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Remake UAZ as a lifestyle

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Remake UAZ as a lifestyle
Remake UAZ as a lifestyle

Initially, the UAZ was designed as a cross-country vehicle and replaced the legendary GAZ-69. Even now, this vehicle is very popular, especially among villagers, and adequately occupies its niche in the SUV class. However, over time, the requirements for the capabilities and safety of cars have increased, and the only way out of the situation is the so-called tuning.

Why do we need a remake of the UAZ?

The answer to this question is ambiguous. Someone, due to the peculiarities of the area of ​​​​operation, is not satisfied with the driving performance of the car. Someone expressed a desire to take part in the competition, but someone simply does not like the appearance of the car. In each of these cases, intervention in the design of the car is necessary, and before proceeding with any changes, you need to clearly understand the ultimate goal. The complexity of future work and the amount of money invested in it will depend on this.

alteration of the oise

Basically, the modification of UAZ is carried out in three directions:

  • improving driving performance for further operation in rural areas;
  • preparation of the vehicle for participation in sportscompetitions;
  • regular restyling, the purpose of which is to improve the appearance and increase the level of comfort of the car.

But first things first.

Remake UAZ to fit your needs

Perhaps the easiest way to change a Soviet SUV is a reystyle. In this case, the changes will affect only the exterior. Here it is possible to use some body elements from modern SUVs, install a more comfortable interior, repaint the body, install hatches and power windows. As a result of work on UAZ, a more comfortable car is obtained, which, while maintaining its factory driving characteristics, can compete with some foreign-made SUVs.

UAZ loaf alteration

The second direction in which the UAZ is being reworked is preparing the car for more severe operating conditions. Here are your options. Along with an increase in ground clearance and some changes to the design feature of the chassis, it is possible to make changes to the appearance of the car. Thus, the output is a machine that will fully satisfy the needs of rural residents or outdoor enthusiasts.

The most difficult alteration is the preparation of the vehicle for participation in sports competitions. In such cases, the entire chassis of the car is built almost from scratch. At the same time, components can be selected from other cars or made to order according to individual drawings. It should be noted that such interventions in constructivefeatures will require, at a minimum, special skills and accurate calculation. Otherwise, nothing worthwhile will come of the venture.

The tablet can also be changed

UAZ "Loaf" is not deprived of the attention of craftsmen. The redesign of this vehicle is mainly aimed at improving its driving performance and improving the appearance of the car. After careful intervention in the design, this vehicle takes on a second life and the result is a great car designed for outdoor enthusiasts (hunting, fishing, family outings).

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