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What functions does the instrument panel perform?

What functions does the instrument panel perform?
What functions does the instrument panel perform?

The instrument panel is an essential element in every car. They are equipped with all cars, ranging from small cars to huge tractors and dump trucks. They have only one thing in common - functions. And the instrument panel works the same for everyone. Of course, there are some differences between them, and they are mainly related to design. If you look at the dashboard of "Zaporozhets" and "Fiat Doblo", you can see many differences between them. But let's not go into details.


As we have already seen, the main purpose of this part is to provide the driver with information about the current state of the vehicle. At the moment, there are three main arrows that are present on every car: these are the scale of the speedometer, tachometer and the level of fuel remaining in the tank.

In addition to all this, the instrument panel can serve to issue information about the state of the units, that is, to perform the functions of an on-board computer. Unfortunately, the domestic auto industry is still far from this. But still, such specimens can be seen on "smart" Japanese and Korean cars.It is also worth noting the digital scales that are very popular today. Not every car is equipped with them, and again, the “Japanese” are in the championship here. These scales do not have any arrows.

instrument panel gas 3110

All the driver needs is a small LCD display that can show all information about fuel level, speed and so on. The main advantages of such digital tools are functionality. On one display, the driver can vary the readings. This means that the motorist can choose at any time what he needs: set a sensor that will show the average fuel consumption per unit of time or mileage, or start a stopwatch that will record the time while driving. In addition, the digital instrument panel can provide temperature data, and they can measure the degree both inside the car and "overboard".

dashboard vaz 2109

The only drawback of such tools is their unreliability. Due to the fact that a lot of sensors, wires and cables need to be connected to such a dashboard, they can only be serviced at a service station, and even then you will have to pay a tidy sum for the repair of such tools. Another thing is the switch instrument panel. GAZ 3110 and many domestic cars are equipped with just such devices. Their main advantage over digital counterparts is their unpretentiousness and reliability. Such an instrument panel (including VAZ 2109) has practically no electronics. And this means thatyou can change, for example, the speedometer cable yourself. By the way, the cost of the details of the switch instrument panels is several times cheaper than for digital counterparts. So it turns out that it is more profitable to use the classic version, time-tested. This is confirmed by the widespread use of dial gauges on modern imported cars.

So, we found out what the instrument panel is for and what functions it performs.

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