"Land Rover Discovery 4": reviews, description, specifications

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"Land Rover Discovery 4": reviews, description, specifications
"Land Rover Discovery 4": reviews, description, specifications

Land Rover is perhaps the most famous British car brand. These cars are in great demand not only on the European, but also on the Russian market. First of all, Land Rover was loved for its cross-country ability. Four-wheel drive, locks and high ground clearance - what you need for off-road. However, not every owner speaks flatteringly about this brand. And today we will pay attention to the Discovery 4 SUV. Owner reviews, photos, specifications and features of the car - more.


So, what is this car? Land Rover Discovery IV is the fourth generation of the British brand's mid-size all-wheel drive SUVs. The car was first presented at the New York Auto Show. Auto Discovery was officially supplied not only to the European, but also to the American market (however, under a different name - LR4). The serial production of the fourth generation was launched in 2009 and ended in 2016.

land discovery iv
land discovery iv


Externally, this car is very reminiscent of its older brother - "Range Rover". The body has the same rough and square lines. Front - crystal optics and a two-level grille. Fog lights are well located in the bumper. Among the distinguishing elements, it is worth paying attention to the wide wheel arches. Also note that the car can be painted in different colors. Some of the most popular are black and metallic silver. The vehicle is stocked with 20-inch alloy wheels.

What do the owners say about the quality of the painting? According to reviews, Land Rover Discovery 4 is painted with high quality. The varnish does not crack and does not lose its luster over time. Also, the body resists corrosion well. This is not surprising, because part of the body elements is made of aluminum. But the cost of repairing body parts is not cheap, especially if it is a metallic silver color. It will be very difficult to get in tune. Also, the owners say that rust appears on the frame. This mainly applies to those cars that are operated in megacities.

Dimensions, clearance

The Discovery car is more compact than the Range Rover. So, the body length is 4.84 meters, width - 2.02, height - 1.84 meters. On standard 20-inch wheels, the ground clearance is 18.5 centimeters. At the same time, the Discovery car is very weighty. The curb weight of the car is as much as 2.5 tons.


So let's move inside the British SUV. Inside, luxury and comfort reign. Placesenough with the head, the fit is very comfortable - that's what the reviews say. "Discovery 4" is one of the most comfortable cars in its class. The assembly of the cabin is of high quality. Noise isolation at a high level. Also among the advantages, the owners note a high-quality audio system. The signs on the dashboard are easy to read. The on-board computer is very informative.

land rover iv
land rover iv

The new generation has added a two-tone seat trim option. Also in the interior there are wooden inserts. The steering wheel is offered in two versions. It also has height and reach adjustment. The center console neatly houses the multimedia system and analog clock. Nearby are the "twists" of the climate system. The car also has a sun visor. It is provided for the driver and passenger. By the way, the sun visor comes with a mirror.


Land Rover Discovery can be called a practical car. In the five-seat version, it is able to pick up up to 1260 liters of cargo. If desired, this volume can be expanded. Folding the second row of seats increases the space to 2476 liters.

Land Rover
Land Rover

Also note that the Land Rover Discovery can be offered in a seven-seat version. The third row of seats will be in the trunk. Because of this, its volume is reduced to a modest 280 liters.


Now let's move on to the disadvantages. The main disadvantage of British SUVs is the electrics. And the fourth generation of Discovery was no exception. So, electrical faults can be divided intotwo groups:

  • Software failures.
  • Oxidized contacts.

Due to the "raw" software, the work of various blocks may be disrupted, for which reason they have to be reflashed. But a much more serious problem is the oxidation of contacts. Finding the root of the problem is very difficult. Very often the wires in the area of the hinge of the trunk lid suffer. There may be failures in the electric drive of the cross-axle rear differential. If the connection in the electrical circuit is lost, numerous icons appear on the dashboard. In this case, the body can be lowered to the lower or middle position (on versions with air suspension). Also, owners often experience oxidation of contacts on turn indicators and fog lights.

Among other problems with electronics, reviews note failure:

  • ABS sensor.
  • Beep.
  • Door locks.
  • Speedometer.
  • Radio recorders.

The latter starts turning on and off spontaneously.


This car has multiple engines. Among them - one petrol engine and two diesel. In the basic configuration, a diesel engine with a V-shaped cylinder arrangement is provided for the Land Rover Discovery SUV. This is a three-liter engine with direct fuel injection, which develops 211 horsepower. The torque is 520 Nm. Remarkably, traction is already available from one and a half thousand revolutions. According to reviews, "Discovery" 3, 0quite economical for its volume. In the city, the car spends up to ten liters, on the highway - no more than eight. The acceleration dynamics are not the worst: the SUV rushes up to a hundred in 10.7 seconds. Top speed is limited to 180 kilometers per hour.

land rover discovery iv
land rover discovery iv

The senior in the line of "solid fuel" is also a three-liter engine, but with a more efficient turbine. The power of the power unit is 249 horsepower. The injection system is Common Rail, the timing system is 24-valve. The amount of torque is 600 Nm. Acceleration to hundreds takes 9.3 seconds. The maximum speed is the same 180 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption is not much different from the previous version. So, in the city you can meet the "top ten", and on the highway the car spends a little more than eight liters of diesel.

