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The ugliest cars in the modern world: descriptions and photos of ugly models

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The ugliest cars in the modern world: descriptions and photos of ugly models
The ugliest cars in the modern world: descriptions and photos of ugly models

First of all, when choosing a car for daily trips, the driver cares about its presentable appearance. However, over the long years of the history of the automotive industry, designers have created many samples of vehicles with a repulsive appearance. Auto critics have given them the title of "the ugliest cars in the world", although initially the creators tried to add zest and give individuality to each of these models.

Fiat Multipla - 1999-2004

This vehicle is nicknamed the "platypus" among motorists. The start of production dates back to 1999. The popular Italian company, which has created many beautiful models, this time went too far with originality and put a real monster on the conveyor.

Fiat Multipla

As experts say, the interior space is not inferior to the exterior. Although there are some advantages - there are two passenger seats near the driver instead of the usual one. Despite the unsuccessful structure, the foreign car was produced for five whole years and left the assembly line only in 2004.year.

Marcos Mantis - 1971

Looking at this sports car, it's hard to believe that it was designed by a famous British company in 1968. Design research and improvements in driving characteristics with the help of Ford engines ended in 1971. The machine left the assembly line in the amount of 33 pieces and was never produced again. The creators planned to launch a foreign car for export to the American market. However, the vehicle did not pass elementary safety and emission tests.

Marcos Mantis

The car features a plywood body and plastic inserts. The designers decided to make the body of the foreign car wider due to the tubular frame and the A-pillars. The side windows of the rectangular headlight and the too-high front fenders immediately catch the eye and further worsen the appearance. Critics called this look a real apotheosis of disharmony and incompatibility of all elements. But the owner of this car runs the risk of being branded as a real "original".

Edsel Corsair - 1958

The budget invested in the development of this car amounted to several million dollars. These funds were spent by the owners of the well-known Ford company. Unfortunately, all efforts went to waste. After the vehicle left the assembly line, the demand for it turned out to be so low that it was clear without any marketing research that the design did not impress motorists.

Edsel Corsair

This name was given to the car in honor of the son of one of the founders of the company. Many drivers claimthat upon closer examination, it becomes noticeable how much the car looks like a monster that has absolutely no emotions. To the credit of the company, it must be said that a high-quality interior decoration was carried out. However, this did not help increase sales of the car. Therefore, EDSEL CORSAIR lasted no more than a year. This model deserved the title of "the ugliest car of all time" no less than others.

Volkswagen Colani - 1977

The eminent German automaker, whose cars sell for millions of copies, was also seen in the creation of one of the ugliest cars in history. Critics called this vehicle a "colander on wheels". Designers did a great job not only on the exterior of a foreign car. The salon is also particularly ugly.

Volkswagen Colani

Inside there is an awkward steering wheel with a corporate emblem in the form of the letter W in the middle. On the front seats, the pillow repeats the same letter, which is very uncomfortable for people sitting in these places. The foreign car has repeatedly won the comic competition for the ugliest design, which is held by auto experts around the world.

Sebring Citicar - 1974-1977

Despite its awkward appearance, Sebring Citycar was recognized as a real breakthrough of the time. This happened because the car moved with the help of electricity. Due to its uniqueness, manufacturers were able to produce and sell 500 copies of the vehicle. Some of them can be found on the streets of America to this day. The machines were distinguished by low power- only 3.5 horsepower, at which he could reach speeds of up to 57 km / h.

Sebring Citicar

Citicar has a completely primitive design without unnecessary frills and additional decoration. The developers did not care about the presentable appearance at all, having made chopped straight lines. The body of the electric car has a triangular shape and only two seats. But thanks to this innovation, the first eco-car appeared on the car market.

Bond Bug - 1970-1974

The predecessor of the previous car - "Bond Bug" was created specifically for one of the series of the famous "Bondiade". It was produced for 4 years, starting in 1970. Its distinguishing feature is only 3 wheels (which engineers do not save on). At the time of release, it was positioned as a sports car. However, as a result of crash tests, it showed too low a level of safety, so the car cannot be classified as a sports car even with a stretch.

Bond Bug

The Reliant chassis was used as a basis during the creation of a foreign car. This car is an example of the fact that even an ugly appearance cannot prevent the popularization of innovations, because the Bond bug was in great demand at home in England. Even today, driving a similar pattern down the main street causes a stir among many motorists.

Positive features include the ability to reach a top speed of 126 km/h and a durable plastic body. Many have compared this car to an ugly duckling. However, for 4 years of production, manufacturers were able to sellmore than 2300 pieces.

1997 Isuzu Vehicross

A compact SUV from a Japanese manufacturer, dubbed a "capsule on wheels", has also become popular with some drivers despite its ugliness. Motorists appreciated the streamlined body, which allows speeds up to 160 km / h. During the development process, it was planned to create a vehicle of the future. A whole group worked on the design, located in the Brussels office of the automaker.

Isuzu Vehicross

But despite the fruitful work, the engineers failed to create a beautiful design, and this foreign car is also among the ugliest cars in the world. The photo shows all her flaws. It becomes clear why it became a confirmation that excessive originality can significantly damage a project that lasted only 2 years. During this time, the company tried to deliver the vehicle to Japan and the United States, but all to no avail - low demand could not cover production costs.

Citroen Ami - 1961

Another well-known company Citroen made a serious mistake by creating the Ami model. Prior to this, it was believed that French designers had more traditional views, unlike their American counterparts. However, after the release of this model, the target audience was unpleasantly surprised to see such a freak in the early sixties. The drooping front end of the car struck the critics the most, and the reverse bevel of the rear area was generally recognized as completely non-functional.

Citroen Ami

Howeverthis modification surpassed everyone in terms of production duration - as much as 17 years, and was in demand among French drivers. During this time, a kind of record was set when the number of sales reached two million foreign cars. This fact aroused the ridicule of motorists from other countries, who noted that the French have always been distinguished by some originality. The foreigners compared the machine to an inverted trough used for laundry.

Ssang Yong Rodius - 2004

This car is another contender for the title of "the ugliest car in the world today." As always, the developers were puzzled by the goal of creating something different from previous models with a spacious interior. The Korean manufacturer planned to release a modern spacious SUV, which critics later nicknamed "Urodius".

Initially, it was decided to take the design of ocean-going yachts as a basis, but the owners of these vessels claim that there is no slightest resemblance between this car and shipping transport. On the contrary, such an appearance only causes ridicule because of the attachments that are designed to decorate a foreign car. Car owners believe that when looking at this "masterpiece" of the automotive industry, even the thought of the luxury of a yacht does not appear. A black foreign car looks more like a hearse.

Ssangyong Rodius

If you take a closer look at all these vehicles, which are on the top of the ugliest cars and have an unsightly appearance, it becomes a pity for the designers who have done a lot of work. After all, their main goal waschanging the design for the better and improving the visual characteristics. The good news is that some of these designs still gained popularity, at least in their homeland.

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