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Frame SUVs: review of models, specifications, rating

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Frame SUVs: review of models, specifications, rating
Frame SUVs: review of models, specifications, rating

The frame SUV is a one-piece structure with a body. Such a car has increased strength, compared with counterparts of a collapsible type. Along with durability, such machines have a reduced level of comfort. Vehicles are designed for specific operating conditions, when convenience does not play a decisive role, and the main parameter is the ability to overcome the most difficult routes and an additional dose of adrenaline.

The best frame SUVs

Overview of leading manufacturers

Many manufacturers of cross-country vehicles have frame SUVs in their assortment. Among the best representatives, the following companies and brands can be noted, the rating of which we will consider below:

  • Jeep.
  • Land Rover.
  • Toyota.
  • "Mercedes" (Mercedes).
  • UAZ (UAZ).
  • Kia (KIA).
  • "Mitsubishi" (Mitsubishi).
  • Nissan.
  • Chevrolet.
  • Hummer.

Among the popular all-wheel drive hard cars there arerepresentatives of various states, including the domestic model. Let's review these modifications, according to the rating according to surveys of users and specialists.

GX Lexus

Even exclusive brands are on the list of best-performing frame SUVs. The modification in question is distinguished by high quality and running characteristics, it has existed for a long time, it was developed in joint cooperation between American and Japanese designers.

On test drives, this car showed very decent results, despite the skepticism of some experts. The car perfectly combines the parameters of classic SUVs and the advantages of frame variations. The vehicle is equipped with a modern global design, substantial ground clearance, all-wheel drive and a powerful power plant.

The car is driven by a 4.6-liter gasoline engine with a power of about 300 "horses". The package includes a modern multimedia system, a stabilization unit, electronic assistants, a leather interior and other nice additions. The cost is at least three million rubles.

Nissan Patrol frame SUVs

This progressive modification with four-wheel drive has been produced for quite a long time, receives regular updates. The new line features modern design along with the characteristic qualities of a frame structure.

Frame SUVs "Nissan"

Patrol is in high demand among fishing and hunting enthusiasts who prefervisit distant places on your own. In the new body of the original finish, it is sometimes a pity to operate such a car through mud and swamps. However, the vehicle is adapted to difficult conditions and is not afraid of them at all.

These frame SUVs are equipped with a reduction gear, blocking, a 5.6-liter power unit, the power of which is 405 horsepower. According to the manufacturer, the car consumes about 11-12 liters per hundred kilometers (in economy mode). The automatic gearbox for seven ranges aggregates with a stabilization unit, which allows you to easily overcome the most difficult traffic situations. There is also a choice of several modes, focused on moving on mud, sand or hard surfaces.


This all-wheel drive frame SUV from the Japanese corporation Mitsubishi is in demand in different countries of the world. It is considered one of the best representatives among analogues. The manufacturer regularly offers customers updated versions of the vehicle, improves the body and the main units of the car.

Among the frame variations of the Pajero, the fourth generation has been launched into serial production, which confirms the demand for the car. One of three types of engines is supplied in the package: two petrol engines of 3.0 and 3.8 liters (178/250 hp) and a 3-liter diesel version with 200 horsepower. The vehicle has a high cross-country ability, which is due to the well-coordinated aggregation of the gearbox in all-wheel drive,as well as high ground clearance (23.5 cm). In addition, buyers are attracted by the affordable price of about 1.6 million rubles, which is less than that of the closest competitors of the same class.

Frame SUV with all-wheel drive


Toyota Prado frame SUVs are constant participants in all kinds of ratings and reviews among all-wheel drive cars. This jeep clearly demonstrates the combination of original style, practicality, excellent cross-country ability and indisputable status. Prado rightfully belongs to the best cars of its class in the world, is very popular, reliable, durable and has a unique design.

Even the modifications of the beginning of the "zero" years are relevant, have not lost the attention of users. Increased cross-country ability is provided due to the frame design of the supporting structure, while allowing you to feel quite comfortable when driving in the city. The latest generation was equipped with several versions of engines. To the attention of consumers are compact 3-liter diesel engines, as well as a popular 4-liter gasoline power unit (power - 282 horsepower). Depending on the year of manufacture and configuration, one copy will cost 1.8-3 million rubles.

Frame SUV "Toyota"


Domestic car enthusiasts are not very familiar with this Korean-made frame SUV. The car is produced by the Kia company, it is designed for operation in extreme conditions withmaintaining maximum comfort for both the driver and passengers. In some countries, the machine is sold under the brand name "Borrego" (Borrego).

