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The engine starts and stalls: possible causes and solutions

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The engine starts and stalls: possible causes and solutions
The engine starts and stalls: possible causes and solutions

The operation of a car depends entirely on the performance of its components and parts. If one of the elements fails, the car ceases to function normally. With scheduled maintenance, it is possible to eliminate all impending vehicle breakdowns. However, it also happens that a part breakage can occur suddenly. It happens that the car starts, then stalls. In many situations, it is not possible to start a vehicle after you and you have to turn to the services of a tow truck. What to do in this case and how to fix the problem? Let's take a look.

Causes of failure

If the car starts and stalls, the causes of the malfunction can be varied:

  • Long car life.
  • Problems in the electrical circuit of the car.
  • Vehicle fuel system malfunctions.
  • Incorrect adjustment of some individual systems.

Stalls at idle

The reasons for stopping the power unit at XX may be:

  1. Faulty operation of the regulator XX. You can check the performance of the XX sensoras follows: try to start the car and while scrolling the starter, press the gas pedal. As soon as the engine starts, you should release the pedal and look at the speed, if they float, the problem lies precisely in the XX sensor.
  2. In other cases, when your VAZ (injector) starts up and stalls, the problem lies in the disruption of the throttle. This part should be flushed.
  3. Sometimes flushing doesn't fix the problem. In this case, the cause lies in the throttle position sensor. To solve the problem, you will have to replace the sensor.

Why does the engine stall

Starts up, on the move and then immediately stalls, the engine for a number of reasons:

  1. Poor fuel quality. You can fix the problem by replacing the fuel filter.
  2. Clogged spark plugs (big soot). The way out is to replace or ignite the candles.
  3. Clogged fuel element. Worth replacing.
  4. Faulty air filter. The engine stalls due to insufficient oxygen supply, which leads to poor combustion of the working mixture.
  5. Generator failure or low battery.
  6. Failure of the main auto sensors.

Generator problem

The biggest reason an engine stalls under certain loads is a bad or not working voltage generator.

turns on and dies

When starting the engine, energy is taken from the battery, and if there is sufficient charge on the battery, then notice the malfunctionwon't work right away. But after a little work, the battery will begin to discharge, as it does not receive the proper level of energy. As a result, the engine stops due to a small amount of energy. If the battery was initially weakly charged, it may happen that the injector starts and stalls.

Fault features

In case of a malfunction, the engine will have characteristic features:

  • The car stalls when you turn on appliances or other equipment powered by the on-board network.
  • The operation of the BC is disrupted due to power surges.
  • When a load is applied, the motor stops immediately.
  • Sounds of the alternator belt can be heard.
  • If the generator is malfunctioning, then with an increase in speed, the headlights start to burn better and brighter.

Sometimes these problems are not related to a malfunctioning generator, but to other problems in the car.

starts and stalls when cold

To accurately determine the problem of a malfunction, it is better to use the diagnostic center, where, thanks to the use of special equipment, the masters will be able to determine the problem, why the engine starts and stalls. In other cases, the engine stall is directly due to problems with other equipment.

Faulty fuel sensor

Gasoline float sensors are considered not the most reliable in operation. Low reliability is also due to the poor quality of the fuel used, the climatic situation. As a result, due to two unpleasant moments, the sensor goes out ofbuilding. If the car owner refuels for one specific amount of fuel each time, then the sensor will fail in a short time. A broken mechanism will not allow you to keep track of the end of the fuel in the tank in time, and if at the last moment there was enough fuel to start the engine, then a stop will follow, since there is not enough fuel and lubricants for the operation. In case of problems with the amount of gasoline, as a rule, subsequent times it will not be possible to start the engine.

Empty tank

Sometimes, despite the performance of fuel sensors, the driver may not keep track of the amount of fuel in the tank.

starts and stalls reasons

The first symptoms of a lack of gasoline will be that the car engine starts and stalls. In this case, you need to add a little fuel and look at the behavior of the car. It is worth remembering that when you try to start the engine without fuel in the fuel tank, the load on the fuel pump increases. It heats up and runs dry.

