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Instrument panel - removal process

Instrument panel - removal process
Instrument panel - removal process

In a car, the dashboard plays the role of the main tool that allows the driver to find out all the information regarding the condition of the car. It determines the visual information content inside the car.


It is worth noting that any dashboard should provide excellent visibility of all indicators, gauges, icons and scales that are included in it.

Among other things, the panel should be as easy to use as possible and give the driver all the necessary information, including:

1) Indicators characterizing the movement of the car, which includes the speed of movement and the distance to the vehicle in front.

2) The condition of the vehicle systems that provide immediate safety while driving. There is a brake sensor, a passive safety system and a car alarm.

3) Information showing the rationality of use and the condition oftransmission, engine, running gear, electronic systems.

4) In addition to all of the above, the instrument panel may contain additional information, the list of which depends on the model and brand of car. For example, here you can include watches.

how to remove the instrument panel vaz 2107

It is worth adding that the instrument panel includes various warning lights. It also includes instrumentation and controls for various equipment. To date, engineers have developed an advanced optotronic instrument panel, which differs from the usual one by the presence of constant illumination. Its advantage lies in the fact that the driver is able to observe the information even if he is driving through a tunnel without the backlight turned on, and in other similar cases.

Many motorists can tell you how to remove the instrument panel of the VAZ 2107, but not everyone knows how to do it as soon as possible. It is worth noting that in most cars this procedure is very similar, the only difference is the location of the mounting bolts and wiring chips.

Thus, in order to remove the instrument panel on a domestic VAZ car, you must first disconnect the battery.

optitronic instrument panel

Then the torpedo is unscrewed and the casing covering the steering wheel shaft is removed, all wires are disconnected and the ignition lock is removed.

After that, you need to proceed to the removal of the steering column control levers of the electronics. When all of the above operations are done, you can unscrew the instrument panel from the torpedo.Then all electrical wires are disconnected. Everything, the panel is removed and can be removed from the passenger compartment. To install the instrument panel on a car, it is worth doing all the same steps, only in reverse order.

It is worth noting that the optotronic instrument panel differs only in the function of constant illumination, therefore it is installed and removed in the same way as a regular one. In the event that the owner of the car does not have time to dig into the car or it is difficult for him to handle the equipment, the question of how to remove the instrument panel of the VAZ 2107 will be solved at the service station.

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