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BMW X5 crossover. "BMW E53": specifications, review, reviews

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BMW X5 crossover. "BMW E53": specifications, review, reviews
BMW X5 crossover. "BMW E53": specifications, review, reviews

In 1999, the first generation of the all-wheel drive crossover BMW X5 rolled off the assembly line, which received the E53 index. According to the old tradition, the model was presented to the public at the Detroit Auto Show. She marked the beginning of a completely new approach to the creation of cars in this class. Many motorists positioned the X5 "BMW E53" as an SUV, but the creators insisted that the car belongs to the class of crossovers with a high degree of cross-country ability and sports functionality.

Image"X5 BMW E53"
Image"X5 BMW E53"

A bit of history

Creating the first X5, the Germans made no secret of the fact that their main goal was to surpass the Range Rover by releasing the same respectable and powerful car, but with more modern equipment. Initially, the X5 "BMW E53" was produced at home - in Bavaria. After BMW took over Rover, the car began to be produced also in the American open spaces. Thus, the machine mastered both Europe and the USA.

Of course, a car giant like BMW couldn't release a badautomobile. The X5 E53 model has everything the company is famous for: build quality, precision electronics, reliability of materials and other distinctive features of the Bavarians. The hero of our discussion today is designed for comfortable trips on any surface and light off-road. In addition, the car was assigned a sports car class.

General information

The first generation model had a load-bearing body structure. It was full of electronic systems, equipped with all-wheel drive, independent suspension, as well as increased ground clearance. The E53 series was distinguished by a stylish and spacious interior, which was very discreet, solid and at the same time luxurious. The standard equipment of the machine included:

  • wood and leather inserts (classic for a German company);
  • orthopedic chairs;
  • steering wheel adjustment;
  • climate control;
  • electric sunroof;
  • very roomy trunk.

Catch up and surpass the Range Rover model E53 to some extent still managed. Many details were frankly copied from the legendary SUV: the solidity of the exterior, light alloy wheels, a double-leaf rear door. The Rover also added some features to the X5, such as downhill speed control.

Tuning "BMW X5 E53"
Tuning "BMW X5 E53"

Specifications X5 "BMW E53"

The first generation of the legendary crossover has been repeatedly refined both externally and constructively. One gets the impression that the Germans wanted to be ahead of their time and bring their creation toutter perfection. Initially, the car was produced, equipped with three different power plant options:

  1. Petrol engine 6-cylinder in-line.
  2. Engine 8-cylinder V-shaped. This type of engine was made of aluminum and featured a self-adjusting cooling system, continuous injection and digital electronics. Thanks to a powerful engine (286 hp), the car reached a speed of 100 km / h in almost 7 seconds. The motor is equipped with a proprietary Double Vanos gas distribution mechanism, which made it possible to squeeze the maximum speed out of the power plant at any speed. The engine was equipped with a 5-speed hydromechanical gearbox. This motor was considered the most interesting.
  3. Diesel engine 6-cylinder.

Later, new more powerful motors appeared. German mechanics have created an innovative torque distribution system: when a wheel slips, the program slows it down and gives more speed to other wheels. This and much more determines the high cross-country ability of the car as a crossover. The rear axle has special elastic elements based on pneumatics. Even under heavy load, the electronics maintain the clearance at the proper level.

"BMW X5 E53" diesel
"BMW X5 E53" diesel

The brake system of the X5 "BMW E53" also has its own highlights. The oversized brake discs, together with the emergency stop control program, allow a significant increase in braking force. The above system takes effect when the brake pedal is fully depressed. crossoverit also has speed hold settings of the order of 11 km / h when descending from an inclined plane. As for the gearbox, a manual transmission was available in the basic versions, and an automatic transmission as an option. "BMW X5 E53" in expensive trim levels was immediately equipped with an automatic transmission.

Despite such an abundance of positive qualities, the car was far from a real SUV. The frame was soon changed to a supporting body, which, of course, was reflected in all the qualities of the car. The Germans were very fond of automation, although it often prevents the driver from solving this or that problem. For example, when entering a mountain or getting into a rut, the electronics do not allow you to switch to a lower gear. And on sharp turns, the gas pedal freezes, and you can bring the car to the desired radius only with the help of the steering wheel.

