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Ford logo: an interesting story

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Ford logo: an interesting story
Ford logo: an interesting story

The emblem, which we will tell the story, is rightfully considered one of the most recognizable in the world. We are talking about the Ford logo, which has more than a century of history. Interestingly, the emblem has changed over the course of history, corresponding to current trends in the design world. Let's follow her.

First logo (1903)

Premier emblems "Ford" on the hood appeared back in 1903. It was a detailed monochrome logo with an outlandish typeface, framed in an intricate pattern. In general, made according to all the laws of the then reigning "art nouveau" (literally "new style" in French).

It was this emblem that adorned the first car of the corporation - model A.

ford car logo

To Conciseness (1906)

The first Ford logo only lasted three years. In 1906, it was replaced by the laconic Ford inscription, made in an exclusive "flying" font. This writing emphasized the desire of both the car and the company itself to move forward to new horizons and achievements.

This emblem marked the car until 1910.

First oval(1907)

Readers will ask: "When did the first recognizable Ford oval appear?" This happened in 1907 thanks to British specialists - Thornton, Perry and Schreiber.

This Ford logo in their advertising campaign meant "the hallmark of the highest standard" and was a symbol of reliability and progress.

decals logo ford

Classic (1911)

But the shape known to all of us (blue oval + "flying" inscription) appeared in 1911. However, this mark was only used by dealers in the UK at the time. The remaining branches of the corporation until the end of the 20s were faithful to the "flying" inscription of 1906.

To the triangle? (1912)

But in 1912, the Ford logo suddenly changed dramatically. The emblem was a triangle with wings, inside which was placed the already familiar "flying" inscription Ford. Interestingly, the symbol was depicted in both traditional blue and orange colors.

According to the designers, the winged triangle meant reliability, elegance, and at the same time lightness and speed.

Continuation of the "oval story" (1927-1976)

However, despite the triangular redesign, the oval has historically been preferred. The first emblem of this form settled on the radiator of a Ford car in 1927 - it became model A. Since then, until the end of the 50s of the last century, the blue oval well-known to us with the Ford inscription adorned most of the produced cars. Necessaryto say, although it was the official emblem of the corporation, it marked far from all cars.

And only in 1976 it could be noted that a blue oval with a silver "flying" inscription "Ford" was on the radiator of absolutely all cars coming off the conveyors of the corporation.

Ford emblems on the hood

Last redesign (2003)

In 2003, in honor of the centenary of the company, it was decided to slightly modify the already familiar logo. The new features give it a little retro touch (it was decided to include some details from the very first emblems), but it still remains recognizable.

Today's Ford decals, as we found out, are the result of more than a century of history of logo modifications. Once it was detailed, extremely concise, ultra-modern, symbolic, in order to eventually become today the very recognizable blue Ford oval.

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