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BRP Renegade 1000 ATVs

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BRP Renegade 1000 ATVs
BRP Renegade 1000 ATVs

The BRP Renegade 1000 series ATVs have gained popularity among both extreme racing athletes and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Engine power, suspension and chassis reliability, high ground clearance allow them to cope with the most difficult off-road conditions.

A little about the manufacturer

The Canadian company BRP traces its history back to the late 40s of the last century. Now she is widely known to numerous fans of ATVs. Engineers and developers are constantly improving models of all-terrain vehicles for various purposes. From the compact DS90 for kids (with 90cc engine) to the versatile six-wheeled Outlander 6x6 1000 XT (with 976cc engine and 82hp), the range is incredibly wide.

brp renegade 1000

Among sports models, BRP Renegade 1000 takes the leading place. In the production of ATVs, the company uses the most innovative technical solutions, while not forgetting about comfort and safety. Components for BRP products are supplied by leading manufacturers of components and parts for ATVs. What are powerful motors from the Austrian company Rotax or custom shock absorbers from the American Fox.

BRP Sport ATVs

BRP currently produces four main models of these machines. The BRP Renegade 1000 is the most powerful ATV in this category from this manufacturer. Possessing high cross-country ability, they are designed both for sports competitions on the most difficult tracks, and for those who like to “ride” in extreme road conditions. Now there are two varieties of this class (1000 cm³) of sports ATVs on the market. They differ not only in appearance and price, but also have some differences in technical characteristics and equipment.

BRP Renegade 1000 XXC

The youngest among the most powerful, it is equipped with a 976 cm³ engine with 89 hp. With. 25-inch wheels provide a ground clearance of 305mm. The combination of a continuously variable automatic transmission, dynamic power steering (with three modes of operation) and an automatic front differential lock allow it to provide excellent flotation in any conditions. The fuel tank capacity (20.5L) is sufficient for quite a long ride without refueling.

brp renegade 1000xxc

Another distinguishing feature of BRP sports ATVs is the system of additional tire sidewall mounting around the entire wheel circumference. This design allows you to securely fix the rubber even during tight turns at high speed.

In addition to the standard speedometer and tachometer (pointer), the instrument panel is equipped with a multifunctionliquid crystal digital display. The screen can display the counter of time and distance traveled, the fuel level indicator, the number of the engaged gear and the results of the self-diagnosis system.

brp renegade 1000 xmr

Developed by the BRP Renegade 1000 speed of 110-120 km / h, allows the owner to feel confident not only in off-road conditions, but also when driving on the highway.

Now such an ATV costs 1,319,000-1,490,000 rubles.


Technical characteristics of the BRP renegade 1000 XMR are in many ways similar to those of the "little brother". However, there is also a significant difference. The ATV design is more aggressive. It is equipped with 30-inch wheels, and the ground clearance is already 318 mm, which, combined with a special "mud" tire pattern, provides it with greater flotation compared to the 1000 XXC.

The automatic transmission variator is equipped with a switch for high, low and extra low (Extra Low) modes. The engine has a special system for optimal power distribution at medium speeds. FOX Tri-Mode Adjustable Shocks, which are fitted as standard on this model, allow you to quickly adapt the ATV to ride under different conditions and features of the track (travel mode can be quickly switched to racing mode, and vice versa).

Furthermore, this quad comes pre-equipped with an electric winch from Warn that delivers approximately 1.3 tons of traction (very useful accessory,especially for trophy raids).

brp can am renegade 1000

The price for the 1000 XMR model is in the range of 1,540,000-1,620,000 rubles.

BRP Can Am Renegade 1000 models are equally popular and in demand. The choice depends not only on the conditions in which you plan to operate the ATV, but also on personal preferences, both in design and performance, and in price.

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