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The biggest excavator in the world, what is it?

The biggest excavator in the world, what is it?
The biggest excavator in the world, what is it?

An almost every person has seen an excavator in his life. Wheeled and tracked vehicles dig pits, clear construction sites, and do other work.

Despite their imposing size, they are only midgets compared to the one giant that this article is about.

the biggest excavator

The world's largest excavator was built in Germany in 1978. Its dimensions are simply amazing, suffice it to say that its mass is 13,500 tons. For comparison: one average passenger car weighs about 1 ton.

The largest excavator is called Bagger 288. With all its power, it really works and brings profit to its owners year after year. And many need such a monster.

Its main activity is the development of deposits of coal, sand, clay. In addition, he can dig special trenches and ditches for laying pipes, communication cables, create various bulk structures (dumps, embankments, dams).

Significant advantage of this excavator in the scope of work. For 1a day he is able to lift 240 thousand cubic meters of soil. It takes months to shovel such a volume of rock with ordinary excavators.

The main mechanism by which the largest excavator in the world works,

world's largest excavator

this is a rotor, that is, a huge shaft, on which more than a dozen buckets are fixed. The capacity of one bucket is about 7 cubic meters. When the rotor rotates, the buckets, rotating on it, lift the soil onto a special conveyor belt, which moves the mined rock to the loading site.

The design of the excavator is thought out in such a way that it is able to unload the extracted raw materials directly into the wagons, unless, of course, there is a railway nearby.

Among other advantages, the largest excavator is capable of moving at an average speed of about 1 km per hour. However, due to the width and a large number of tracks, the pressure of this colossus on the ground does not exceed the pressure exerted by a conventional machine. Therefore, the monster moves easily, but it takes a considerable amount of time to reach another quarry.

world's largest excavator

The most interesting thing is that the largest excavator requires only 4 people for its maintenance. This is the operator who, while in the cab, controls the device, its shift, the operator who controls the loading of the soil, and the foreman who is responsible for the operation of the machine as a whole.

The largest excavator runs on electricity. To supply electricity, a special coil has been developed, which, according toas the monster advances, the electric cable bleeds.

A lot of trouble arises when moving an excavator from one place to another. This is a very spectacular event, which is going to stare hundreds of curious citizens. And there really is something to see, since its movement is a whole special operation. Power lines are being dismantled along the route, special embankments are being made over railways and roads, soil is being strengthened in some places, and small rivers are being covered up.

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