Now about the petrol unit. It is a three-liter V-shaped engine with a variable valve timing system. Also, the engine has direct fuel injection and is equipped with a turbine. All this gives a good increase in power. From three liters, the British managed to get 340 horsepower. Torque - 350 Nm at 6.5 thousand revolutions. Gasoline "Land Rover Discovery" - the fastest among all others. Acceleration to hundreds takes 8.1 seconds. The maximum speed is 195 kilometers per hour. But at the same time, the gasoline engine is the most voracious. For 100 kilometers in the city, a Land Rover can eat up to 16 liters of the 95th. On the highway, the car consumes 12 liters.

Paired with three engines, the uncontested German ZF automatic machine works oneight gears. In addition, all engines have the "Start-Stop" function, which allows you to save fuel in traffic jams. Gears can be shifted manually using the steering wheel paddles.

Flaws of engines

What problems do owners face when operating an SUV? The car has a complex device. Therefore, problems with the turbine and direct injection system are possible. Because of this, icons appear on the dashboard, in particular "Check Engine". Most of all complaints are caused by diesel engines. First of all, we note that this is not a British engine, but the development of the French concern Peugeot-Citroen. First of all, the main disadvantage is the exhaust gas recirculation valve (it is absent on gasoline versions). This valve becomes clogged over time and becomes unusable. At the same time, the car loses acceleration dynamics and starts poorly. Therefore, many owners cut out the USR valve by installing plugs and flashing the electronic control unit. The problem goes away on its own.

land rover discovery
land rover discovery

The next problem concerns the high pressure fuel pump as well as the submersible pump. Both mechanisms can fail. Even the owners are faced with a leak in the front crankshaft oil seal. Moreover, the reviews do not advise driving with such a problem further. Oil flows through it in such volumes that often cars come to the service with a dry dipstick. Why does the crankshaft seal squeeze out? The reason for this is the incorrect operation of the oil pump. Among other "sores" of the French motor isnote:

  • Turning the crankshaft bearings.
  • Faulty oil temperature sensor.
  • Breakage of the bypass pipe of the exhaust system.

Reviews indicate that diesel injectors are sensitive to fuel quality. They need to be cleaned every 120 thousand kilometers. After about the same mileage, you need to change the glow plugs. The turbine as a whole serves about 200 thousand, but subject to timely oil changes.

What about the transmission?

As noted by the reviews, on the "Discovery 4" after 130 thousand, you can encounter jerks when shifting gears. Also, the box can twitch in a traffic jam. This problem can be eliminated by resetting the errors in the automatic transmission computer. But if this does not help, you will have to replace the torque converter.

If you often go off-road, you may encounter a four-wheel drive malfunction. As noted by the reviews, the center clutches do not tolerate heavy loads and wear out heavily in case of slippage. If the rear differential lock does not engage, the drive servomotor is to blame. Also, owners are faced with damage to the driveshaft and front differential. In order to increase the resource of the gearbox, transfer case and transmission, it is necessary to change the oil in each unit every 80 thousand kilometers.


This car is built on a frame. At the same time, it has a fully independent suspension, which is considered a luxury for frame SUVs. Front and rear suspension is built on double wishbones. There is also a stabilizer barsustainability. The chassis itself can be sprung on springs or have air springs. In the latter case, you need to pay a certain amount of money. A distinctive feature of the air suspension is not only the high smoothness of the ride, but also the possibility of increasing the ground clearance. The system allows you to increase the ground clearance from the standard 18.5 to an incredible 24 centimeters.

land rover parts
land rover parts

In the basic configuration, permanent all-wheel drive with a locking center differential is available. A rear lock is also available as an option. Also, the buyer can choose a transfer case - one- and two-stage.

Brake system

Hydraulic, with vacuum booster. The front uses disc brakes with a diameter of 325 millimeters. Behind - also disc brakes. The diameter of the "pancakes" is 317 millimeters. This is for the version with spring suspension. On the air suspension, the diameter of the discs is slightly larger - 360 and 354 mm, respectively.

Additionally, a system is provided for the SUV:

  • ABS.
  • Brake force distributions.
  • Adaptation to road conditions.
  • Stability.
  • Help when starting uphill.

Steering - electric power rack.

Chassis reviews

The undoubted plus is the high smoothness of the ride and better handling (compared to the previous generation). By the way, air cylinders are protected by metal casings. But, as the reviews note, this did not reduce the numberproblems. Pneuma still "poisons". The suspension itself does not like holes. Once every 60 thousand, it requires attention. The silent blocks of the front levers and stabilizer struts are the first to fail. Their resource is an average of 50 thousand kilometers. Front wheel bearings last up to 80 thousand. But they change along with the steering knuckles. Spare parts for Land Rover are very expensive - reviews say. After 80 thousand, ball joints and steering tips also require attention. On versions with pneumatic, you need to check the cylinders. Cracks on them must be excluded. The steering rack starts to play after 100 thousand kilometers. And the cost of repairs is about one and a half thousand dollars.


So, we found out what the Land Rover Discovery 4 is. Pros include:

  • Frame structure.
  • Nice design.
  • Good acoustics.
  • Comfortable suspension.
spare parts land
spare parts land

Among the disadvantages:

  • Expensive parts for Land Rover.
  • High consumption (on petrol version).
  • Unreliable electronics and suspension.