"BMW X5 E53": restyling of the technical part

Subjecting to the laws of the market, since 2003, the Germans began to modernize the E53 model:

  1. Four-wheel drive completely redone.
  2. The xDrive system has been improved as much as possible: the electronics began to analyze the condition of the roadway, the steepness of turns, compare the received data with the driving mode and independently adjust the torque between the axles.
  3. Side roll and damping have been automatically adjusted.
  4. Parking made easy with dual cameras.
  5. The brakes received a system to eliminate moisture from the discs.
  6. The system is so smart that any abrupt removal of the foot from the gas pedal is interpreted by it as preparation for emergency braking.
Image"BMW X5 E53": price
Image"BMW X5 E53": price

The V-shaped gasoline engine received a Valvetronic system that regulates the valve travel, as well as soft intake control. As a result, engine power reached 320 hp. s., and acceleration to the coveted 100 km was reduced to 7 seconds. The maximum speed, depending on the tires, was 210–240 km/h. Another useful change: the 5-speed gearbox has been replaced with a 6-speed one.

The upgraded crossover received a new 218 hp diesel engine. With. and torque up to 500 Nm. With this engine, even the most unpredictable obstacles were completely conquered by the BMW X5 E53. The diesel could reach speeds of 210 km / h, and accelerated to 100 km in 8.3 seconds.

"BMW X5 E53": interior and exterior restyling

The shape of the body was also slightly changed, and the hood received a new, more expressive grille. The already respectable car began to look even more interesting. However, due to the plastic body kit, the car seemed a little softer. The bumpers and headlights have also undergone a slight revision. The length of the body has increased by 20 cm, which is quite a lot. The lengthening made it possible to add a third row of seats and make the car seven-seater. Intrusive excesses were removed in the cabin and the dashboard was slightly modified.

The restyled body has achieved almost perfect results in terms of aerodynamics. Its Cx ratio is 0.33, which is pretty good for a crossover.

Automatic transmission "BMW X5 E53"
Automatic transmission "BMW X5 E53"

Paying for luxury

All of the above qualities, dressed in a chic shell,could well be the reason for entering the X5 E53 into the ranks of luxury cars, which entails not always pleasant consequences. For example, spare parts for this car cost a lot of money. However, given the Bavarian quality, the repair of the BMW X5 E53 was an extremely rare occupation for the owner. But what really strikes is the appetites of the crossover. With 10 liters per 100 km declared in the passport, it consumes almost twice as much. Another 5 liters - and the consumption will be comparable to the legendary "Hammer".


Be that as it may, in 2002 in Australia, this model was recognized as the best four-wheel drive car. And after 3 years, she got into Top Gear and thereby confirmed her title. It was by analogy with this car that such famous cars as the Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg and Range Rover Sport were created.

In 2007, the history of the BMW X5 E53 ended, and it was replaced by the new X5 with the E70 index.

Image "BMW X5 E53": restyling
Image "BMW X5 E53": restyling


Once upon a time this car was indeed a legend, but now it is not so interesting. The fact is that when buying a used E53, you need to be prepared for a lot of surprises. As a rule, if they decide to sell the car, then the lion's share of its components has worn out to the point where it is more expedient to buy a new car than to repair the old one. Therefore, anyone who buys an X5 in the secondary market should have several thousand dollars in reserve for initial repairs. Of course, if you invest money and do a superficial tuning, the BMW X5 E53 can be resurrected, butbriefly. When buying, you should pay attention to the attitude of the former owner to the car, because the quality of the car depends on what service it was serviced at and how carefully it was treated. X5 does not tolerate self-taught, it must be repaired by specially trained craftsmen. This model was often stolen in the early years of sales, so it is important to pay special attention to the documents.

Among the weaknesses of the X5 E53, the owners distinguish: a delicate steering rack, a suspension, which is still not designed for active off-road use, a trunk lock that constantly rattles (saves with ordinary electrical tape). In general, all parts last quite a long time.

As for tuning, as a rule, the owners of this car have no complaints about the power plant and equipment, so they only change the external parameters of the car. Bumpers of a more complex and interesting shape, thresholds, sometimes spoilers, as well as beautiful wheels on low-profile tires are put on cars. Salon X5 looks very respectable, so it is enough to refresh it with polishing.

Repair "BMW X5 E53"
Repair "BMW X5 E53"

Of course, this model knew how to ride well and show really athletic results. But more than 10 years have passed since it was withdrawn from industrial production with all the ensuing consequences. Today, even less pompous and prestigious sedans can show more impressive results. The car is clearly outdated, and the reviews of modern owners 100% confirm this. And since buying a used car is always a lottery, many do not advise getting involved in an adventure withused car just to join history and prove their own solvency.


But for those who want a luxurious, yet discreet and reliable car, but do not have enough money for a new car, the BMW X5 E53 is quite suitable. The price of this crossover in the secondary market ranges from 10 to 20 thousand dollars. It all depends on the year of manufacture and condition, and a slight tuning of the BMW X5 E53 will make it a little more modern.

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