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The steering column is an important element of the driving mechanism

The steering column is an important element of the driving mechanism
The steering column is an important element of the driving mechanism

Although in the laboratories of manufacturing plants the development of new types of car control systems has been carried out for a long time, but so far no alternative to the steering wheel has been found. Therefore, we can safely assume that we will drive cars for a long time, twisting it to perform maneuvers. The control mechanism is simple, but reliable and convenient. It includes very few details, including the steering column, which motorists treat without much attention, believing that there is no need to be distracted by a simple, uncomplicated piece of metal.

However, having heard an unpleasant creak when turning the steering wheel, making a maneuver, you should think about the fact that nothing lasts forever, and any, even very strong, metal part wears out. But the worst thing happens when the steering column refuses to change the direction of the car, despite the fact that the driver turns the steering wheel intensively. This type of damage has claimed the lives of many people. This must always be remembered and the state of the control mechanism constantly monitored.

Steering column

Despite the fact that the device, in principle, is simple and it is absolutely similar for all cars, there are still differences in it. For example,The Gazelle steering column differs in the shape and length of the shaft from the mechanism designed to control any modification of the VAZ car. Although in both cases they should only transmit rotational movement from the steering wheel to the worm gear and further to the wheels.

Steering column Gazelle

The steering column gets its stability due to the presence of a special bracket and a rigid grip with the steering wheel. Therefore, the shaft has threads and splines on both sides, but on the one hand it is internal and is intended for landing the worm, and on the other, it is external and serves to mount the steering wheel.

Distinctive features of the shaft have each car model. For example, the UAZ steering column is rigid and unshakable, and in the VAZ-2107 car it has two miniature cardan devices on hinges, therefore, with an increased load associated with a blow to the left side of the front bumper, it simply folds and protects the driver from injuries and bruises. And the presence of two needle bearings makes the management of the "seven" very easy.

Regardless of the modification of the car, any steering column may have the same symptoms of failure.

Steering column UAZ

Firstly, these are creaking sounds that are heard when wear or deformation, as well as breakage in the steering column switch block.

Second, the formation of backlash. If it has an axial orientation, then this is a sign of a weakening of the spline connection. If longitudinal, then you should tighten the fastenings of the bracket supporting the steeringshaft.

Every motorist needs to remember that if the control mechanism is installed correctly, then it will serve reliably. But during operation, the fasteners must be weakened. And as soon as the bolts and nuts have lost their fastening rigidity, erasing and increased wear of the splined joints begins, the mechanism gradually comes into disrepair. As a result, the shaft begins to rotate, and the driver may lose control of the car.

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