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Review of the car "Mercedes S 600" (S 600): specifications, description, reviews

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Review of the car "Mercedes S 600" (S 600): specifications, description, reviews
Review of the car "Mercedes S 600" (S 600): specifications, description, reviews

"Mercedes C 600" in the 140th body - a legend that was published for seven years - from 1991 to 1998. This car replaced Mercedes, made in the 126th body. This machine was simply outdated by that time. Therefore, the “six hundredth” came into the world, which almost immediately became synonymous with the words “we alth”, “success” and “good taste”.

from 600

Model in brief

So what's the first thing to say about the C 600? This is a car that at one time made a splash. Unlike its predecessors, it delighted critics and potential buyers with its aerodynamic body, double glazing, auto-closing doors and trunk. Plus, climate control was installed inside, which functioned even after the power unit stopped working. This car also had tail antennas that rose when the driver reversed.

Initially, the model was offered with four engines and twobases. There were eight different options in total. The most attractive for motorists was the M120E60 V-shaped power unit for 12 cylinders. Over the years of production, 16 models have been released with various 8- and 6-cylinder engines. And those are just the petrol versions. But diesel ones were also produced. In general, the choice of motorists from the nineties was rather big in this regard.

Popular model

The most powerful version is the 140 body model, known as the C 600 L. It has powerful technical features that are amazing even today. The unit installed under the hood of this version can produce 394 horsepower. The maximum speed is 250 kilometers per hour. The declared consumption is 13.7 liters per 100 kilometers (combined cycle), but with “age”, of course, it increases. In fact, the car consumes more than 20 liters per 100 "urban" kilometers. And up to 100 km / h, this car accelerates in 6.6 seconds. In general, an unrealistically strong, fast and dynamic car for the nineties.

This 600th Mercedes could also boast a 4-speed automatic, power steering, independent multi-link suspension (both front and rear), ventilated disc brakes, ESP, ABS, ASR and many other additions. This car has everything you might need. No wonder it became so popular and still is.

mercedes benz s 600 long

Budget editions

C 600 is not a cheap car. Even if now hecan cost at least half a million (in excellent condition and in a decent configuration), then only we althy people could afford it. But still, a year after the presentation of the car, budget versions of the C 600 were provided to the world.

The first became known as the 300SE 2.8. She boasted a 2.8-liter engine and a manual transmission. The second version was equipped with a 3.5-liter turbodiesel for 6 cylinders. True, the S-class diesel models (according to a long-established tradition) were developed in order to be then sent to North America for export. This condition could explain many incomprehensible features in such machines. For example, an automatic transmission installed as standard equipment (everyone knows that today in America the vast majority of people drive automatic transmissions, and then it was about the same). And the first diesel models of the “six hundredth” were indeed sent to the States. But then it was decided that the car turned out to be too successful to deprive the Europeans of it. And they began to buy it mainly for taxi companies.

mercedes maybach s 600

Changes in 1994

“Mercedes” S 600 W 140, the characteristics of which were discussed above, in the first three years managed to cut the hearts of thousands of motorists. And the cars got really high marks. Reviews of the Mercedes C 600 inspired manufacturers and developers to restyle.

It was decided to replace the turn signal glasses with transparent ones (before that they were orange, and this seemed to many not harmonious). Behindinstalled new lights. Also reduced the clearance of the car. Plus, plastic bumpers with a matte surface began to be painted in the same color as the body.

As for equipment, the car received an improved interior and new electronics. Inside, it has become more stylish and elegant. There is also a new radiator grille. In general, a significantly “refreshed” and updated “Mercedes C 600” was released. The features that the developers endowed it with were immediately noted by Mercedes-Benz fans.

Technical Updates

In addition to external restyling, the new versions began to differ in some other technical features. The developers did a good job on the engines. In particular, V12 and V8. As a result of the improvement, the M119 motor has a new crankshaft, and valve control has also been optimized. Lightweight pistons also appeared. Each cylinder has its own ignition coil. Also, like the M120, it has an optimized motor control unit.

