Celsius;
  • tachometer - the number of revolutions of the power unit;
  • right and left turn indicators;
  • speedometer - vehicle speed;
  • fuel reserve - the amount of fuel in the tank;
  • picture of a gas station - a signal about the need for refueling;
  • control indicator of starting dimensions;
  • brake fluid level indicator;
  • start high beam headlights;
  • adjustment knobhours;
  • display with total and daily mileage;
  • alarm indicator;
  • clock screen;
  • battery level;
  • check engine - indicates a malfunction of the engine;
Arrangement of the instrument panel VAZ-2110
Arrangement of the instrument panel VAZ-2110
  • indicator showing the handbrake on;
  • oil pressure level;
  • choke light - only available on carbureted engines.

Features of panels of different VAZ-2110 models

VAZ-2110 cars of different years can be seen in various instrument clusters.

  • In the first models, an electromechanical panel with factory number 3801010 is built in. Visually, the device can be easily identified by a mechanical odometer, which is built into the speedometer scale. It is driven by the engine, but the rest of the indicators operate according to the magnetic principle. Behind the shield you can find two power blocks placed at right angles.
  • A little later, a dozen was released with an electronic panel equipped with a display at the bottom of the speedometer. Occasionally there are panels with a suction indicator or an airbag light in the same place. There are cars with a dual display - under the speedometer and tachometer.
  • It is extremely rare to find dozens with panels designed for the VAZ-21106. These shields are equipped with technical number 21106-3801010. You can identify such a panel by the display at the bottom of the tachometer and the extended range of the speedometer.
  • Latest VAZ-2110 modelsequipped with shields unified with model 2118. They have one difference - a combination of scales. Unlike the old model, on these shields, the indicators are placed randomly and slightly shifted to the right.


The VAZ-2110 dashboard does not work - what to do in this case? First of all, it is necessary to understand the situation in detail and identify the initial causes of the problem.

Of course, the most impressive failure of the panel is its complete failure. In such a situation, the instruments themselves, and the pointers, and control lights stop working, and the arrows simply fall down. To solve such a problem, the first step is to check the performance of the fifteen-amp fuse, which is designated "F6". Often, it is he who turns out to be the reason that the dashboard on the VAZ-2110 does not work.

Instrument panel monitoring VAZ-2110
Instrument panel monitoring VAZ-2110

In general, there are some of the most common problems inherent in the shields of this car model. Each breakdown has its own characteristics and ways to fix it.

Blow fuse

As already mentioned, the failure of this element of the shield often leads to the failure of the entire panel. You can find the F6 fuse in the mounting block. If it still burned out, it is very important to identify the cause of the breakdown. Otherwise, the new part will repeat the fate of the previous part and burn out in the same way. Often the cause of the breakdown lies in the banal short circuit of the electrical circuit. After identifying and fixing the initial problem, simply replace the fuse with a new one.detail.

Finding a problem in the event of a breakdown of the instrument panel VAZ-2110
Finding a problem in the event of a breakdown of the instrument panel VAZ-2110

By the way, often a malfunction of this part becomes the reason that the dashboard and turn signals on the VAZ-2110 do not work. So, if you encounter such a problem, you can safely change the fuse.

Instrument arrows jump

It often happens that they just start jumping on the scale from minimum to maximum. Usually, the cause of such a malfunction is a poor contact with ground. Its wire coming from the shield is fixed on the partition that separates the engine compartment from the passenger compartment. You can find it by removing the radio from the nest. But if an alarm was mounted on your car, most likely, the fastening of this wire was moved to a more convenient place for greater convenience. Usually, specialists rearrange it behind the interior trim, not far from the driver's left leg.

The same can be expected of car owners after installing the radio. At the time of fixing its negative cable, it may be that the bulk wire of the shield was wrapped poorly. As a result of this oversight, under the influence of vibrations transmitted to the car body, the cable could weaken. This happens very often, and for a long time car owners cannot understand why the dashboard does not work on the VAZ-2010. It is worth saying that even specialists often wrap the ground wire poorly because it is not very convenient to do this.