The vehicle can be equipped with a 3-liter diesel power plant (250 horsepower) or a gasoline equivalent (3.8 l / 275 hp). Depending on the type of motor, an automatic transmission with six modes or an automatic transmission with five ranges is used. The advantages of the car include the presence of a large ground clearance, impressive wheel dimensions, huge arches, a stabilization system, blocking, as well as all kinds of electronic gadgets. Consumption per 100 kilometers ranges from 9.6 to 10.3 liters, the price starts from 1.8 million rubles.

Gelendvagen (Gelandewagen)

Among the best models of frame SUVs, one cannot fail to mention the famous class G car. One of the most recognizable cars in the world was created by the Mercedes concern. This modification continues to live and develop. Maybe not all the mechanisms on this modification of the most modern sample, nevertheless, the car is a real legend among jeeps.

This vehicle is used not only to overcome deserts and other off-road conditions, but is also in service with governments and intelligence agencies. In the conditions of the city, the car also shows excellent running and speed qualities. There is no need to prove your cross-country ability to Gelendvagen. Manufacturers skillfully manipulate the popularity of the brand, making only minimal changes to new modifications. On the basis of the machine, various all-terrain vehicles are created, as well as purelyurban versions.


The list of frame SUVs would not be complete without the Hammer model. The history of these legendary all-terrain vehicles has army roots. The original purpose of the equipment is to be used exclusively in the military units of the US Army.

Over time, civilian prototypes of the Hammers appeared, which were released in several versions. Some of them were designed only for off-road, other options felt great on the streets of cities. For example, the H3 modification is a compact jeep that incorporates the best parameters of a frame SUV, modern equipment, increased cross-country ability and an exterior that is unconventional for its class.

Frame SUVs "Hammer"

UAZ "Patriot"

Among the domestic best frame SUVs, this particular model should be singled out. The history of the creation of the car began back in 1956, however, the modern off-road version that can compete with other analogues appeared in 2006. The vehicle has pretty good performance along with an affordable price. The equipment and interior cannot directly compete with the Prado or Pajero, however, the cost of the unit is an order of magnitude lower. The jeep is perfect for fishing, hunting or off-road travel, does not require significant costs.


Among the characteristics of frame SUVs, this modification has one of the best parameters in terms of the combination of price and quality. The car has good cross-country ability, an impressive body, powerfulframe, manufactured by Chevrolet.

The vehicle is equipped with a durable productive power unit, a spacious comfortable interior, solid appearance and rich technical equipment. In the domestic market, this jeep is not presented as massively as many analogues, however, it surpasses most competitors in various parameters. Lovers of quality build and power will not regret this purchase.


Jeep Wrangler has long been a household name. The car is a classic version of SUVs, and the model in question is one of the best-selling cars in the world. In a modern design, the vehicle combines a high cross-country ability with an excellent level of comfort.

This four-wheel drive frame SUV is not designed for urban driving. Experts do not recommend wasting its potential on the roads of settlements. Auto is a frequent participant in various competitions, where patency, reliability and endurance play a decisive role. Not surprisingly, quite often the Wrangler becomes the winner in such races.

Rating of frame SUVs


The rating of the most reliable frame SUVs includes another representative from Land Rover. Throughout the serial production, this modification has undergone a minimum of changes, without the introduction of special design innovations. A modern car looks almost the same as in 1983 (beginning of production). This has its own "zest", especially sincethat the jeep does not require special modifications. "Defender" is a real off-road conqueror, including swamps and difficult ground terrain. This car is one of the first to reach the top of Elbrus, and this says a lot. The vehicle is not suitable for the city, but off-road it has no equal competitors in terms of reliability.

Hover H5

The Chinese model "Hover 5" completes the review of the rating of frame SUVs. Thanks to cooperation with Japanese engineers, the developers managed to create a pleasant interior and original appearance. The car is equipped with climate control, a multimedia system, a rear-view camera, heated front glass. The driver's seat is adjustable, noise isolation leaves much to be desired, since the sound of a working power unit is clearly audible in the cabin. Reduced speed can only be activated on manual transmission versions.

The cross-country ability of the vehicle is higher than that of SUVs, but it is not advisable to do special experiments with it. Acceptable parameters and a price of about one million rubles make this car a direct competitor to the Patriot. Among the supplied engines - a gasoline engine with a capacity of 136 horses, a volume of 2.4 liters, as well as a diesel unit (150 hp / 2.0 l).

Frame SUV UAZ "Patriot"

In closing

When choosing a cross-country vehicle, you must correctly prioritize. Consideration should be given to the type of roads on which it will be predominantlyoperate a jeep. In the modern market, you can purchase various modifications that differ in parameters, price and equipment. Despite the fact that frame SUVs have gone a bit into the shadows, they are popular with those users who need power and reliability along with high traffic.

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