The updated units are driven by a lighter and more compact automatic transmission. She was also equipped with an electronic control unit, and a fifth speed was also introduced - increased. She, in turn, had a locking mechanism in the torque converter. Thanks to all these changes, the car has not only become more “obedient”, dynamic and technically perfect. Fuel consumption has also been significantly reduced. It became lower by as much as 7 percent, which is a worthy indicator. The release of poisonous gases was completely reduced to a minimum - the level decreased by40 (!) percent. At the same time, no deterioration in terms of dynamics was noticed.

mercedes limousine s 600 w

Last changes

In 1996, the car was improved for the last time. They decided to remove the retractable “antennas” - instead of them, a parking radar system appeared, which today is known as parking sensors. They also installed a GPS receiver. The diesel model was completely replaced by another. The novelty has a 3-liter turbodiesel unit with a reduced displacement, but with a turbocharger (which, moreover, was intercooled).

The 600 became something special - it was more than a car. She brought a lot of new things not only for the Stuttgart brand, but for the entire automotive world as a whole. This model was one of the few at that time on which a double-glazed window was used. Also, it would hardly be possible to find another such car, in which the windows immediately stopped during the ascent, as soon as some foreign object interfered with them (a hand, for example). And the “six hundredth” is the first car in Europe, on which the interior mirror electric control system was used.

mercedes s 600 features

Special editions

In addition to the regular models, other special versions were also released. So, for example, in 1992, an armored car saw the light. She became known as the Sonderschutz. Armored windows, built-in plates, special tires, high-strength materials … All this significantly affected the level of safety of the machine. Yes, and its mass has increased -one and a half tons at once.

The second special version is the Mercedes-Benz S 600 Long. More specifically, a Pullman limousine. Initially, the machine was lengthened by a company called Binz. But then Daimler got down to business. “One hundred and forties” were sawn, and then a whole meter long insert was added.

In 1995, a mixture of these two versions appeared. It was called that - Pullman-Sonderschutz. That is an armored limousine. These modifications were created extremely long, hard and painstakingly. The work was labor intensive. Therefore, it is not surprising that all orders were made by individual agreement with a person who wants to master a special version. And for this reason, the price was not disclosed. Two years is roughly how long it took to build an armored limousine.

And the last "special" car is… the "daddy car". Lando version specially for the Pope.

600th Merc

Modern "six hundredth"

Today, the 600th Mercedes is very popular. That's just not in the 140th, but in the 222nd body. This is an incredible car! In the basic configuration, she received a 12-cylinder V-shaped 530-horsepower (!) Six-liter engine. Traditionally, the L package is equipped with an automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive.

The maximum that the new 2015 can produce is 250 km/h, and this is electronically limited. Up to a hundred, the car accelerates in a little more than 4.5 seconds. In the combined cycle, it consumes approximately 11.3 liters of fuel. The price of this car starts from 11 million rubles, soa respectable person can afford it, with the appropriate income and the ability to maintain this car.


“Brabus” is one of the best tuning studios that deal with “Mercedes”. So, Brabus specialists simply could not ignore the “six hundredth” in the 222nd body. And it turned out just unrealistically powerful machine. Firstly, the engine power was 900 (!) horsepower. The maximum possible speed is 350 kilometers per hour. Acceleration decreased to 3.7 seconds (thus becoming one and a half seconds faster). Engine displacement increased by 253 cc

But the price is right. To buy such a car, you have to spend 390 thousand dollars. In return, a person will receive a simply amazing car, in which all modern technologies are embodied. Plus, the car has an incredible design, optics and interior. If we talk about the perfection of automotive art, then the W222 Brabus is it.

Mercedes s 600 w 140 specifications

“Mercedes” limousine S 600 W222

According to the tradition that developed in the nineties, the concern decided to release another “long” version. The deed was done, and the novelty surpassed even the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 in its dimensions. Its length is 6.5 meters without a millimeter! The wheelbase is impressive - 4.418 mm. And the height is almost 1.6 m. So, despite the external dynamism and sophistication, it is as spacious as possible inside. Well, under the hood is a V12 biturbo engine.

What can I say in the end? The fact that a Mercedes is not just a car. It's possiblesay lifestyle. Reviews about such machines are extremely positive. Technically, there is nothing to complain about here. The only negative that can be seen in the reviews of the owners is expensive parts and maintenance, sometimes high fuel consumption.

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