If the fastening of this cable turned out to be of high quality, it is worth checking the shield itself. To do this, it must be removed from the place of fixation so that it does notI had to disconnect the wires going to the pads.

Scheme of the dashboard VAZ-2110
Scheme of the dashboard VAZ-2110

You need to check the mass cable on the white block X1, going to the first contact. In addition, it is worth checking the voltage at pins 9, 6 and 10 - it must be at least 12 volts. In addition, be sure to pay attention to the condition of the tracks on the back of the shield, through which the impulses are supplied to consumers.

Cigarette lighter failure

It is its malfunction that often causes the failure of the shield. The fact is that many car owners turn on various devices through the cigarette lighter, for example, a special vacuum cleaner, chargers, pumps and other devices. Due to the fact that these gadgets need a strong current, either the socket itself or the F19 fuse often breaks, as a result of which the dashboard on the VAZ-2110 does not work either.

In addition, the cigarette lighter may fail due to being on for too long. In this case, you can return the instrument panel to working capacity by disconnecting the socket block. But it is worth saying that such manipulation will be successful only if the F19 fuse is functioning. If it does burn out, it must be replaced.

Causes of failure of the instrument panel VAZ-2110
Causes of failure of the instrument panel VAZ-2110

The backlight on the VAZ-2110 dashboard does not work

In such a situation, the first step is to check the condition of the contacts and wiring coming from the suspension. The panel may not work due to the banal blown fuses. In this case, they just needreplace. The reason may also lie in the lamps themselves, which often fail simply due to wear and tear. And sometimes the failure of the shield occurs due to a short circuit. But be that as it may, it will be extremely difficult to figure out what happened without a tester.


It is he who often causes a malfunction of the dashboard. Maybe the new shield was fixed incorrectly, which is why it actually does not work. Either not all cables were connected when installing the wiring, or they simply bent. In such cases, only individual elements of the shield often cease to function: for example, displays, indicators of the battery, handbrake or oil pressure, as well as the carburetor air damper light. The instrument panel of the VAZ-2110 does not work after tuning - what to do in this case? The first step is to replace the wires. This usually makes it easy to fix the problem.


It doesn't matter at all whether the VAZ-2110 dashboard with an 8-valve injector or a 16-valve carburetor does not work, the first thing to do is to diagnose the shield itself. After all, its serviceability does not depend on the inside of the car.

Proper diagnosis involves a few simple manipulations:

  • Checking lamps and replacing broken parts;
  • check wiring with an indicator or multimeter;
  • inspection of contacts and cleaning them from oxidation deposits;
  • check fuses;
  • monitoring the performance of devices.
What is needed for diagnosisdashboard
What is needed for diagnosisdashboard

If the VAZ-2110 dashboard with Euro installation does not work, check the fuses F18, F19 and F1. In cases with gasoline units, you should also pay attention to parts with numbers: F6 and F10.


When repairing the dashboard, you should follow some rules:

  • change fuses only when the ignition is off;
  • monitoring of devices must be carried out as carefully as possible to avoid a short circuit;
  • solder damaged elements with a device with minimum power and a thin nozzle;
  • you need to remove and fix the shield very carefully so as not to inadvertently damage the fasteners.
Diagnostics of the instrument panel VAZ-2110
Diagnostics of the instrument panel VAZ-2110


Most of the breakdowns associated with the operation of the dashboard, it is quite possible to solve it yourself at home. Especially when it comes to the domestic car VAZ-2110. True, in the event that the shield of this machine does not work, some nuances should be taken into account, for example, the probable causes of the malfunction. In this case, you do not need any special knowledge in the field of electronics. Although, if you still doubt your abilities, it is better to contact a specialist who will surely do everything right.

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