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Bosal towbars: review, models, installation features and reviews

Bosal towbars: review, models, installation features and reviews
Bosal towbars: review, models, installation features and reviews

Usually, accessories and accessories for cars are purchased at the nearest service centers. There are also cases of searching for a suitable device on the market and, on the contrary, buying directly from the manufacturer of a particular model. But as the overall automotive market is segmented, manufacturers are also divided into specific niches. So, a separate place is occupied by towing devices, the development of which provides for its own specifics. Therefore, Bosal towbars have a huge advantage over most of the competition. The engineers of this company specialize in a particular direction, which allows them to comprehensively approach the calculation of the characteristics of their products.

bosal towbars

General information about Bosal towbars

The element base for towbars of this manufacturer is made of thick-walled high-strength metal using laser technology. But not only the base is made with an emphasis on increasing mechanical resistance. Surfaces during the production process are additionally coated with a special powder paint with a high degree of anti-corrosion protection.

The implementation of the fixation mechanism deserves special attention. In the simplest design options, developersoffer models with a welded ball - non-removable devices. And more recently, a new line of quick-release mechanisms has appeared. In this case, the Bosal tow ball is easily dismantled if it is not needed. This mechanism has advantages not only over non-removable counterparts, but also outperforms systems of a conditionally removable type. The fact is that quick-detachable models can be dismantled as a result of simple manipulation with the locking system and do not require the connection of special equipment.

tow bar bosal vfm


One of the latest modifications, which also implements the principle of dismantling. Rather, in this case, the dismantling does not occur completely, but only hides the ball. Thus, the protruding design does not interfere with the use of parking aids, rear view cameras and other functional devices. At the same time, unlike quick-release models, ORIS-MATIC designs do not require the use of a locking system.

Implemented in this device and digital technology. For example, when a hack is attempted, sound security controls are activated. This is one of those models that are today produced at the Russian plant of the Bozal-Autoflex company. Manufactured to the same standards as the original Bosal hitch. VFM is a marking that is received by domestically produced products, but with European-style certificates.

AK models

In this case, a whole family of quick-detachable models is considered. The main division within the line occurs according to the principleinstallations - horizontal and vertical. Thus, the AK 4 modification demonstrates an example of a horizontal system with an automatic ball capture mechanism. Standard representatives of the AK family support a vertical integration system. Such devices are recommended for use in the construction of trucks transporting heavy loads or equipment.

Bosal towbars with semi-automatic fixation are designed for small cars. This is, in particular, a modification of the AK 10, which is installed at a slight angle, and even in the working position is practically invisible to the eye.

bosal tow bar installation

F series models

Representatives of this family are not particularly popular, but they can be useful to ordinary motorists in terms of their working qualities. The mechanism of such a towbar is completely removable, and the installation system is distinguished precisely by its simplicity. It is implemented according to the overhead principle due to bolted fasteners. That is, the forged ball is fastened with two bolts, without requiring the connection of auxiliary pin elements. But it is the simple installation mechanism that confuses many users. At the same time, the manufacturer himself notes that the Bosal towbars of the overhead type confidently withstand a mass of about three and a half tons. Another thing is that a different kind of risk remains: in addition to fastening with hardware, this towbar is not fixed by anything, which, in principle, implies the risk of the device being stolen. Therefore, such a system can only be used if an effective alarm system is installed in the car.

How towbars are installedBosal?

Most towbars of this brand are installed according to the principle of mechanical fastening with screws and bolts. In the simplest models, such as the aforementioned modification F, installation is carried out using only two bolts. The most complex mechanics is presented in the Ecofit series, where the hook is supposed to be pinned. It turns out a semi-automatic system, but in practice it cannot withstand a mass of more than one and a half tons.

tow bar bosal reviews

The most widespread is the vertical installation of the Bosal towbar with automatic capture. It differs in that it requires practically no effort on the part of the car owner, but at the same time it firmly and reliably fixes the towbar. Moreover, while maintaining a high degree of reliability, such systems also allow you to fine-tune the position of the ball in accordance with the needs of a particular car model.

Bosal product reviews

Bosal products are not only famous for their structural advantages, facilitating the physical handling of mechanisms. As the owners note, towbars maintain working condition for a long time without deforming and without exerting excessive pressure on adjacent components and assemblies. At the same time, compactness is also included in the list of advantages that distinguish the Bosal towbar.

bosal tow ball

Reviews emphasize the versatility of some versions. There is no need to select a specific modification for a car of a particular model. In almost every series, adjustable mechanisms are provided that allow you to adjust the installation equipment to suitdesign with certain parameters. As for product claims, critical reviews boil down to high cost. In the middle segment, towbars from this manufacturer are estimated at 2-2.5 thousand rubles.

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