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"Renault Fluence": clearance, description, specifications and reviews

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"Renault Fluence": clearance, description, specifications and reviews
"Renault Fluence": clearance, description, specifications and reviews

Renault Fluence is a C-class sedan produced by French designers and engineers. He replaced his brother - Megane 2. Compared to his old counterpart, he grew in size, very much, so he became popular. In the Russian Federation, sales began in early 2010. However, assembly and production took place in Turkey. According to media reports, more than 110 million euros were spent on the development.

Renault Fluence restyling
Renault Fluence restyling


Elegant design is a big plus. With the help of sophisticated lines from the French designer, as well as a beautiful silhouette, it was possible to achieve a classy style. He is loved by people both in the Russian Federation and abroad. The headlights are also complemented by prestigious lines, and it looks great. The chrome grille is a very cool move, because it adds high cost to the car, and the upperthe air intakes add some sportiness.


Renault Fluence ground clearance
Renault Fluence ground clearance

Space in the cabin is a huge advantage of the car. And the comfort is also complemented by very high-quality and expensive interior trim materials. Smooth lines are a feature of the French brand. It is worth noting that when buying, you can choose the color of the entire interior. Either white or black. However, the first color scheme will cost you a little more, however, this is justified: in the salon you will feel very comfortable, cozy, and most importantly, prestigious. Also in this modification, a certain number of aluminum inserts will be provided, which emphasize the high cost of the entire car as a whole. Ground clearance "Renault Fluence" - 160 millimeters.


The machine is made at the highest level. The windshield of a French car is huge, you can see almost everything. There is plenty of additional standard lighting in the cabin. The controls for climate control and other functions are at hand, and the owner of the car, that is, the driver, and his passengers will not need to reach for each button. Moreover, there is a function of the multifunctional steering wheel, and therefore there are buttons for reducing / adding volume and some other options. The materials in the interior are of high quality in terms of quality - the French paid special attention to this. There is also seat adjustment, so the driver can always sit very comfortably for himself, and the trip will be comfortable.

It is possible to adjust the inclination of the seat back, as well as the headrest. You will also be able tochange the lumbar support. You can no longer even say that the steering wheel can also be adjusted for you in height and reach. The Renault Fluence ground clearance makes it easy to pass medium-sized bumps.

It is worth noting that the rear passengers are not crowded at all - the space there is as much as 240 millimeters, which is a lot for a French brand car. This is not everyone's favorite S-class from the German concern Mercedes-Benz. Why such dimensions? To stand apart from competitors.


Renault Fluence ground clearance
Renault Fluence ground clearance

The French car Reanult Fluence has a front suspension with its stabilizer with a diameter of 23 mm, while the rear is a beam that contains programmed information. It is worth noting that the car is quite rigid, however, this is a plus, as it can become more comfortable and soft. And this happens by pressing one button, which switches the mode.

Let's emphasize a very important plus - ventilated brake discs. Thanks to this, your braking distance from 100 kilometers per hour will be only 40 meters. This is a very good result, and in this the French car outperforms its competitors. The clearance of the Renault Fluence is sufficient to painlessly overcome the bumps in city roads.


There are features that are very characteristic of higher end machines. Of these - keyless entry, push button ignition, navigation system, good audio system, Bluetooth function foryour mobile phone. All this is not in the cars of competitors, and here the French brand really wins. It is also worth noting that there is also climate control, but this is no longer new for C-class cars. The Renault Fluence clearance of some modifications is 170 millimeters (only nine models), which does not interfere with the popularity of cars with a ground clearance of 160 mm.


Electronic auxiliary options more than enough: ABS, EBA, ESC. All of them help to move comfortably and safely at any time of the year. Also, in order for all passengers and the driver to survive a traffic accident, the car has six airbags. They will help you in an emergency. It is worth noting that you can add a couple more for an additional fee. It is worth noting the road clearance of Renault Fluence - it is 160 - 170 millimeters for different models, which, according to car owners, is an advantage of this car.


Renault Fluence what clearance
Renault Fluence what clearance

Five years ago, namely in 2013, the Fluence model was updated. The show took place at a car dealership in Istanbul. We will talk about what was converted into a car later in the article. It is worth noting that the first sales took place in the Turkish city of Bura. The ground clearance (clearance) of Renault Fluence allows you not to touch the curb when parking, which many drivers are happy with.

Changes in the car

Visually, the car has been redone almost completely. This was especially noticeable when the owner comparedwith old restyling cars. They almost did not differ from each other, and therefore the difference was minimal. In the case of Reno Fluence, everything is different. The designers decided to greatly change the spirit and visual component of the French car.

Now on the radiator grill she has not a white, but a black Renault logo. Also, the car has become much different, the shape and color turned out to be more attractive. The bumper and new headlights are also Reno Fluence facelift innovations, without which the car would not look better. It is worth noting that earlier only bumpers changed in restyled models, but they looked like old Renault cars. In the new car, everything has become better, especially if you pay attention to what clearance Renault Fluence has. It has increased by 10 cm.

New engine modifications

After restyling in 2013, the models of engines for these cars were replenished, however, not for Russia. But still, the new diesel engine with a volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 130 horsepower attracts attention. It is very economical: it consumes only 5 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers around the city. It is worth noting that in restyling there was a pleasant increase in the clearance of Renault Fluence for drivers.


Renault Fluence modification
Renault Fluence modification

The best equipment of the French car offers its own 16-inch wheels when buying. It is very beautiful and looks especially good with the high ground clearance of the Renault Fluence. Also, the car has a rear parking sensors, the addition of fog lights to the bumper, as well as fulllittle things, such as rain and light sensors, armrest and curtains. In general, everything you need will be available if you buy the most complete set of this car.


For the body of the car "Renault Fluence" in the basic configuration, only two colors are offered. It's bright red and white. However, for an additional fee, you can paint your car in blue, gray or black. Unpopular colors will also be available - cherry, beige.

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