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Chip tuning "Land Cruiser" 200 (diesel): ways to increase power

Chip tuning "Land Cruiser" 200 (diesel): ways to increase power
Chip tuning "Land Cruiser" 200 (diesel): ways to increase power

Its reliability and durability earned the Toyota Land Cruiser the nickname Buschaxi ("taxi bus"). Especially in Africa, Latin America, Russia and the Arab world, auto wins the hearts of farmers, workers and allows you to travel on a safari. To increase the power of the car, you can perform chip tuning of the Land Cruiser 200 (diesel). The article will be devoted to this topic.

A bit of history

Since 1951, Toyota has been producing the Land Cruiser, regularly updating the model. The latest innovation is a stylish front with narrow headlights, a "hood" and a deep "trough". The rest remains. With a ladder frame and rigid axle, Land Cruiser is resistant to difficult terrain, and several moving parts make it easy to overcome any surface. But if anyone gets stuck, a winch attached to the frame will help free the heavy equipment.

Toyota updated Land Cruiser

Model improvement

LandThe 2018 Toyota Cruiser is a slightly redesigned front with the most noticeable feature being the wheel on the hood. Land Cruiser is a legend, one of the luxury cars. At least 40,280 euros (3 million rubles) will cost a three-door, and whoever needs five doors will pay from 43,590 euros (3.3 million rubles). Expensive? Yes, but beneficial. Even used Land Cruisers with more than 250,000 kilometers cost more than 10,000 euros (750,000 rubles). And he deserves it.

Vincent Dewaergger of Toyota Motor Europe says the ladder frame is the best off-road solution because it is very durable and can be repaired almost anywhere. This means that the Land Cruiser becomes truly reliable, not only because of the torsion resistance, but also because the two Torsen differentials send power where it is needed. One "sits" on the rear axle, between the front and rear axle, which means it can overcome a depth of 70 centimeters.

The SUV weighs three tons. All-wheel drive Toyota Land Cruiser - a model with a 2.8-liter four-cylinder. The motor is mounted under a newly formed hood. 2.8-liter four-cylinder engine with 177 hp. With. - more than just a car engine. An automatic version with 450 Nm of torque and pushing forward at least 2.5 tons of Allrader. Plus, there's a manual six-speed transmission that's better suited to a sluggish engine. 12.7 seconds to accelerate to 100 km/h, the highest speed limit is 175 km/h.

The car is equipped with new wheelsand has a spectacular appearance.

Chip tuning "Land Cruiser-200-diesel"

Increasing power

Chip tuning "Land Cruiser" 200 (diesel) will achieve an increase in power. For example, we take the model of 2016. Work can be carried out in a car service. A diesel engine can go faster, which is what the chip tuning work on the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (diesel) is designed for. More horsepower and torque capabilities are expected.

What is the firmware for

Chip tuning Land Cruiser 200 (diesel) with 249 hp With. should be increased to the norm of 250 liters. With. Higher figures require payment of a higher tax for the use of the vehicle. You will need to "choke" the engine. It is capable of 272 hp. With. The firmware itself can add indicators up to 331 hp. With. The car after chipping should increase the torque by 151 Nm.

Chip-tuning of the Land Cruiser 200 (diesel) will improve dynamics while reducing fuel consumption. No need to press the gas pedal once again, spending extra liters per 100 km.

Chip-tuning of the Land Cruiser 200 (diesel), reviews of which are positive, is carried out in a car service. They will also check the oil level.

Land Cruiser 200 GX

Types of tuning

Reprogramming in the form of chip tuning should be done by masters, as the engine's electronic control unit requires competent intervention.

Works are carried out without the need for mechanical intervention. Varieties of flashing can be:

  • boxing tuning, after whichthe power unit becomes more powerful by 25%, and fuel consumption is reduced by 5%;
  • Installing a booster kit around the pedals to achieve improved engine response when the gas pedal is pressed.

Such work will help increase steering responsiveness, reduce fuel consumption, enhance torque capabilities. If they are done with skill. For lovers of creating a unique car, there is the possibility of changing:

  • headlights;
  • head restraints;
  • bumpers;
  • upholstering chairs;
  • LED backlight settings.


Tuning a Land Cruiser doesn't take long. In this case, it took 15 minutes. After that, you can immediately evaluate the results. An increase in speed is immediately felt. After pressing the pedal, you can immediately reach 150 km. The pedal has become much more responsive.

After tuning the Land Cruiser takes less fuel, you immediately feel a powerful pressure when driving. The effectiveness of the firmware is confirmed. With the help of computer technology, specialists read special codes and take them into account when introducing a new program.

When driving in a straight line with one driver in the cabin, acceleration starts normally. Tests take place on an icy track, which complicates the performance. On dry surfaces, the Toyota chip also proves its effectiveness even with the stabilization system turned off.

Salon Toyota Land Cruiser 200

In addition to the proposed firmware option, a modified camshaft can be installed to improve the ability to distribute gas.Specialists bore the cylinders, install the crankshaft, in which the radius of the crank is increased. This effectively works to increase the power of the motor. Pistons and connecting rods installed in a lightweight design also perform well.

The reason for the complexity of the design, which is inherent in power units, requires the appeal to professionals when it becomes necessary to perform tuning. The nodes of the car are optimally synchronized, so illiterate interference in their work can only complicate the situation.

Tuning (body kit) Toyota Land Cruiser

What motorists say

Studying the forum of motorists, we can conclude that the chip tuning of the Land Cruiser 200 gives effective results. Power is significantly increased, which was required to achieve in the course of such work.

A chipped car is noticeably different in terms of dynamics. On the road, there are situations when you need to show the maximum capabilities of the engine, for example, to overtake a truck, then flashing will help to avoid an emergency.

Chip tuning services are not cheap, but the effectiveness of these procedures is worthy of deciding to perform them.

Japanese version of tuning


It makes no sense for Toyota's iconic SUV to prove its quality. In Europe, it shows the maximum capacity in terms of power, but in Russia there are restrictions on the power of vehicles, so when transporting cars artificiallythe power level of the motor is reduced. The vehicle tax will be lower if it has up to 250 liters. With. The technical characteristics of the Land Cruiser provide the reference quality of this car. After flashing the machine, it can significantly increase its power and show maximum capabilities on the road surface of any complexity.

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