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Grand Cherokee car

Grand Cherokee car
Grand Cherokee car

When in 1938 the United States military needed a new mobile car instead of the usual motorcycle with a sidecar, Willys Overland took over the development. The very first drawings of the new car were presented by the end of 1939. The car was designed by American engineer Arthur Herrington. The car was named Willys MB. After the end of the war, Willys Overland decides to change the Willis MB model and make it suitable for civilian use.

grand cherokee

The new car was named CJ. It became the basis for the production model. Car sales began already in the middle of summer 1945. The updated model was supposed to feature the Jeep logo, but the company began suing American Bantam Car for using the Jeep name. In this regard, until 1950, the car was produced under the name Willis. In June 1950, the company won a lawsuit and registered the Jeep name.

The Willis company in 1946 produced the Willis Jeep Station Wagon, a civilian minibus. rear wheel drive caraccommodated up to seven people, however, he developed a speed of only up to one hundred kilometers. But its main advantage was in the highest cross. Three years later, an all-wheel drive SUV saw the light. He became the progenitor of the current, modern Grand Cherokee.

At the very end of the eighties, Jeep found itself in a difficult position. There was pressure on the automotive market from the Japanese, who offered their very solid jeeps. First of all, Japanese cars were superior to American ones in terms of comfort.

In 1992, Jeep achieved revenge in the struggle for consumer acceptance.

grand cherokee 2013

The luxurious Grand Cherokee was presented to the world community, replacing the “old man” Wrangler, which was produced for more than 28 years. The novelty immediately fell in love with consumers, it was appreciated by critics. Comfortable interior, elegant and strict design and excellent technical characteristics. From 1992 to 1998, the first generation Grand Cherokee sold 1.5 million units.

In 1998, the company introduces a new generation car Grand Cherokee. The design of the car has changed somewhat. Body lines have become softer, the shape of the block headlights has changed. Fog lights have been added to the front bumper.

Jeep 1999 was equipped with two engines - 3.1-liter V5, power - 140 hp. and petrol 4.7 liters.

In 2004, the representative of the third generation Grand Cherokee appears. He became the owner of new gasoline and diesel engines.The design of the car has not changed much - there are large headlights and an updated windshield.

grand cherokee 2014

However, the change of generations did not give Jeep the expected results - the level of sales could not be increased. Despite the difficulties and increasing competition, Jeep continues to work hard to create new models. Confirmation of this is the appearance of the Grand Cherokee 2013.

The brutal and solid car received softer streamlined body lines, which gives it additional charm. The front grille has become much smaller, the front end has become smoother and more curved. The interior has also changed - a new dashboard, leather trim, the shape and design of the seats have changed.

The official presentation of the new 2014 Grand Cherokee SUV took place at the Detroit Auto Show, which opened on January 14, 2013. The start of sales of the new car in North America is scheduled for the end of summer 2013.

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