Fuel pump mesh clogged

For cars of the VAZ family with an injector installed instead of a carburetor, it is typical that the car starts and stalls. Sometimes the reasons for the self-stopping of the engine lie in the malfunction of the fuel pump. If the car stalls immediately after the plant, but then starts, the problem lies in the clogged fuel pump cleaning screen. In this case, it is necessary to replace the grid with a new one and enjoy the further movement of the car.

starts then dies

In other cases, it happens that the car is fineit starts up cold and does not even stall, but as soon as it warms up or at hot temperatures outside, it starts to twitch. What is the problem if the engine starts and stalls when cold? It is hidden in the performance of the fuel pump. Sometimes such signs are characteristic of poor quality fuel. This is also caused by a clogged pump screen.

Fuel system failure

In addition to a clogged mesh, there are other options for a malfunction in the fuel system that affect the start and operation of the engine. All of the following problems in the work of the driver can be eliminated independently or by contacting the service center:

  • The fuel pump burned out - the engine started and immediately stalled.
  • Clogged injectors, resulting in insufficient fuel.
  • Clogged fuel lines due to poor-quality gasoline.
  • Fault in the on-board computer, which turned off the fuel pump.

Drivers of regularly maintained vehicles rarely encounter the listed fuel system malfunctions. If the car does not start well and stalls, then the problem should be diagnosed precisely by checking the fuel system.

Valve failure

When the engine starts and stalls, the cause of the breakdown is hidden in the operation of the valves (this applies to the gasoline engine model). Diesel options are characterized by a decrease in fuel pressure. For repair, you should contact the service station, where they will carry out the appropriate diagnostics and adjust the valves and adjust the timing.

Problems most oftenmay be:

  • Unadjusted valves and uneven clearances prevent the engine from running stably.
  • Valve deformation. Replacement will be required with subsequent adjustment of the timing.
  • Hypercooling of the power plant, which prevents normal warm-up at start-up.
  • Diesel fuel frozen in pipes.
stalls starts on the go

Each of the listed breakdowns can occur with a car, and the issue can only be resolved thanks to the appropriate masters. When the driver has the skill to adjust the timing, you can do the repair work yourself. If malfunctions are observed in winter, you should, if possible, put the car in a warm box for a while, and the problem of starting / stopping the engine may disappear on its own.

Carburetor problem

There is a situation when the car is well warmed up, but the engine stops on its own. Most likely, this is a malfunction of the carburetor. This is due to the fact that during its operation a large amount of air passes through this device, part of which allows it to be cooled in a timely manner. Together with the carburetor, the fuel is cooled, which passes through the device. The result is that the temperature of the carburetor is much lower than the temperature of the engine.

engine starts and stops

When a scheduled engine shutdown occurs, heat from the motor housing begins to flow into the carburetor. Inside the camera floats startsa reaction occurs in which the remaining gasoline evaporates. Vaporized parts begin to move freely and fill the carburetor, as a result of which air pockets begin to appear in some places, and there is no fuel in the float chamber.

injector starts and stops

To solve this problem, you need to press the gas pedal several times (it should be squeezed out only halfway). After that, already start the engine. As a result of the measures taken, air plugs will be removed, and the problem when the engine starts and stalls will become exhausted. It is worth remembering that in addition to the carburetor, the problem may be manifested on the fuel pump or fuel lines. This phenomenon is observed at abnormally hot temperatures, when plugs appear in the system and pump, which leads to poor access of fuel to the carburetor. If the vehicle is used regularly, it is recommended to periodically clean this unit with special solvents.


Quality equipment is famous for its durability and high reliability, however, problems occur during the operation of any installations. The situation when the engine starts and stalls can catch absolutely any driver. Often this problem occurs with owners of budget brands. However, even cheap cars do not have such problems (with timely maintenance). And since trouble always takes you by surprise, it is better to carry out all the necessary measures prescribed by TO. So, we found out why the engine starts and stalls. As you can seeyou can solve the problem yourself, saving money on the services of the service station.

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