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"Honda Insight Hybrid": specifications, photos and owner reviews

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"Honda Insight Hybrid": specifications, photos and owner reviews
"Honda Insight Hybrid": specifications, photos and owner reviews

The Honda Insight Hybrid is one of the best hybrid cars on the market. Honda intends to release a new version of the Insight in 2019. Design features refer to Honda's American range. A hybrid powertrain capable of competing with the Toyota Prius will be introduced.

The previous Honda Insight went on sale in 2014, failing to influence the more popular Toyota Prius and Lexus CT. Now, three years later, Honda has revived the Insight name again to take on the latest Prius.

Image"Hybrid" of the future

Honda Insight 2018

Previous Insights had a similar curved roof structure as the Prius, but the next Insight will have a more traditional design. The tailgates are stretched out to match the Insight test car. The interior of the Insight may be based on the current Honda Jazz.

Proposed central infotainment screen that will control all connectivity and infotainment systems whilethe traditional analog dials could be replaced with a digital screen taken from the latest Civic. There should be enough room for four adults to sit comfortably. Enough space for the luggage compartment. Suitable for families.

There is currently no word on which engines the Insight will use, but it will almost certainly be a hybrid. It will most likely use the 1.3-liter naturally aspirated petrol found in the Jazz, or perhaps the 1.0-liter turbo from the Civic. The latter produces a useful 129 hp, while both reach speeds of around 110 km/h.

Honda Insight Hybrid model is available in two engine options, there is a six-speed manual transmission, automatic transmission CVT. The car is good for city trips. The Honda Insight hybrid is back, looking much more expensive than ever. The prototype of the compact four-door version debuts at the Detroit Auto Show, and Honda is hoping for success.

Salon "Hybrida"

2019 Honda Insight will try to make the Prius forget

Speaking of cabin space, the Honda Insight Hybrid will be available with an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with customizable apps, and it will offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration. Like some new Accord and Odyssey models, the system allows you to receive updates via Wi-Fi. Other upscale touches include heated and cooled perforated leather seats, as well asmultifunctional 7" LCD display in calibration cluster.

Honda Insight Hybrid will feature a suite of advanced driver assistance technologies including:

  • standard automatic brake;
  • lane departure warning;
  • adaptive cruise control with low speed assistance;
  • new traffic sign recognition system.

8-inch floating touchscreen supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Car 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid

The car of the future

The third era of the Insight from Hybrid is exceptionally stunning, significantly more remarkable than the previous model. The Insight Hybrid offers an alternative to the Civic, but with a hybrid powertrain. This hybrid even has a lot of motives to be able to compete with the Toyota Prius, which has the best position in the hybrid classification.

Specification overview

Honda Insight Hybrid specifications indicate that this car uses 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, which help to best affect mobility. The condition of the front body is similar to the Civic, but the front grille gives the impression that this hybrid is all the more delicate.

The car has 427 liters of luggage space. Inside there is plenty of legroom. Insight's calling card is fuel efficiency. Insight uses a gear selector and collapsed controls. However, the Insight is the traditional kind of sedan. ATUnlike the Toyota Prius and Hyundai Ioniq hatchbacks, the Insight looks like any other compact sedan today.

Insight completes Honda's hybrid range by merging the Accord Hybrid and Clarity line of hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles. The company says it wants its electrified vehicles to account for two-thirds of its global vehicle sales by 2030.

Insight Hybrid rear view

Among the specifications of the vehicle:

  • Drive: 151 hp, 1.5 liter four-cylinder and electric drive.
  • Starting price: $28,090 (1.8 million rubles).
  • Options: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, keyless entry, standard navigation, sunroof, leather-adjustable leather seats and 10-speaker sound system
  • New hybrid "Honda"

How it works

Overall, this gas-electric hybrid system works very well. Drivers experience a good initial kick from the electric drive, which is common with most hybrids. But just like the Honda Clarity, the engine runs with an annoying hum. This characteristic is the car's most striking error.

Insight Honda features a twin-engine hybrid system: a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that works with an electric motor for a combined 151 hp

Insight is built on the same platform as the compact Civic, absorbing bumps and bumps in the road. When the gas propulsion system fires, the Insight cab is stillworks quite quietly.

Car Reviews

Reviews from Honda Insight Hybrid owners indicate that the leather seats on the Touring version are quite comfortable, but lack lumbar adjustment, which is an oversight. The rear seat is small.

Insight also gets Honda's push-button selector, which feels cumbersome and unintuitive to use, according to reviews of the Honda Insight Hybrid. However, Honda has developed comprehensive precautions to prevent accidental rocking of the vehicle.

2020 Honda Insight Hybrid

Information from the manual

Honda Insight Hybrid manual indicates that the Touch-screen Touring infotainment system has a rotary volume knob that is always appreciated, other settings are on multiple screens.

EX and Touring versions are equipped with a folding rear seat that expands the cargo area. The hybrid battery does not count towards total cargo space.

All trimmers are fitted with the Honda Sensing Kit with advanced safety features as standard equipment. This package includes Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Assistance. But Honda doesn't offer a blind spot warning system at all. Instead, it turns on the Honda LaneWatch system on the EX and Touring.

LaneWatch displays an image of the right side of the car when the driver activates the right sign alturn; there is no cover on the left side of the car.


In general, the "Honda Insight Hybrid", the photo of which is provided in the article, is a good invention from Honda. Its low starting price and good fuel economy may tempt buyers, but some Honda quirks, such as a push-button selector, and Honda's distracting LaneWatch system, rather than a true blind-spot warning system, make the car enthusiast think.

The article examined some of the technical characteristics of the Honda hybrid, reviews of motorists about this vehicle.

Car enthusiasts call it the auto vehicle of the future. Unlike most cars in its price range, Insight consumes a minimum amount of fuel. According to the owners of this car, in cold winter conditions, when it becomes necessary to warm up the engine before starting to move, gasoline consumption is no more than 7.5 liters. In the warm season, this figure is reduced to a maximum of 6 liters.

Among the existing shortcomings, there is a burnout of the LEDs on the rear lights. In general, the car is worth buying for city driving. This is a modern family transport of a budget type.

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